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April 26, 2011

Top 10 Countries for and Twitter

Hyves Leads Facebook in Dutch Social Networking Market, Facebook is ranked second

One of the countries that has been showing exceptional growth in Social Networking is  the Netherlands, This category continues to advance, growing 18 percent to 11.5 million visitors in March 2011 (representing 96 percent of the online population). 

However its Not Facebook that is number one in Netherlands but a local social networking site called , which  continues to hold the top position among social networking sites in the market with more than 7.6 million visitors in March, Followed by  Facebook which grew by  76 percent in the past year to nearly 6.6 million visitors. and rank third and fourth, respectively, with more than 3 million visitors and each growing approximately 70 percent in the past year.

Netherlands Traffic Data For LinkedIn
 Netherlands Ranks #1 in Linkedin and Twitter Penetration
The Netherlands also has an exceptionally high representation among social networking sites and, ranking #1 among all countries in Internet penetration for these sites Twitter and Linkedin has a 26% penetration in Netherlands which is the highest among all countries.  For  Linkedin  Ireland and US   are the second  and third biggest countries in terms of  penetration.


In each case, more than one in four Dutch Internet users visits these sites during the course of the month. While the top ten countries in Linkedin penetration are either English-speaking or in Western Europe, the top countries for Twitter touch virtually every corner of the globe.

March 8, 2011

January 29, 2011

Which Kind of Sites Atttract The Largest Traffic : Infographic

This one graphic is actually part of a series being rolled out by the BBC, tracking the growth of the Internet. Like this and want more? The network has already posted a list of the richest Internet moguls, the accelerating broadband penetration around the world, and a slideshow about how the Internet actually works

To get a rough estimate of how the Internet is actually being used, the BBC charted the top 100 sites by unique users in January 2010, encompassing the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, U.S., and Australia. 

This map shows  the  traffic   across various verticals, search, Retail,media, social network and country.In the below map you will see that US, Google and Microsoft sites  command the largest share of traffic

Similarly in Media, Fox Interactive, CNN and Glam Media comman the largest traffic.In Social  Networking Category , Facebook commands the largest share .. no one manages to come close

Under  Retain Category, Ebay and Amazon are the largest players.

To  know more about  this click here

January 17, 2011

Top 20 Online Nations

  • There are a total of 1.8 billion Internet users in the world.
  • There are 32 countries with more than 10 million Internet users.
  • The top 10 countries on the Internet together have 1.17 billion Internet users. That’s 65% of all Internet users in the world.
  • The top 20 countries on the Internet together have 1.47 billion Internet users. That’s just under 82% of all Internet users.
  • India is the fourth largest country in terms of Internet users in spite of having an Internet penetration of a measly 6.9%
  • China takes the top spot both in terms of population and Internet users. China has almost twice (1.8x) as many Internet users as the United States.
  • Out of the top 20 countries, the five with the highest Internet penetration (not users) are: United Kingdom (82.5%), South Korea (81.1%), Germany (79.1%), Japan (78.2%), United States (76.3%).
  • Seven out of the top 20 countries are Asian (35%).
  • Five out of the top 20 countries are European (25%). Six (30%) including Russia.
  • Three of the top 20 are English-language countries (including  India).

January 13, 2011 Traffic Grew by 116%

ChaCha, the #1 free real-time answers service that has answered over one billion questions, today reported that by every measure, traffic to its website grew explosively during 2010. comScore's December 2010 report shows that traffic grew 116 percent and was the 8th fastest-growing website in its top 100 domains versus the same period in 2009. 
Additionally, is closing in on a top 50 Quantcast ranking, vaulting past companies such as, MTV, NYTimes, TMZ, Zynga, and Yelp. Last month, hit a record high 28 million unique web visitors and mobile users according to Omniture reporting. It is estimated that over 32 million unique users will visit by the end of January.

ChaCha stands Tall powered by $14million venture Funding ,
Last Update Oct 10th,2013


Largely QA ( question and answer sites) have not been successful till date,and  has largely failed to live up to that promise. Although there are a number of players who are battling out , there will be very few Winners. However one exception is, which has been growing and getting funding...
"In 2010, we had massive growth, with our monthly web traffic jumping from 17 million last January to nearly 32 million this month," says Scott Jones, ChaCha's CEO. "Now that we have added more topical and visual content to match user questions, creating a richer more interactive experience online, our page views are in excess of 40 million every month and growing."

According to comScore, ranks 69th out of all domains in the US and is 49th among those reaching the 12-34 year old audiences based on unique visitors. The company is also ranked as the 77th leading domain reaching 18-34 year olds, growing 166 percent against this age group over the past year.


November 24, 2010

Top 10 Auto Manufacturer Traffic Trends

The top 10 global auto manufacturer websites vary dramatically by their share of visitors from various global regions. Europeans represented the majority of visitors to the world’s largest auto site, Volkswagon, while also commanding a strong share of traffic to Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, BMW and Renault. North Americans were a sizeable portion of the audience to General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda, while visitors from the Asia Pacific region made up a large share of traffic to Hyundai, Honda and Toyota.

US traffic to these Auto manufacturers

General Motors: 40%
Ford: 39%
Toyota: 39%
Honda: 38%
Nissan: 27%
Hyundia :22%
Peugeot: not significant
BMW: 16%
Renault: not significant

European Traffic to the top 10 Auto manufacturers

General Motors: 29%
Ford: 34%
Toyota: 22%
Honda: 14%
Nissan: 40%
Hyundia :27%
Peugeot: 79%
BMW: 56%
Volkswagen: 69%
Renault: 81%

source: comscore