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March 30, 2011

Top 5 Facebook Complaints From Women: Infographic

Daily deals site Eversave talked to 400 women about their Facebook relationships. The company originally conducted the survey as market research on the social network’s influence on the daily deals ecosystem, but Eversave was surprised to uncover the love/hate relationship between women and their online friends.

For example, the majority of female respondents said they had at least one friend who was a “drama queen” on Facebook. A majority also said they had at least one obnoxiously “proud mother” as a Facebook friend.

Most women — 83% of respondents in this survey — are annoyed at one time or another by the posts from their Facebook connections. For these respondents, the most off-putting post was some kind of whine; a full 63% said complaining from Facebook friends was their number one pet peeve, with political chatter and bragging coming in a distant second and third.

source : Mashable

September 15, 2008

Leveraing Web2.0 for Healthcare Industry

web2.0:Beyond Open Source in Health Care

Just wanted to share a great Presentation on how Online Marketers working on Healthcare Industry can use Web2.o applications.The Slide is actually self explanatory and provides some great information on using web2.o for healthcare and related verticals.

Healthcare Industry is poised for a great boom in recent times web2.0 provides a great platform for and web marketers to leverage web on some web2.0 applications. This presentation is a must watch for Online Marketers in this vertical wanting to brand their Product or services online.

this presentation was created by John Sharp

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