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September 1, 2007

Web2.0 techniques to drive traffic

Lets first talk about web1.o techniques of generating traffic

1) Link exchanges/reciprocal link exchanges/Three way linking
2)Writing Articles / Submitting Articles in Article Directories
3) Website Reviews/Yahoo,Google groups/Forums/Directories

All the above methods of generating traffic were no doubt effective as seen by the numerous success in the early days on the internet . However there was one significant drawback in all these above methods . None of the methods allowed users to share their favorite items online among their friends.Also it did not allow syndication of the websites to other users who shared the same interests .

Web2.o marketing techniques of driving traffic allows users to share their bookmarks online, allows distribution of their content to like minded users and makes content easily shared and allows embeds to other sites .

web2.o marketing techniques

Social Bookmarks : Delicious/Digg/reditt/Stumble upon/magnoliaTechnorati/Furl/

Social networks:MySpace/Facebook/tagworld/Classmates/orkut/

RSS Feeds: RSS feeds or Really Simple Syndication feeds allows users to subscribe to the feeds directly . Real Time Updates from blogs,websites would directly be added to RSS feed Readers allowing users to access their favorite topics from the RSS reader . This drives traffic with almost no investment and zero cost of use acquisitions and subsequently ROI increases manifold.

Tagging/Tag Clouds :Tagging and tag clouds are a natural extention of meta tags and keywords used in the web1.o architecture . Most web2.o sites allows users to add tags to their blog posts,articles or any content which they upload . This allows intra-integration of content within the site, which can then be shared democratically across the website.

Online Viral Marketing Techniques : Viral marketing techniques are one of those tools which has a very low success rate ,but is used and implemented properly, is one the most effective way of cutting through the competition amidst the clutter of the Online marketplace.

Howver it would be perhaps naive to suggest that Viral Marketing Methods are exclusive web2.0 ideas. Infact viral promotion is one of the oldest methods of mass marketing which hasve been deployed by marketers across industries . Viral marketing and Word of Mouth marketing are perhaps the most natural marketing techniques that have catapulted companies of overnight sensations I would try to post a exclusive feature on Viral marketing later.

For now lets out it this way . Web2.0 has certainly made viral marketing go more mainstream, ever since the success of Myspace, Facebook, Wikipedia and Flickr became the talking points in online as well as traditional media.The early success of social bookmarking and social networking sites meant that users came into the site in droves since they finally saw a web that was based on participation and user- generated content . This gave them more freedom to upload, generate and share resources with their friends which in turn brought their own contacts online.This viral chain ensured users large enough to drive traffic and thereby revenue.

This is what I would call the" Web2.0 Effect which has aided and expedited viral marketing methods" ,something which was missing in web1.o driven marketplace.