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October 30, 2015

Healthcare start ups unicorns with over a billion dollar valuations

"healthcare start ups with over billion dollar valuations"

Healthcare Start ups with over a Billion dollars valutions. 

The list is lead by Theranos. Theranos proposes to provide medical information at a very low cost. The company was founded by Elizabeth Holmes who was a student at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. The company is valued at $9billion with 3 rounds of funding which is  worth $400million. Their valuation to funding is 22.5 : 1

No 2 is Stemcentrix which is valued at $5billion, and has been funded to the tune of  $250million
Founded in 2008 by Bian Slingerland who is also a co-founder.Stemcentrx is one of a few companies looking to treat cancers by killing cancer stem cells, or cells thought to initiate tumor.

Ranked no 3 in valuation is Moderna with $3 billion, with investment of $675 million and was founded in 2010 by CEO: St├ęphane Bancel.  The company's funding to valuation is 4 : 1
The company has enticed investors with technology that promises to expand the market for biotech drugs with new kinds of medicines called messenger RNA therapeutics that can trigger cells to produce almost any protein

July 22, 2015

London Universities which produced highest number of entrepreneurs

London Universities which produced highest number of entrepreneurs "

The most active UK University Alumni that have turned entrepreneurs 

This chart aims to  show which Universities  in UK have produced the highest  number of start up companies . The data shows the number of  Students from the universities who founded companies and turned entrepreneurs.

  1.  Oxford University beats Cambridge with 266 startups founded by alumni to 211 in Cambridge
  2. In London, LSE is the clear winner with 203 startups founded by its alumni with UCL and Imperial fighting for second place with 96 startups each.

July 31, 2012

Most Valued Global Digital Start Ups in 2012

Businessinsider recently publisher the  100 most valuable digital startups in the world and well there are a few suprises in the list for the year 2012

Facebook tops the  list again, with a valuation of $80 billion, up radically from $25 billion last year and $6.5 billion the year prior.  Facebook continues to grow at a tremendous clip and now has more than 750 million users worldwide. The company reportedly earned $500 million on $1.6 billion in revenue during the first half of 2011 and is on track to do more than $4 billion of revenue for the year.

Rounding out the top five: Zynga, the social game developer; Groupon, the daily deals site; 360Buy, the Amazon of China, and Twitter, the massive microblogging network.

The Digital 100 Top Ten:
1. Facebook
2. Zynga
3. Groupon
4. 360Buy
5. Twitter
6. Dropbox
7. Wikipedia
9. LivingSocial
10. Craigslist
Notable companies not included on last year’s list include Airbnb, the apartment rental service, and Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, and dozens of others

1. Facebook

1. Facebook
Estimated Value: $80 billion
Last Year's Rank / Valuation: #1 / $25 billion
Business: Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world with more than 750 million users, up from 500 million users last year.
Location: Palo Alto, California

2. Zynga
Estimated Value: $11 billion
Estimated Value: $11 billion
Last Year's Rank / Valuation: #2 / $5 billion
Business: Social Gaming
Location: San Francisco, California

3. Groupon
Estimated Value: $10 billion

Last Year's Ranking / Valuation: #11 / 2 billion
Business: Daily deal website that sells "groupons" to users - the discount is only valid if a certain number of people sign up. 
Location: Chicago, Illinois (with a growing office in Palo Alto, California)
More Info: About Groupon 
CEO: Andrew Mason 

4. 360Buy*
Estimated Valuation: $10 billion

Last Year's Rank / Valuation: N/A

Business: E-commerce

Location: Beijing, China

More Info: About 360Buy 
CEO: Liu Qiangdong

5. Twitter

5. Twitter
Estimated Value: $8 billion
Last Year's Rank / Valuation: #6 / $3 billion
Business: Messaging, microblogging and social networking service
Location: San Francisco, California
More Info: About Twitter
CEO: Evan Williams

May 5, 2011