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September 7, 2014

6 Reasons why Amazon's Purchase of Twitch will give Jitters to Google

In a last minute id, Amazon stole the thunder from Google has it walked away with a deal  to buy Twitch for $970 million in cash.Twitch (also and formerly known as is a live streaming video platform introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of fellow streaming platform Twitch core focus is  on video gaming, including playthroughs of video games by users, along with broadcasts of e-sports competitions.With live viewing or on demand content broadcast, Twitch garners a huge traffic and dominates this category of video online gaming  and ranks no 1 live streaming platform with 40% of live-streaming traffic by volume in the U.S. as per data from video analytic ,site Qwilt.

Why Amazon bought Twitch for a whooping $970. Here are four possible reasons  why 

  1. 58% of Twitch users spent more than 20 hours per week watching videos on the site.
  2. Twitch has its own iOS and Android apps, and has been integrated with Xbox and PlayStation consoles. PC gamers can also upload footage to Twitch
  3. Even Amazon's Fire TV has a Twitch appTwitch has been integrated into PC software, including video streaming to Twitch directly from EA's Origin software,
  4. With Twitch Amazon is buying  a huge ecosystem  of digital video advertising space which will form a sizable chunk of the next big " platform in digital marketing  space With increasing mobile broadband penetration across developing markets, online video consumption. Globally, the average fixed broadband connection speed will increase 2.6-fold, from 16 Mbps in 2013 to 42 Mbps by 2018.
  5. As of now Amazon controls the biggest eCommerce ecosystem it controls the biggest online publishing space, it has just announced its new foray into smartphones .With its ereader ,Kindle HD Tablet and its web services it has a presence across, all entry points of digital distribution space .With Video Gaming it completes the loop for controlling " the Online  Video Advertising market  which is  expected to reach $5.96 billion this year, according to eMarketer,, up  by 41.9 percent from 2013
  6. According to a report from Cisco on  Global Mobile Video traffic over two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2018. Mobile video will increase 14-fold between 2013 and 2018, accounting for 69 percent of total mobile data traffic by the end of the forecast period.

according to online video analytics  That made it the ...According to the latest Transparency Market Research published new "Mobile Content Market - Global And U.S. Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends And Forecasts 2011 - 2017" market research report show the overall value of the mobile content market as well as the value of the mobile games market in 2011

August 31, 2014

Brand Advertising Spends : Paid vs Owned and Earned Media

According to the latest Transparency Market Research published new "Mobile Content Market - Global And U.S. Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends And Forecasts 2011 - 2017" market research report show the overall value of the mobile content market as well as the value of the mobile games market in 2011

August 30, 2014

The Biggest Blockbuster iPhone Quarters since its launch : 2007 -2014,volumes grew 8 times since 2007

Statistic: Global Apple iPhone sales from 3rd quarter 2007 to 3rd quarter 2014 (in million units) | Statista

The Biggest iPhone sales Curve:When did Apple sell the highest number of iPhones

During the last  7years of  iPhones existenceNotice the importance of the quarters Q1 2012 , Q1 2013 and Q1, 2014 . These were Apple's biggest iPhone sales blockbusters  quarters  which saw highest sales volume .These 3 quarters was among the top quarters in the last seven years,when its sales were highest .

If you compare the  skyscrapers in the  above chart in  the 7 years " of iphone sales .. the volume of iphones sold during its first year and second year ( 2007 and 2008 ) have grown 8 times in a 7 year span ...( 2013 AND 2014) 

Sales of the iPhone have risen strongly over the years, from around 1.4 million iPhones sold in 2007 to more than 150 million units worldwide in 2013. In total, Apple has sold more than 400 million new iPhones from 2007 to 2013 all around the world. From 2010 to 2013, Apple has held a market share between 13 and 23 percent within the new smartphone sales segment worldwide

August 20, 2014

Local radio stations stages comeback as it grabs 11% share from local web


share of local advertising spends and their media mix

According to Radio advertising bureau ( RAB), the above brands are among the Q2’s “Top 10” list represents the high-volume Spot spenders who consistently maintain a majority share of voice  across the Radio airwarves

While Local along with Social and Mobile continue to call the shots when itcomes to media mix  by US brand spenders, Local Radio stations are staging a comeback and  grabbing eyeballs and share A recent BIA Kelsey report shows.The local radio market is growing, albeit at a more moderate pace than it once did, by expanding its offerings to off-air platforms, providing a wider range of listener experiences and advertiser opportunities, 

BIA/Kelsey estimates total local media spending for 2013 to be $132.7 billion. This marketplace includes all of the media that local radio stations compete against for national and local advertising spending in their markets. Local radio stations receive 11.5% percent of all advertising revenue being spent in local markets, fourth amongst all local media segments, behind direct mail (27.2 percent), newspapers (16.1 percent) and TV (14.9 percent)long-term research and analysis conducted by BIA/Kelsey for its clients and the industry.. 

