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April 13, 2011

UberMedia To Create Twitter Like Social Network

UberMedia, the company that owns popular Twitter apps such as UberSocial, Echofon and Twidroyd, is said to be planning to create its own rival social network. 

UberMedia has emerged as rival to Twitter after building a large portfolio of Twitter-related services through acquisitions. Last month, Twitter suspended two of UberMedia’s services – UberTwitter and twitroyd – for “policy violations”.This February Twitter  had  blocked UberMedia Twitter client UberTwitter, and in the process it knocked a whole bunch of its most popular celebrities off Twitter..
According to a report today from CNN, the new service “would seek to attract users by addressing common complaints about Twitter, such as its restriction on the length of a message and how it can be confusing to newcomers.” While UberMedia hasn’t officially spoken out about the supposed plans, CNN cites three sources said to be in the know.

UberMedia is possibly trying its best  To profit and leverage  from its substantial stake in the Twitter. UberMedia has slowly been amassing Twitter clients to the point where its clients have been said to be responsible for as much of 20% of daily tweets.UberMedia raised $17.5 million from Accel Ventures in February, amid reports that it would soon buy TweetDeck and speculation that it planned to do what's being reported today: launch a Twitter clone.

According to TNW ,One of the the reasons why " Ubermedia  is  looking to go elsewhere is because Twitter has been busily outlawing third-party ad networks built on top of its network, and discouraging developers from building their own clients.

November 2, 2007

Marketing Through Twitter

Twitter is a site that allows you to post one-line messages about what you are doing currently , what are you currently thinking, where are you partying,with whom you are thinking ,or what you are reading via the web interface, IM, or SMS

You can limit your target audience who sees the messages or "Tweets" as they are also called . You can explicitly st your friends list, so that your tweets will be visible to the people you know or you announce your messages to the whole world publicly.

What Twitter does, in a simple and brilliant way, is to merge a number of interesting trends in social media and social software usage personal blogging, lightweight presence indicators, and IM status messages, live commentary and "crowdwatching" as they are called . You become a part of the larger community and your online profile can be a part of the larger social crowd which in turn gives rise to a community where marketers can succesfully pitch their wares/products and services.

On second thoughts I dont think twitter is something very different from most Sms or text messaging, which most of us use on day to day basis . But where it takes a different turn is that twitter makes you part of community where everyone will fit into specific demographics or pychographics and find people who shares some kind of a meta data (common characteristics )which they could identify with .Through Twitter everyone could follow their friends and check out whats happening to them real time .Due to the kinds of life we live in, most of us find it extremely difficult to keep in touch with their near ones .Social media a few would argue is online Voyeurism on action . Most people are interested to find out about others, what they ate,with whom they partied and with whom they slept.

However more that that, Twitter allows you to communicate your thoughts, ramblings,rants in real time and specially if your a marketer helps you to identify,segment and target your prospects and broadcast your messages through web and mobile applications in a marketplace that is nascent and ready to consume your content.

Jeremiah Owyang writes this week on MarketingProfs, Twitter is a tool through which subscribers can further reach their audiences, real-time. Users can hear and express thought leadership, broadcast their messages, connect to the influencers both on their desktop and through their mobile units, among other things.

Like much of social media... it’s another ear to the ground, another touchpoint, another “opportunity to build relationships,” another online media to build communities,test products and fathom market response and feedback

Twitter has a real use for media companies and social-media-savvy brands.Brands that have s significant interest in social media include,Traditional media,online Media companies, Consumer Goods Companies and as usual politicians who does not seem to leave any stone unturned to advertise themselves.

• Extending the reach for those individuals or companies that already have a blogging strategy in place, and want to deepen or further ties. Good examples: Carnival Cruise Lines. The ScienceNewsBlog’s weather tracking updates. Andy Carvin’s PBS blog on education and technology.

• Retailers announcing sales and deals. Good example: Deals on Dells. Blue-light specials at Amazon.

• Increasing the ability for frequent updates to blogs or web sites or news. Examples: The NY Times, CNN, BBC, Adrants, and those of us here at MarketingProfs.

• Building consensus or a community of supporters. Good examples: Presidential candidates John Edwards or Barack Obama.

Rohit Bhargava has some great ideas to market your brands/ideas/ services suing twitter

Twitter has found a devoted following from bloggers and those actively engaged in social media because of the immediacy and real time appeal of sharing your thoughts. This is different than blogging, this is like carrying a text based recorder on your shoulder to broadcast your location and current thoughts to the world. It's not hard to see why this would appeal to bloggers who are already sharing their personal views of the world online. Twitter adds a frame of reference and has the same live appeal of instant messenger.

) capture the Pulse of a live event ; Twitter is like carrying a personal recorder regarding what your real time activities,here it is used to offer a visual display of conversations happening around an event.

2)Deepen a static experience through live commentary :

3)Facilitate collaborative watching :

4)Value add promotions : Consumer generated campaigns and reality marketing promotions are are some good ways to encourage interaction from customers can be enabled by using twitter

5) Allowing you to be a part of a greater homogeneous community at the same time segmenting and targeting your demographic user groups.