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April 21, 2011

Hide tweets From Overactive Tweeters

Twitter is testing a new feature that would  enable users to hide excessive messages from users who send lots of messages in a short amount of time —  something  which has been a standard in Facebook for  quite some time now.

The “hide” feature is live for a small percentage of Twitter users and may have been active for months before turning up on anyone’s radar, reports The Next Web. The company did not indicate a time-table for full roll out, but the sooner it does happen, the better.

Many of  Twitter users may have experienced, a handful of over-active accounts can create enough noise to render the main feed useless. The two current options for eliminating that noise are to unfollow certain people or create a separate “Twitter list” of users who update less frequently — both of which offer a broken experience for handling information overload
 It seems finally twitter  is trying to address  the problem of an increasingly useless main feed due to at times excessive  tweets ,which is either auto generated or manually done