August 17, 2014

With Chinese Box Office Collections Touching £1.7bn, China confirmed as world's largest film market outside US

Chinese box office now worth £1.7bn, shooting it past Japan and the country is now the biggest movie market for US overseas 
  • .China has just overtaken Japan to become the worlds 2nd largest box office market,and now ranks no  when it comes to  US

  • A recent  statistics just released by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), confirm that the country has overtaken Japan to become the world's second-largest box office territory, and the biggest outside the US. 

  •  The MPAA's Market Statistics 2012 show China's cinema audience is worth $2.7bn (£1.7bn), up from $2bn in 2011, taking it past Japan, whose total increased only slightly from $2.3bn to $2.4bn. 

  • .China's box office grossed 16.42 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) in the first nine months of the year, jumping 35% from the same period a year earlier, the official Xinhua news agency said Wednesday.
  • Meanwhile Hollywood is losing ground in China, at a time when box-office sales there are surging and foreign filmmakers are eager for a bigger share of the world's fastest-growing film market
source : Forbes/ WSJ

August 13, 2014

Apple Countries vs Android Countries : Kantar Media Report on the Latest Smartphone Face Off

Apple Nations vs Android Nations :  Kantar Media faceoff

Windows continue to falter and Apple continues to grow in fits and starts , as the smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, for the three months to March 2014.
Apple performing strongly during this quarter mainly due to the powerful launch of iPhone 5 specially in Japan and Australia
Across Europe, Android remains the top OS with 70.7% share, while Apple holds second position at 19.2%. 
Windows, at third, accounts for 8.1% of smartphone sales globally
By Brands here is how Apple's IOS, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows stand 


  • Apple saw its smartphone market share rise in five out of nine countries surveyed “primarily due to the strong performance of the iPhone 5s.
  • The iPhone did, however, lose market share in the USA, China, Germany and Italy. 
  • The nations where Apple showed more good  growth was Australia/ Europe and Japan.

  • Windows had a tough start to the year as a result of its entry-level Nokia models facing fierce competition from low-end Motorola, LG and Samsung Android smartphones. 
  • Windows lost marketshare  across China and Unites States , grew the highest in Australia


  • Android Grew above 5% points across Germany, Italy and US while it decreased in Spain, Japan, Great Britain

Why Apple is Keen to replicate its Japanese success story globally, Only Country with over 55% marketshare

Apple's smartphone market share in Japan “reached an incredible 55 percent” last quarter. Source:

The Mobile OS in Japan led by IOS

Japan is one country where Apple  has been consistently doing well.. From  a 34% marketshare in October 2013 (Q3)  according to counterpoint ,Japan, Apple’s iphone share jumped to a record  36.5% during  Q1,2004 the first quarter of 2014 amid surging sales on the country's largest carrier, NTT DoCoMo,where Apple still accounts for more than 40% of sales on the network.

In addition , latest mobile OS  sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, for the three months to March 2014, shows Apple performing strongly in the first quarter of the year, with  iOS sales bouncing back in Europe, Japan and Australia. This data includes all iOS products including  iPhone+ iPad along with iPods.Among other reasons the success of Apple in Japan is also due to the fact that the demand for  iPhone is also filtering through to the iPad, with almost a quarter of Japanese iPhone owners also owning an iPad and the markets are yet to saturate unlike US and Europe.

According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple's smartphone market share in Japan “reached an incredible 55 percent” last quarter. Source:

August 10, 2014

Biggest Ecommerce Internet properties in China :Led by Tmal and JD, Amazon a distant 5th

According to Chinese news site Jing daily ,Tmall  has emerged as the biggest online shopping portal  as China's total ecommerce shopping revenue hit 181.92 billion yuan (US$29 billion) in the first quarter of 2014, marking year-on-year growth of 44% The B2C sector  has been growing  than C2C (consumer-to-consumer) sites, which grew by 18.3% according to Chinese research company iResearch.
The leaders and Laggards in terms  revenues( excluding Taobao )

  • Alibaba’s behemoth Tmall tops the chart by sizable margin with 50.55 percent of market share by revenue, 
  • comes in second with nearly a quarter (23.28 percent) of the total market. The next three runner-ups,,,
  •  Amazon lag far behind, with between 2 and 3 percent eachincludes business-to-business (B2B) transactions, the top 3  Chinese business-to-consumer (B2C) sites 

August 5, 2014

78% Chinese Smartphone Market led by Domestic Giants

Infographic: Domestic Vendors Stand Strong in China's Smartphone Market | Statista
via  Statista

When it comes to price, non can beat the Chinese, and quality that can " in the first glance beat all competitors hands down.

