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June 22, 2011

The Evolution of Web 3.0 Media Agency: Infographic

Online users today come in different shapes, sizes, they come at social media, spend time on YouTube, share their  StumbleUpon's  with their Facebook Friends, and blog their thoughts on pathetic customer care , which they tweet to their friends. Welcome the new web3.0 Agency.Welcome to the  wild  wide web .

Once upon a time a decade ago , media agencies spent a client’s marketing dollars
on a standard set of carefully planned options — print newspapers and magazines, radio and television. Fast Forward 2011, TV still reigns at the top of advertising budgets but online media is on the rise, and it’s transforming the way media agencies plan and measure campaigns.  Its not only the use of online distribution channel that has  changed the " Agencies  Media Buying and Planning  Guide.

Today there are no standard parameters  like " Reach and Frequency, Its the  engagement, interaction, Bounce rates, demographic, retargeting and geo targeting a consumer. .Jump-started by the economic downturn and propelled by  changing consumer habits, Internet advertising and social media have captured a
growing share of the market and a disproportionate share of the industry buzz and 

Gone, too, are the days when simply having a corporate Twitter account or Facebook page was an accomplishment in itself. Agencies are finding  innovative ways to integrate traditional media with social media and mobile to create networks of brand “touchpoints” for consumers.Mobile is in. Metrics are in. Recession cutbacks are out. The conventional way of  mass advertising via print and  TV are over. Today in the online marketplace there is no just  mass and  class.