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May 3, 2016

10 start ups set to distrupt iOT across Healthcare

" The internet of things across the healthcare space"5  Biggest Disruptions across The Internet of Things (iOT) across the healthcare domain 

Internet of Things across healthcare has been on the upswing for the last one year. iOT across healthcare startups are operating on different pain-points in healthcare and allowing for real-time patient monitoring and prevention care outside of hospital settings. Deals to digital health, an area that encompasses everything from digital therapeutics to health wearables and ingestible connected devices, jumped 20% in 2015.

The start up category across the healthcare  space are concentrated across these key 10 verticals which are
1)Clinical Efficieny
2)Patient monitoring 3)Biometric sensors 4) Home Healthcare 5) Home Health monitoring
6)Brain sensors  and Neurotechnology 7)Fitness and wearables 8)Remote data monitoring
9)Cloud-based Hospital Hygiene System and  To read more on this go here

"key paradigm shift  across Healthcare IOT"

February 23, 2016

top 10 private equity firms investing across financial services

private equity firms investing on finance start ups


The list of  the top 10 PE firms across the fintech & financial sector with the highest fund size.Among the top 3 include  HML investments ,New York Life Partners and DB capital  

February 22, 2016

google's most expensive acquisition in united kingdom

"list of acquisition of UK start Uk start ups by google ventures"


 Out of 8 start ups acquired by Google, the biggest  acquisition in UK or for that matter in Europe was  of  DEEP MIND technologies.
DeepMind technologies, a London-based artificial intelligence firm which specialises in machine learning, advanced algorithms and systems neuroscience was aquired by Google Ventures, the VC group of Google..  Google paid  a hefty amount of  £400m ($650m) for  acquisition of DeepMind

Deep minds  has created a neural network that  might be able  to access an external memory like a conventional Turing machine, resulting in a computer that appears to possibly mimic the short-term memory of the human brain.Deep Mind Technologies plans to develops technologies for e-commerce and games, and plans to  develop computers that think like humans.

Deepmind recent made headlines when it announced  that its alphaGo program had successfully beaten  a human professional 

The two-year-old artificial intelligence startup was founded by former child chess prodigy and neuroscientist Demis Hassabis alongside Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

February 20, 2016

the top 5 start ups that received venture funding this week

The following are the start ups  that got funding this week

  • Snapbizz: Retail technology firm
    Investors : Former CEO of the TATA group Ratan Tata
    Amount : Undisclosed
  • LodgIQ: Hotel revenue management systems
    Investors:Highgate Ventures and Trilantic Capital Partners.
    Amount :$5million
  • Jugnoo :aggregator of auto rides
    vestors:Led by personal HNI TV and film actress Saumya Tandon.
    Amount : Indosclosed
  • Diligent Corp: Maker of boardbook apps
    Investors: Insight Venture
    Amount :$624 million
  • Qualia Media : SasS start up
    Investors : 15 investors led by Verizon Ventures
    Amount : $5.5million

    Scroll down or click below to see  the other Vc deals this week

  • Hometeam, $5 million: seniors home care provider
    Investors:Kaiser Permanente Ventures
    Amount: $5 million

  • Operative: ophthalmic app that allows users to get an eye check via its app
    Investors:Led by Jump Capital along with Tribeca Venture Partners, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Chicago Ventures,
    Amount : $6million

February 12, 2016

10 web sites to test market your start ups and business ideas online

If you have been thinking of a start up business model, which  is still under an ideation stage , and your not very sure of  the market accepting your idea, you would have probably shared your plan with your close business associates,colleagues and mentors and your not quite ready to approach VC's

B pitching your ideas and  test marketing  it online  at the right site is the evidence that your idea works if you see who is using it.By test marketing  your idea across  section of online users  would have  give you "a good evidence that you presented an idea online before you present it to the “ right people” Continue reading below

However " many users have asked me this  " how do you ensure these ideas not be stolen"
Whereas this might be a relevant question . Lets consider this

If all the ideas in this world was “aggregated shared and stolen.,we would not have had 90% of start ups that collapse in a year. If all stolen ideas were successful, we have had at least 100 companies like Apple who would roll out thousand of iPhone's, Around 50 search engines as good as  Google competing for the same market  and 95% of them would have been wiped out in a year 

The truth is that ideas may be dime a dozen, but what matters is execution and getting the right team. So dont be worried about “ someone stealing your ideas” 