The Chinese smartphone market continues to play by its own rules according to data released by the Hong Kong based research firm Counterpoint. Unlike most Asian or European markets  where Apple and Samsung is within striking distance , In china Samsung leads Apple by 8% ( 18  vs 10) 

The rest are led by the  Chinese manufacturers such as Lenovo, Xiaomi and Coolpad are quickly gaining market share with handsets sold at prices that the international competition,

The Chinese Invasion of the Indian Mobile Market :Why Micromax should be worried

the chinese mobile factory has entered indian smartphone factory

China India, Indonesia and Philippines, are among the fastest growing markets, as US Europe Mobile shipments show decline. India as the world’s third largest smartphone market, had the highest growth in this segment in the Asia Pacific. The year-on-year smartphone shipment growth was 186 per cent in the first quarter of 2014, says IDC. A little over 30 million smartphones are now sold yearly in India

India’s mobile subscriber base is set to cross 696 million connections by the end of this year, according to a recent report published by Gartner. India is now the cynosure of all " smartphone manufacturers".The world biggest market is not on the radar screen of " the biggest and the smallest of players. India has been a market dominated by Nokia ( 2000 to 2006 ) and Samsung today holds sway.. until recently, when Micromax dislodged Samsung from no 1 spot , with 17% share of handsets 

However the  Indian market is among the most price sensitive in the world  where,consumers will demand rock bottom price.. but will not compromise on quality.. In India the " masses " which consists of the brands between" Rs 3000 to 6500 " segment ... are the real battleground for the new Chinese low price handset makers.These and about a  dozen Chinese handset brands,   like Gionee, Lenovo, OPPO, Huawei, ZTE and Konka.  have together taken a little more than 10 per cent of the Indian handset market in the past couple of years. The number was only one to two per cent about two years earlier.

Beside the top eight Chinese Mobile brands which have already made their presence felt here, in India, another 45 — including Zopo, UMI, JiaYu, Mogu, Iocean and Meizu , MetoKiss,OPPr819— are working to tap the smartphone market here.  As the market grows " Chinese brands are expected to take away about 8 to 10% of the market, where indian brands like Micromax have successfully dented Samsung .

However, Micromax faces  the biggest threat, as it thrives on low budget with frills, market..Samsung did not compete against Micromax on Price.. but on quality. Also the difference in terms of  market share 16.7% against 14.5% is too small ....Even if the chinese phones takes away 5 to 7% of the mobile market share , it will make a dent in Micromax's fortunes as it  works on a volume game .

August 4, 2014

With 17% market share Micromax ends Samsung reign as no 1 Mobile Brand,in India

micromax edges samsung to become the no 1 ranked mobile brand in india

Micromax edges Samsung to become the no 1 ranked mobile brand in india."Micromax became the leading mobile phone supplier brand in India in Q2 2014 for the first time ever surpassing Samsung capturing 17% market share up from 13% in Q1 2014 

Last year, when Samsung was comfortably ahead of Micromax.the company was asked  if  the Korean giant expected  to  be fighting home grown OEMs instead of cheaper Chinese brands in the next  couple of years .. to which Samsung had replied..Lets wait for that to happen ..!!

However Samsung has seen this happening, a wee bit early perhaps. but the fact that " Micromax has just dealt a severe blow to " Samsung " in the Indian market which many considered " unbeatable" For the quarter ending June,2014 Samsung has already conceded defeat  in the Indian Mobile Market

  •  Micromax has overtaken Samsung as India's leading handset vendor, capturing 16.6% market share in the April-June period as against the Korean major's 14.4%, according to market research form Counterpoint Research.
  • Micromax was also the second largest smartphone vendor closing in on Samsung, capturing 19% share in this fast growing segment

  •  Globally, Micromax also jumped up the rankings becoming the tenth largest handset brand in terms of mobile phone shipment volumes
  • The 3rd and 4th place went to Nokia and Karbonn with 10.9 per cent and 9.5 per cent shares respectively in the just ended quarter.

