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July 26, 2015

these are startup business verticals that survives till the 4th year

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" why 70% start ups fail: 10 reasons"

These are the top 10 Reasons  according to start ups on why new business fail

These are the Industry verticals in  Percentage which are  still operating after 4 Years

  1. Finance Insurance and Real Estate :58 % 
  2. Education and Health 56 % 
  3. Agriculture 56 % 
  4. Services 55 % 
  5. Wholesale 54 % 
  6. Mining 51 % 
  7. Manufacturing 49 %
  8. Construction 47 % 
  9. Retail 47 % 
  10. Transportation, Communication and Utilities 45 %
  11. Information 37 %
In terms of industry statistics there are no concrete research and data about how many start ups fails every year , but generally according to  investment banking and Venture funding firms

The common rule of thumb is that of 10 start-ups, only three or four fail completely. Another three or four return the original investment, and one or two produce substantial returns. The National Venture Capital Association estimates that 25% to 30% of venture-backed businesses fail.

According to a recent Harvard Study three-quarters of venture-backed firms in the U.S. don't return investors' capital, according to recent research by Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

Another find was  a majority of start ups fail because of single one reason. Not knowing how to scale up. The second reason is a concept which is ahead of its time , while  a few VCs which spoke to spends spoke too " were unanimous in their views that they are willing to fund business that are ahead of its time, however it needs to scale up.. irrespective of the product is niche or mass c

July 13, 2015

list of 25 startups venture capital firms which now have valuation of over $1 billion

l"ist of 25  startups venture capital firms which now have valuation of over  $1 billion"

Early state Start Up Venture Funds which are now valued atlas a billion USD

July 12, 2015

List of top 20 start up companies where Google has invested

companies where " google has invested in "

List of top 20 start up companies where Google has invested "

 These are the list of  startup ventures where google has served as an angel investor since 2004 onwards

June 4, 2015

The biggest internet companies across 50 countries

" world start up report show the biggest 50 internet  company"

The latest numbers from 2015  World Startup Report,  shows list of the biggest start up companies across 50 nations ( which was taken for this study)

Out of them 30 nations  have at least one internet company worth more than $1 billion. Firms outside America and China are still relatively small: Google’s market capitalisation, for instance, is bigger than the value of the top internet firms in all other 48 countries combined. And  Europe loss more face as of  the top five countries with firms with the highest valuations, none is European— and 3 are Asian.

May 11, 2015

The biggest VC deals by Industry and category

" VC investment by category"

"top 10 vc deals in 2014"

The  10 business vertical which saw the biggest vc investment 

The  top 10 industry vertical by subcategory ( 2011 to 2014) which saw highest VC investment and the second chart list outs the biggest vc deals in 2014. Facebook buying Whatsapp  for $22billion was  years biggest deal 

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376 start ups in Asia raised $11.5b via vc funding

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The biggest Tech IPO Investors and historical volumes

"biggest tech IPO Pipeline investors

The 2015 Tech IPO Pipeline report   published by CBInsights  currently represents the cream of the crop within investor portfolios, and those companies that may be on their way to an IPO given sustained product, market and financing momentum.

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376 start ups in Asia raised $11.5b via vc funding

Highest Ownership of tech devices 

May 10, 2015

top 5 venture capital investors with more $10M tech series A rounds

Andreessen Horowitz  and Accel Partners are among the top 2 VC  investors who   have completed the highest number of $10M+ tech Series A round founding since 2009. While Andreessen Horowitz  has  participated in over 25 such investments over the past five years including Rap Genius, Mixpanel and Crowdtilt. Accel Partners has completed the second highest number of 10M+ tech Series A deals in the period including Birchbox, Nomi and Hailo

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US States ranked by the ease to raise venture capital funding

" US States ranked by the ease of getting venture capital funding "

 US States ranked by the ease of getting venture capital funding 

Utah, San Diego, Maryland and georgia are among the places where the chances and possibility of  getting VC funding is the  lowest in US 

