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July 4, 2015

Salman, AB, Akshay and Dhoni among worlds 100 richest celebs

Forbes India Magazine - Which Indian celebs tops Forbes Celebrity 100: 

Its  a movie star, cricketers that rule the highest paid  celebrities in India  in 2015  Amitabh Bachchan, Salman  Khan , Askhay Kumar and  Mahendra Sing Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain that form the lineup of the most paid celebs in India this year

Forbes Celebrity 100 rankings, an annual list of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather tops the list with $300 million in earnings followed by Filipino rival Manny Pacquiao with $160 million.  "

Mr Bachchan   and Mr Salman Khan   both ranks 71st on the prestigious list with $33.5 million in earnings. While another Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is ranked 76th with $32.5 million earnings. The earnings include endorsement fees and their movie fees which are available publicly

Captain of a game that is followed like a religion in India. Mahendra S. Dhoni is not only the most paid but the most respected and followed cricketer in India with a cult following.Known as a captain cool, Dhoni has been leading Indian cricket team for more  that 6 years now.. 

,Dhoni  with his rare quality of not getting hassled with " cricketing or non cricketing reasons "and his ability to handle pressure and yet leading  from the front .. makes  him the no 1 " brand ambassador 

The man who is known for his affability and humility is  willing to enjoy himself behind the scenes as well.. known for his love for bikes and speed . He boasts of  a huge collection of  classical as well as  the mean machines  of  these days.. Dhoni's garage is lined up by more than 55 rare bikes.according to cricket journalists who frequent his Ranchi home  .. 

And why not.. specially if you happen to be Mr Dhoni and you are ranked  the 82nd richest celebrity in India with $31 million earning from match fees as well as endorsements..

July 3, 2015

educational institute content mapping grid

" the content mapping grid for education industry"


 The 2 axis represents   two distinct positioning platform " 1) to educate and inspire and  2)awareness to purchase 

Lets start with the  bottom 2 quadrants  which show the "demand side  of marketing mix " examples of these are 1) market reports, 2)press releases 3)articles,  4)news, 5)blogs, social  7)news & ereviews, 8) trend reports

 These are the most important data points   which will be  consumed  and driven by the student community and their parents, covered across local media   where existing local  captive students would serve as  a  b2b marketing  channels., student academia bodies / student community, /industry bodies, academic research institutes, and other government bodies / state/ government  human resource or education secretaries  

 The top quadrant shows the supply side  mix which consists of    promotional  and marketing lobbies whose job is to convert the " demand generated from the above activities.

 This market  includes the " funding or Equity investor , or   the sponsors, investors or the board. It can be an  individual or a group  and at that point who ever is looking for a bigger pie  in the control of stakes.Now when the "supply side" has been feed enough of information " on what he needs to do .. hes ready to  rock and run