August 3, 2014

The top 5 stories this week ,in Charts

According to the latest Transparency Market Research published new "Mobile Content Market - Global And U.S. Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends And Forecasts 2011 - 2017" market research report show the overall value of the mobile content market as well as the value of the mobile games market in 2011





July 31, 2014

Apple Loosing its Grip in the Tablet Market, as its market share falls from 60 to 30% in a year,

According to the latest data published by the market intelligence firm IDC, charted for us by Statista, Apple's tablet market share has dropped from above 60% in the June quarter of 2012 to just 26.9% this year. 
Tablet Market: Apples iPad  fails  to influence customers
Add caption

Meanwhile, Samsung's market share jumped about 10 percentage points, Lenovo and Asus gained ground, but most of all, a group of "others," which likely includes Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Surface families, has clearly started to bite on Apple's products and now beginning to chip  them away .

The ipad today has lost its mojo.. and unless Apple starts changing the market by launching newer tablets or starts to innovate newer technologies  and features( example wearable with Tablets.) Apple is in the risk of becoming history as far as tablets are concerned 

.According to the latest data published by the market intelligence firm IDC, charted for us by Statista, Apple's tablet market share has dropped from above 60% in the June quarter of 2012 to just 26.9% this year. Meanwhile, Samsung's market share jumped about 10 percentage points, Lenovo and Asus gained ground, but most of all, a group of "others," which likely includes Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Surface families, has eaten Apple's lunch, growing about 20 percentage points in a two-year span.China’s Huawei was the big winner in June quarter smartphone sales, according to IDC.

July 29, 2014

THE TABLET WARS: Leaders and Laggards and also rans

The Tablet market gets close and dirty as Apple samsung continues to  grow

The tablet market grew by 11% over last year. The figure would have been higher had it not been for a decline of 1.5% in the second quarter of 2014, as opposed to the first quarter. The reason for the decline: Large enterprises are holding off on purchasing decisions. 

According to Jean Philippe Bouchard, IDC's director for tablets,Apple still leads the tablet market, but it hasn't had a good quarter as far as sales figures go. The iPad has lost ground to both Android and Windows tablets.

 Apple shipped 13.3 million units, a decline of 9.3% year-on-year. The company's market share stood at 26.9%. Apple has announced plans to fight back, and it is pinning its hopes on the enterprise sector to drive growth. 

 Samsung, Apple's biggest rival, had a mixed year and shipped 8.5 million units in  Q2,  2014 and saw its market share increase by 1.6% yoy. Samsung struggled to maintain its momentum and saw its market share slip to 17.2% in the second quarter.Lenevo shipped 2.4 million units and moved up to the No 3 ranking, displacing Asus from its position.

Million Android Users vulnerable to malicious attack due to a security flaw

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - OS Market Share

Android continues to be beset by problems whenever it just seems that its  all ready to blow competition away ..
Apparently Millions of people using Android devices could be left open to attack from malicious apps that appear to come from legitimate developers, due to a flaw in Google's mobile software. The flaw has been named "Fake ID" by security company Bluebox Labs, which discovered it.

The worse part as  globally Android's marketshare is bigger than its nearest competitors and this  affects almost all Android phones. 

Bluebox says the vulnerability dates back to the January 2010 release of Android 2.1 and affects all devices that are not patched for "Google bug 13678484," which was disclosed to Google and released for patching in April..The root of this vulnerability lies in what's called a "certificate chain," in which encrypted certificates that verify the identities of Android apps can trust each other to communicate and share data.

 However, Google says it has already issued a patch to protect Android users from attacks exploiting the flaw.

July 25, 2014

Highest Trafficked Real Estate web Properties accessed from Desktop as of June 2014

web sites with highest traffic
According to the latest Experian  Market Research published  for the month of june  shows zillion  , Trulia and Realtor as  the biggest web sites in terms of traffic from desktops - .
Zillion leads the  Real Estate market with approx 19% market share traffic followed by Trulia with 9% and Realtor with 7.7% of the overall real estate web site reach for  the month of june, 2014

The marketshare reflects and takes into consideration  the top 10 most visited web sites from desktops only 