Here are the list of 10 websites which will help you to test marketing your start up online 
  •  KICKSTARTER : help you  raise pitch venues, but are not intended to raise equity money from investors)
  • ANGELIST : (which are primarily effective for finishing an already in-progress financing round from friends of your existing investors)
  • GUST(which provides tools to manage your financing round and interface with potential investors, and is the official directory of most of the world's organized business angel investment groups.)
  • SEEDRS: One of the most promising London-based startup to watch  which have start up founders and VC's guiding you
  • BRAINEET:  A kind of social network and forum combined, Post your ideas which gets up votes or down votes along with feedback.
  • MARKETINGEXTREMIST.  A a good site to submit a startup  ( which can also be an app to a product). Users can comment  either through a private message or the public form
Some of the other in the list  which are   hybrid or forums resembling  online marketplaces  for testing  and providing  feedback on your start up ideas include


February 1, 2016

15 cities that tops investment by vc firms on companies led by woman founders

The chart shows the list of US cities by Percent for Female Founded Companies  with backing from VC firms .New York City,has produced the largest number of companies with a female founder: 374, or 21% of all startups. It turns out that the Big Apple beats out San Francisco (338 startups and 16%) on both fronts. Another suprise  is  worth noting that Brooklyn, considered on its own, is the national frontrunner with 28% of startups, 33 in total, reporting at least one woman founder.metros

Among other cities  the percentage of women CEO's seem to be lagging as  the overall national average of 15.4% for the years 2009 – 2014, These include  the well-known Silicon Valley cities of Palo Alto and San Jose.( techcrunch)

how start up funding fuels economic growth

" economic growth and healthy start up culture "
The Relation between a country "start up infrastructure" which consists of a healthy angel fund investors, private equity and Venture capital  along with Government support  actually leads to a multiplier effect in a country's economy. This infographic from seed invest shows how this is created  ,

european start ups seeking angel funding by business verticals

"Business products  followed by  IT services is the no 2 and 3  industry  vertical ,seeking  funding"

When it comes to seeking VC funding by european start ups, its the consumer internet that represents the highest share of  start ups that is seeking to fund its growth
Business products  followed by  IT services is the no 2 and 3  industry  vertical ,seeking  funding, followed by clean technology,media and entertainment  and consumer products which rank 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. European  start ups specializing in internet& dot com along with IT services  account for 32% among the different industry vertical seeking funds  

January 31, 2016

venture investors funding early stage telecom start ups upto $5-$20million

early stage uk vc investors looking to fund start ups upwards of $50 million

The list below shows the to 6 united kingdom based venture capital investors who invests across early start ups ,funding within a range from $5 million to $500 million .

Venture Capital Firms | FindTheCompany :Top 10 VC investors in UK for early stage start ups

January 29, 2016

global upsurge in venture funding reached all time high: 10 charts that tell the story

January 25, 2016

french venture funds that funds up to $5million across early stage local start ups

Here is the complete list of French VC start ups that " provide  funding to ocal french start ups to the tune of $5 million  . This list had been published by Andy Romans at Rubicon.  This list is not final list, there might be some other VC which we missed out. In case you wish your " VC " firm to get listed, you can tweet me at or send me a mail at

1CDC EntreprisesParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 1,92321
2CM-CIC Capital PriveParis, FranceInvestment BankUS$ 37313
3Amundi SAParis, FranceUS$ 826,68412
4Credit Agricole Private EquityParis, FranceUS$ 4,45612
5Seventure Partners SAParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 60111
6Idinvest PartnersParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 3,36610
7XAnge Private EquityParis, FranceUS$ 3539
8Auriga Partners SAParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 3978
9Sofinnova PartnersParis, FranceUS$ 1,3288
10A Plus FinanceParis, FranceUS$ 667
11Emertec GestionGrenoble, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 1447
12Serena Capital SASParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 1207
13Ventech SAParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 4397
14Alto InvestLe Chesnay, France6
15Alven CapitalParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 1806
16Naxicap Partners SAParis, FranceUS$ 9746
17OseoMaisons-Alfort, FranceGovernmentUS$ 3616
18Edmond de Rothschild Investment PartnersParis, FranceUS$ 5805
19Fonds Strategique d’InvestissementParis, France5
20I-Source Gestion SAParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 2255
21Innovacom SAParis, FranceCorporate Venture CapitalUS$ 5415
22Truffle Capital SASParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 4625
23123 VentureParis, FranceUS$ 1804
24ACE ManagementParis, FranceUS$ 1664
25Developpement et PartenariatParis, FranceUS$ 1804
26Gimv NVAntwerp, BelgiumUS$ 2,1164
27iXO Private Equity SASToulouse, FranceUS$ 3614
28Oddo Asset ManagementParis, FranceUS$ 2044
29Sofimac Partners SAClermont-Ferrand, FranceUS$ 2404
30SudinnovaLyon, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 544
31Turenne Capital Partenaires SAParis, FranceUS$ 3614
32BNP Paribas DeveloppementParis, FranceUS$ 2953
33BNP Paribas Private Equity SASParis, FranceUS$ 9713
34Cap Decisif ManagementParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 583
35CDC InnovationParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 4993
36CEA InvestissementGrenoble, FranceGovernmentUS$ 183
37CIC Banque de VizilleLyon, France3
38Entrepreneur VentureParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 423
39Jaina Capital SASParis, FranceAngel InvestorUS$ 1203
40Masseran Gestion SASParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 563
41Matignon Investissement & GestionParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 3013
42Midi Capital SASToulouse, FranceUS$ 323
43NextStage AurelParis, FranceUS$ 1763
44OTC Asset Management SAParis, FranceUS$ 3013
45Societe Hospitaliere d’Assurances MutuelLyon, FranceVenture Capital3
46360 Capital PartnersMilan, ItalyVenture CapitalUS$ 1202
47Apax Partners LLPLondon, United KingdomUS$ 20,0002
48Backbone SASParis, France2
49Bioam GestionParis, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 672
50Esfin GestionCourbevoie, FranceVenture CapitalUS$ 722


