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May 24, 2011

Tweetdeck Acquired for $40 Million by Twitter

Twitter has now closed the deal acquired TweetDeck for over $40 million in cash and stock, according to CNNMoney Twitter has been rumored to be in takeover talks with Tweetdeck for more than a month.

TweetDeck is a particularly popular Twitter client for "power users" who want to view tweets, direct messages, lists, search trends and other information from the microblogging platform in the same desktop window -- a feature Twitter itself doesn't offer in its apps or on its website.

Neither TweetDeck nor Twitter  has confirmed or denied the news of acquisition
However a Twitter spokeswoman directed the Technology blog to a tweet from @TwitterGlobalPR: "For all those who might be curious, we continue to not comment on rumors"
Earlier the Wall Street Journal reported that Twitter was in advanced talks to acquire TweetDeck. Another company, UberMedia, had also reportedly been working out a deal to buy TweetDeck.

Ubermedia and Twitter had a showdown  earlier when Twitter suspended UberMedia's three major third-party mobile applications -- UberSocial, Twidroyd and UberCurrents -- from use on its site for allegedly violating its use policies. Twitter reinstated access to the apps a day later.Last month, reported that UberMedia is in the process of creating its own microblogging service that would compete directly with Twitter.

April 6, 2011

Twitter New Homepage Live

Twitter has started rolling out a new version of its homepage, simplifying the interface and refining its pitch to potential new users.
The social media service has changed the color scheme from its traditional shades of light blue in favor of a metallic chrome look. The new homepage also no longer features top tweets or trending topics. Instead, Twitter has opted for a simple bar halfway down the screen that features the avatars of its most popular users.

There are a couple of other changes to the interface that focuses on how users interact with the homepage. The search box has been moved down, but a bigger change is that Twitter has made it easier for users to sign up or log in to its website. The “New to Twitter?” section lets users kick start the process of signing up, right from the homepage. The “sign in” area has been expanded as well.

According to Mashable, the bisggest  change is  The old led with “Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world.” The new homepage has a different pitch to prospective users: “Follow your interests: Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.”

November 6, 2009

Affilate Marketing on Twitter: Amazon Changes Rules

It seems that the social media is slowly going mainstream among Affiliate marketers. the biggest e tailer online recently changed its policy of not taking into account twitter links for the purpose of affiliate Marketing.

Earlier,Amazon had a clause that requires sales to be generated from the domain listed in the Associate account the affiliate holds with Amazon.

According to Revolution magazine Blog appears to have, if not made a u-turn, then at least gone back on that position somewhat. Although they have not communicated this to their partners,not has publicly acknowledged any change of policy but earlier this week they communicated a new feature that enables their affiliates to click a button from within Amazon to create a tweet promoting the page they were on at the time. Interestingly, despite evidence to suggest Amazon would use their own short-url service, these affiliate links use the popular service instead.

While the change was not unexpected,what was surprising that was slow in responding to the market forces,where Twitter was seen to be the last bastion of real time social media activity. While Google and MSN have realised this quite early that ' real time search" is going to go mainstream in a big way and are working to integrate their search results with Twitter,The response of Amazon was not particularly in line with a company as Amazon's stature.

Caroline McGuckian of revolution magazine feels that Given Amazon's policy on Affiliates only promoting their products on their own site it is not currently clear whether the links generated through this new method would still work if posted elsewhere (Facebook for example) but the evidence suggest they will, and that Amazon are no longer actively enforcing this policy. There is also still a lot of concern regarding the use of monetized links on Twitter (and social media generally) and what's more, given the current FTC review going on in the US, the use of such links without clear labelling could soon be illegal.

For Twitter the faster it can find a revenue model that works on a win win premise both for Publishers and Advertisers ,the better. It makes sense for Advertisers to work with Twitter so that they have a sustainable model to leverage the power of real time social media broadcasting model

June 23, 2009

Dell earns 3 million from Twitter

Dell Says It Has Earned $3 Million From Twitter - Bits Blog - "Dell reports that it had earned $3 million in revenue directly through Twitter since 2007, when it started posting coupons and word of new products on the microblogging site. In the last six months, Dell Outlet earned $1 million in sales from customers who came to the site from Twitter, after taking 18 months to earn its first $1 million. Dell has also earned another $1 million from people who click from Twitter to Dell Outlet to and make a purchase there."

Dell uses Twitter to send out coupons, including some that are exclusive to its Twitter followers. It is particularly useful for the Dell Outlet, because the inventory of returned and refurbished products fluctuates. If it gets 30 flat-screen televisions one week, for example, it can alert its customers. Dell Outlet has 624,000 followers on Twitter.

Dell also announces company and product news and talks directly with customers, responding to complaints or asking for feedback. There are about 200 Dell employees who talk to customers on Dell’s Twitter accounts, from a gaming expert to a server expert to members of the chief technology officer’s staff, Mr. Binhammer said.

For example, as in one of the blogs,some bloggers had commented via Twitter,that customers thought the apostrophe and return keys were too close together on the Dell Mini 9 laptop and fixed the problem on the Dell Mini 10. Now, the Dell Mini product development team is asking around on Twitter for new ideas for the next generation of the computer

Also those interested to know how much Twitter made out of $3 million which Dell made,The answer is $0 million

Twitter Aims for Revenue from Large Corporates

"According to a recent Bloomberg report, Twitter plans to target a handful of large corporations currently using the service to generate its first revenue this year.

While he would not release exact sales figures, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was quoted in the post as saying, 'The idea is if they are getting value out of Twitter, then we could add more value to what they are doing and we could get some revenue... We think we'll get to something this year, however simple, that shows we're making some money.'

Some of the twitter services to be offered to the companies may include account verification, statistics and analytic, and multiple account management. However, almost any imaginable feature Twitter could offer is already being pushed by third-party services. Account verification, which has already been implemented for a handful of celebrities' accounts, is the only feature that only Twitter can provide, at least for the time being.

While many organizations and individuals claim to have made modest to massive amounts through their Twitter marketing (e.g., Dell cites a sum of $3 million made through its Twitter efforts alone), the microblogging service itself has yet to announce a concrete monetization strategy, much to the consternation of the larger tech community.

Companies like Starbucks, JetBlue and Whole Foods are one of the most active corporate Twitter users. “It’s a great way to fix customer problems and hear what customers have to say, it’s a great feedback forum and it leads to sales — how can you miss?” said Richard Binhammer, who works in Dell’s corporate affairs office and is active on its Twitter accounts.

Twitter was recently cited by comScore as being the fastest-growing web property. With 18 million users, it is also the third-largest social site.

The company has received funds of around $55 million dollars from a bevy of private investors and VC firms so far, according to various announcements they and their investors have made since the startup launched in 2006."