July 22, 2014

Latest Chinese Mobile Brand Gionee plans to sell 5million units in India

While Gionee's Smartphones has been in news for quite some time now,  and their claim to fane is " they are the  current contender for the world's slimmest smartphone crown, the Gionee Elife S5.5  has  5.5mm thickness -and thats quite a show stealer and  TENAA has just certified a mid-range model that's even thinner. T
  • Apparently he Gionee GN9005 Not only that, the phone weighs just 94.6g - among the lightest Android smartphones and measures 139.8 x 67.4 x 5.0 mm., includes LTE connectivity
  • 16GB of built-in memory (no microSD slot) and a 2,050mAh battery , A 5mm-thick handset has been spotted at the China-equivalent of the FCC, called the Gionee GN9005

Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd was founded on September 2002 by Liu Li Rong

As a recent entrant in the highly competitive Indian smartphone industry ,the Chinese handset manufacturer, is looking at a market share of 3-4 per cent in the ₹1 lakh crore Indian mobile handset market. Gionee claims to have sold 10 lakh pieces last year, is targeting to sell five million pieces in the second year of its operations. 

It sells phones in the range of ₹1,750 to ₹30,000. Of the 17 phones it sells, five are feature (basic) phones, while the remaining 12 are smartphones.The local indian arm of the Chinese Smartphone maker is an Syntech Technology Private Ltd, which operates as the arm of Gionee,

July 14, 2014

Advertisers to Spend $5.60 Billion on Online Video Advertising as YouTube to remain the main gainer

YouTube will bring in about $5.60 billion in gross ad revenues this year, according to eMarketer’s first-ever analysis of how much advertisers spend on the platform. - 

YouTube  shares its revenues  with its advertising partners and video content creators, eMarketer still expects the company to net $1.96 billion in ad revenues worldwide this year, up 65.5% over 2012. That translates to a 1.7% share of all global digital ad revenues—higher than the market shares of Twitter, AOL,, Pandora, LinkedIn, Millennial Media and other

 US revenues fin Youtube marketing Channel

Comparitive Revenues  from Youtube

YouTube Revenues  Across the world as hared with its key Publisher l

July 11, 2014

The top 3 US Auto Insurance Company with highest marketing spends

auto insurance players market share in US

The above chart from insurance journal shows the biggest 3 auto insurance  companies that have spent the most on advertising in recent years. 

The Government Employees Insurance Company GEICO, has been the  market leader in advertising spending among U.S. property automobile /casualty insurers for at least five years through 2013, according to SNL.
  • When it come to ad spends,GEICO is still the only company that spends more than $1 billion annually on advertising. It recorded $1.18 billion in ad spend in 2013, up from $1.12 billion in 2012." two years of double digit increase in ad spending,it has increased ad spends by 5%
  • The  no 2  insurance player  Allstate Corp., increased its spending on advertising by seven percent in 2013 after an 11 percent increase in 2012,
  • The no 3  in insurance ad spending was State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.which increased its spending 3%to to $802.8 million in 2013 following a year of negative growth.
Other insurance players in US include  Amica Mutual InsuranceLiberty Mutual InsuranceState FarmAllstate21st Century InsuranceProgressiveNationwide Insurance, and United Services Automobile Association.

July 4, 2014

On the Eve of 10 years of Android Here is an Face off Between Google vs Apple

Android  is ahead in terms of market share against apple's IOS

Android vs iOS  : market share comparison

Android vs iOS : Market Cap
Android vs iOS : Market Cap
ios app store vs android play store
Android Play vs ioS Store :  Revenues

Android vs iOS : Pricing
Mobile OS : Android vs iOS Comparison
Android vs iOS :Total Web Usage

Android vs iOS marketshare comparison since 2012 onwards
Android vs iOS: Market Share

Google had  acquired Android Inc. on August 17, 2005 with  key employees of Android Inc., including Rubin, Miner, and White. Not much was known about Android Inc. at the time, but many assumed that Google was planning to enter the mobile phone market with this move

As we  reach a decade of Android's existence the Smartphone Market continues to be controlled by Android and Apple.The first commercially available smartphone running Android was the HTC Dream, released on October 22, 2008 . It was not until 2011 that Android had established itself Google's success in its Mobile OS has come" in around 3 years.  

 The Mobile OS market  continues to  be a 2 ways street,  with just 2 brands  catering to a a one  million  first time smartphone users in a month 

In terms of Consumer choices   the Mobile OS market has seen RIM beaten to dust and Windows failing to rise from the dust

How are these 2 giants battling it up. How do they compare  across markets across devices and in terms of holding on to their marketshare .In terms of Click through rates and   revenue .  How do they stack up across Mobile Apps ?    How do the duo compete on CTR and Revenue? .  Why does an Android Phones comes cheaper than iPhone .   How do they compare across the Tablet  Devices .  While  the Giants fight it out, the infographic shows you how