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December 9, 2016

FitBit takeover of Pebble without their hardware stumps analytics and investors alike

Top 5 Wearable Vendors Marketshare: FitBit,Xiaomi and Apple Lead the stakes(IDC data)

After days of speculations and rumors on Pebble and Fitbit takeover talks, Fitbit has finally announced that it is acquiring " wearable smartwatches manufacturer Pebble .On December 7, 2016, Fitbit officially announced that they acquired assets from Pebble, including key personnel, as the company decided to stop producing wearable technology.However this does not include the hardware from Pebble.

While this seemed like a good news for both as Pebble was struggling to gain market share in the wearable industry and might have suffered in the future and may have gone under without an exit plan. However a few analysts are pointing out that the takeover plan by Fitbit does not make much strategic alignment not a very good  fit as it does not include pebble's famed"Hardware". Considering Pebble's hardware is what helped the company build a following in the first place, not owning the hardware part  for Fitbit is like killing the product and stopping innovation

Post this takeover Fitbit risks not only disappointing the thousands of loyal fans that believed in Pebble despite the odds but also leaves them high and dry .According to endgadget, Fitbit now plans discontinue many of  Pebble wearable which was supposed to be launched in the next quarter.
They includes all the devices that were listed in the company's latest Kickstarter campaign including The Time 2 and the Core -a GPS-enabled accessory for runners, both promised for next year -- will never ship. If you ordered a Pebble 2 or a special Kickstarter Edition of the Time Round and haven't received it yet, you won't get one. Pebble has said all Kickstarter preorders will be refunded within the next week.

During Q3,2016 quarter, Fitbit shipped 11% more fitness bands than it did in the year-earlier quarter, upping its share of the market to 23% from 21.4% in the year-earlier period, according to IDC. However, shipments rose just 3% industry wide, marking a stark deceleration from 67% in the first quarter and 26% in the second quarter of 2016. Last month, Fitbit provided a revenue outlook for the holiday quarter between $725 million and $750 million, which was sharply below the $985 million analysts had forecast in a FactSet survey.Analysts have since tempered their expectations, as many VC's and Investors alike now believe that product category has failed to convince consumers that these are must-have products the way, say, smartphones have.

January 2, 2016

3 wearable technologies set to be launched in 2016

The new set to wearable technologies set to make a splash in 2016 include Moto 360 Sport. Microost Holo Lens and a smarts swimwear wearable technology called  Xmetrics

" the biggest wearable technology disruption in 2016"
The next wave of wearable technologies is already set to be launched in 2016. Among the game changers in 2016  are

1)Moto 360 Sport  Watch :is already on sale in Europe, but will be released in the US in January. It’s only the second Android Wear smartwatch to include built-in GPS

2)Microsoft HoloLen' Among the latest trending wearable which has  garnered the highest attention is  "The HoloLens ‘augmented reality’  which is a headset caused quite a splash when it was first unveiled earlier this year. Despite not being on sale yet, it looks full of promise, and there’s set to be a developer version available during 2016 for a cool $3,000.

3)Xmetrics:This is the hottest  swimming wearable in what is otherwise  is a market without much innovation and  fairly tepid pool. Designed for pros and enthusiasts, it sits on the back of your head to minimise drag and measures a broader set of bio-mechanics including your heartbeat, pulse rate, calories and other features  than any other swimming wearable technology .

December 30, 2015

wearables devices growth trends : apple watch sport vs pebble steel

comparison of Pebble steel and Apple Sport

The wearable devices, specially smartwatches is set to see an exponential growth , according to a recent IDC data research report on worldwide Wearable Device Tracker.The IDC predicts  wearable device shipments will reach 76.1 million units in 2015, up 163.6% from the 28.9 million units shipped in 2014. By 2019, worldwide shipments will reach 173.4 million units, resulting in a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9%. Total shipments include both basic and smart wearables, which are two very different product categories in many aspects.

June 13, 2014

Google Fit , to enter your Gym, to collect data from your health and fitness devices

Google is about to enter the " Heath and wellness " industry by its new launch of Google Fit, which aims to aggregate data from user generated health and fitness requirements including   personal gadgets ,or  mobile apps .

Google wants to be the place where health data is collected.-related apps, which users can access across their devices . This is Google firsts attempt to enter the fitness and wellness vertical after wearable devices.

According to Forbes report Google is expected to announce a new service called Google Fit" Google Fit will be a service that collects all the data from all of your health-tracking gadgets."and help you store and access it across the cloud 

 This comes after the launch of Apple HealthKit framework, launched last week which plans to aggregate data from wearable devices and apps. Last month Samsung also unveiled Sami, a biometric data platform that collects health information from devices and apps too With.Google Fit , google would pose a direct competition to the 2 technology giants and the fight for the multibillion dollar health and Fitness market

January 19, 2014

Wearable Devices Market set to become a $20billion , by 2018

Wearable gadgets market to zoom to $20 billion

The Wearable Devices Market

Wearable Devices Market

Examples  of Wearable Device Market
By 2018 The Market for Wearable Devices Industry might exceed $19 billion in the U.S.The wearable industry will grow exponentially from 2013 to 2018 and " the demand for " medical Devices and Technology integration , will be enormous 

 Google Glass, Samsung s's recent introduction of GALAXY GEAR and a smartlens from Google to treat diabetes are some of the early products showcased. The above chart shows the evolution of Wearable Devices Mar

Google creates smart contact lens for diabetics

Bloomberg, Business Insider
Google creates smart contact lens for diabetics - Silicon Valley Business Journal: "Google's latest moonshot project appears to be a smart contact lens aimed at enabling diabetes patients to measure glucose levels.

The company's secretive X Lab on Thursday said in a blog post that it is developing a lens that uses a wireless chip and a tiny glucose sensor planted between two layers of material designed for soft contact lenses to measure glucose levels in tears."

The contact lens measures glucose in tears using a wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor. While at a very early stage, Google hopes the technology could help people mana

Google  is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the prototypes consumer ready,
Google isn't the first company to delve into such a device. Microsoft Corp., among others, has developed similar lens technology.