state of venture capital investment across Scandinavian and nordic nations

"state of nordic nation venture capital investment"

The Nordic or Scandinavian nations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark  accounted for 2.1% of total global Venture Capital  invested in 2015  and  made up for 2.2% of the total  global VC deals
Among the largest deals recently in this region were start ups " SPOTIFY, TRUSTPILOT AND IZETTLE
In 2015 Nordic nations received 1.48billion euros of  venture capital investment , a growth of 40% over 2014.  Out of this  267 start up deals were funded  finally by the VC

lists of 10 start ups in france that saw the biggest vc investment

If you are looking at incubating a start up and not sure where to base you start up at Europe, look twice at France. France is the second largest VC market in Europe after the UK. If you take Scandinavia to be a single market then France comes in at 3rd place .

In France the government plays a very active role, at the national level, and it includes start up as a priority with  a cohesive policy (40 measures). These include a fiscal  tax freeze for all  start ups

France gov recently created  crowdfunding law allowing startups to raise up to €1 million and govt incentives to lauch start ups with grant of €30,000 to launch a new venture;

" 10 start ups in france that saw the biggest venture capital investment "


In 2015 France received VC and PE worth more than 2.4 billion Euro through 371 VC deals.The country  accounted for 2.1% of total global VC investment  and   represented 3% global VC deals

France also scores well in terms of " doing business".In 2014, only 4.5 days were required to found a company in rance, versus 6 in the UK and 14.5 in Germany (Doing Business, World Bank)

Among some of the French Govt incentives has been creation of
1) a €200 million French Tech Acceleration fund for Startup accelerator program;
 2)€500 million “Large Venture” fund for venture capital
3)€600 million of Regional Innovation Subsidies and another €600 million for the European Innovation Grants

October 28, 2015

start ups by US states and industry

"start up in US by states"

The Chart shows Decline in start ups in US

" which state in US has the highest start ups"

 Growth in "start ups" by US states and Industry .Only the  Fintech industry recorded a  growth in start ups by over 5%. While services, wholesale, manufacturing and transportation and logistics recorded negative growth rates

October 27, 2015

European tech start ups with the highest valuations

These are the top 10 European start ups with highest valuation

" european start ups with highest valuations"

, Global Fashion group and Delivery hero are among the top 3 European start ups with the highest valuation.

Spotify is valued at $8.5billion with a total equity funding of $1.0billion,
The global fashion group is valued at $3.5billlion with a equity of $1.5billion.
Delivery Hero ranks number 3 most valued start up with 3.1billion USD  having been funded to the extent of 1.3billion USD

August 26, 2015

The list of VC funding behind moocs ( massive online open courses ) start up Coursera

List  of VC funding and equity Investment in online open education Course start up   "Coursera"

" Coursera increasing its online courses big time after new VC funding "

List of Venture Capital Funding in the  massive Open Online  Course (MOOC) Coursera. SO far it has managed to generate more than $135million from 5 rounds of Funding  Deals

With a  $49.5 million Series C funding round , well known  open  massive online course start up ( MOOC) online learning start up which conducts open online courses  Coursera,  concluded its  5th found of VC funding  which  saw VC deals from  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and International Finance Corporation. Times Internet Limited (TIL), which owns the Times of India and other media properties, also participated in this

Coursera  also recently  announced   that it expects a second closing of this round that will bringits total funding to  $60 million. GSV Asset Management and Learn Capital are expected to  will participate in this second closing

As of today Coursera conducts 1,100 courses to almost 15 million users.Coursera enables users to advance their career, mid career or advance skills,as professionals or just for the sake of knowing and enjoying new thing to learn .Coursera's huge chunk of its users come from China ( with 1 million users ) followed by India and then 30% users from the countries of Latin America As of July, 2015, Coursera had more than 1000 courses from 119 institutions and 13 million users from 190 countriess,