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June 16, 2015

the top 10 richest footballers and their clubs

Real Madrid Team Value $3,263 Million as per 31st May,2015 

" the riches soccer club in the world with $3.2billion is Real Madrid"
From the beautiful game to the  Bountiful game . The 20 most valuable soccer franchises are worth almost an average of $1.16billion.  But do you know which soccer players are kicking at the top position in soccer in terms of their combined earnings from sports and endorsement fees ? This chart gives you a lowdown on the top 10 richest footballers and the football club they are affiliated to.

 With a pay cheque of $70.5million is salary and endorsements a year,   Argentina's gift to the soccer world Lionel Messi sitting lonely at the top with  just one footballers even daring to give him a slip amidst those roving Messi eyes as he pulls in awesome star power  and makes a lot of money with that. That one person hapenens to be Ronalda who  is the most richest footballer of the year with "$79million in salary and endorsements

1)Christina Ronaldo  :$79 million: Real Madrid
2)Lionel Messi: $70million : Barcelona
3)Zlatan Ibrahimovic: $41million: Paris st German
4)Gareth Bale : $34.9million: Real Madrid
5)Neymar: $31million: Barcelona
6)Radamel Falco :$31million:Machester United
7)Wayne Rooney:$25million :Mancheter United
8)James Rodriguez $25.4million :Real Madrid
9)Sergio Aguero:$25/3million : Machester City
10)Luis Suarez : $19.9million :Barcelona

 Whats interesting about this  data is that more than  320million USD  combined wealth which the top 10 footballers/soccer players together own are dominated by spanish football clubs, Barcelona ( 3) Real Madrid(3) Manchester United club ( 2) with Manchester city and  Paris St German one each

June 11, 2015

Top 10 biggest spending brands in US: infographic

The list of top 10  brands in US with highest ad sends

 Samsung, Amazon lead the charts  as the biggest spender when it comes to brand advertisin . Honda, Kia Motors, Lionsgate, T Mobile, Dish and IAC are the other  brands who has put all their effort into advertising blitzkrieg .

May 19, 2015

which 4 product brands in may 2015 has largest facebook fans

Statistic: Leading product brands with the most fans on Facebook in May 2015 (in millions) | Statista
As of May 2015 . The  most popular product brands on Facebook, ranked by number of fans on the social network were" apart from FB's  own were . Coke  90 million, ranked no 2, Youtube 80million , ranked no 3 and  Redbull's fan base of 43million ranked it no 4.

 . As of May 2015, video streaming site YouTube was ranked third with 80.73 million Facebook fans.

April 21, 2015

how to pitch your "start up" business plan in less than 10 slides

"the top points you need to create and pitch your business plan"

Pitching a business plan is not  easy. Summarizing your pitch in less than 10 slides is harder and the most daunting task  facing  a new start up. This infographic shows how to impress VC and fund managers with  8 point slide in the form of an infographic.Here are my  thumb rule  for pitching a business plan 
1) Make is short, attention spans are low for all of us, and for VC firms executives its lower, for obvious reasons.
2)create a visual representation instead of  using a ppt with words and arrows. Avoid jargons.
3) Is your start up creating new markets or fulfilling existing needs ?This is the most crucial element of  your business plan
4) Revenue model and scale are the two biggest obstacles why a start up flounders.. be realistic with numbers.

November 15, 2013

Facebook's Co-Founder is The Richest Billionaire under 29 :

Facebook’s  Founder and CEO Mare Zuckerberg is the Youngest Billionaire according to  Bloomberg Markets magazine. This places him as the richest billionaire under 30  ( Mark is 29 )

The Facebook Founder has seen his wealth double almost two times  since 2012. Zuckerberg has seen his net worth double since December 2012 to $24.5 billion (£15.3 billion) from$billion last year. He is ranked 25 in the list as of 30 September.

October 23, 2013

Chart of the Day : US Top 10 Broadcast TV vs Cable TV

US Broadcast TV vs Cable TV