Silicon valley,New York city, Virginia,Boston and Chicago where access and ease to getting a VC backed funding is the easiest ( data : Cbinsights)

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376 start ups in Asia raised $11.5b via vc funding

Highest Ownership of tech devices 

May 9, 2015

Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Andreessen Horowitz tops tech companies IPO pipline

"who are the top 4  VC  investing   on biggest tech Companies "
data source : Cbinsights

The 4 top 4 VC investors having the biggest tech IPO in their pipeline 

The   biggest top 4  investors who have  invested in the companies that figure into the Tech IPO pipeline. Kleiner  Perkins most often first invested at the mid-stage (Series B/C), while Andreessen Horowitz most frequently invested in the Seed/Series A stages. Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz each saw the biggest jump in the number of portfolio companies in the pipeline, while Andreessen Horowitz now ties for fourth in this year’s rankings

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376 start ups in Asia raised $11.5b via vc funding

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April 21, 2015

January 28, 2015

Venture Funding Deals Highest since 2001 with 47Billion US D invested in 3617 deals

Infographic: 2014's 10 Biggest VC Deals Were Worth Nearly $50 Billion | Statista

"since 2001 Private equity and Venture Capital funding was the highest last year. Even though deal growth was a modest 8 percent higher than in 2013, investment skyrocketed 62 percent. The tech industry led the growth  with over 75% deals .$47.3 billion was invested in 3,617 deals

November 22, 2012

Venture Funding on Mobile Business: USA Top 5 Regions

Venture funding across US sectors: top 5 industry verticals
Mobile Companies Connect With Almost $4B in VC Funding Venture capitalists say mobile is the future and this year they’re putting their money where their mouths are. A report from M&A firm Rutberg & Co. covering the first half of 2012 shows firms invested $3.9 billion in mobile companies, everything from Jawbone and Viddy to Vox Mobile and Tango. That total is already 7 percent more than all the mobile-focused investments made in 2011, and 46 percent of all the venture capital invested in tech companies so far this year.

May 24, 2012

Why Technology Start Ups Fail: 5 Lesson

Hundreds of tech’s most prominent backers packed into an auditorium at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., Friday to hear two-minute pitches from the latest batch of young startups to emerge from business incubator Y Combinator.

More than 400 investors, ranging from big-name venture capitalists such as Battery Ventures and Matrix Partners to smaller angel investors including Ron Conway and Max Levchin, outnumbered the 66 companies giving presentation

Well know “ Start Up” Venture Funding group YCombinator provides seed funding to startups, and works  with business start ups  founders to develop  their ideas and help them deal with investors.  It holds an annual Demo Day where startup founders present their ideas.

Here are some Lessons on how to " 
1.Pick the wrong marketnot make the Mistakes" which other did 
Shoot for the stars. Pick a large market with room for many large winners. Choosing a good market can make up for a lot of operational mistakes. Choosing the wrong market can turn the game of business into a game of roulette in which each chamber has a bullet.
2. Choose the wrong co-founder
The fastest way to ruin a friendship is to start a business with him. Just because you are friends doesn't mean you can work well together. The booby prize for winning a fight with a co-founder? A failed business.
3. Wait too long to launch
Business school classes (so I've heard from friends who spent a small fortune to lose 2 years of their professional lives) talk about finding a "product-market fit." In the real world, we call that building a product or creating a service people will pay for.
The only way to really know if your offering has a future is to actually go to real people and ask them to buy, or use it—soon.
 4.Marginal Niche

Most of the groups that apply to Y Combinator suffer from a common problem: choosing a small, obscure niche in the hope of avoiding competition
5.Choosing the Wrong Platform: The scary thing about platforms is unless you have someone who understands technology.. the economics will probably drive your thoughts, on getting technology outsources.While Tech outsourcing is  a major " cost saver" in the long run.... Unless you have some " who knows and understand your business and lives  and breathes  your vision .

February 4, 2012