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July 28, 2016

with $260 an hour ,apple’s ceo earns 43 times the median US household salary

In 2015, Mr. Timothy D. Cook made $2.28 million at Apple as a CEO. His compensation changed -75.3% from the previous year. Mr. Timothy D. Cook makes more than the average public executive  Mr. Timothy D. Cook’s 2015 pay is broken down as follows: A $2,000,000 salary. This salary is significantly more than the average public executive’s salary and significantly more than the salary of other executives at Apple. $281,327 in other compensation. This is more than the average public executive’s other compensation and more than the other compensation of other executives at Apple.

Total Compensation vs AAPL Stock Return Over S&P 500 | FindTheCompany
With $2.28 million in 2015,It  makes for  or $260 an hour, $4 a minute, and $0.07 a second. This is 6 times the president’s salary and 43 times the median US household income.




July 26, 2016

which countries are swallowing up the wearables market

The below chart shows how the wearable devices market is expected to grow in the next 5 years. 2015 compared to 2020 between 2015 and 2020


Asian pacific market will outgrow all other geographies  with 194 million shipments of wearable devices, which includes,Smartwatches, Fitness bands, Apparel trackers and eyewear among others.North America and Western Europe are the next biggest market with shipments of 188 million and 127 million wearble devices  respectively, followed by   Central and Eastern Europe  with 45 million shipments and Latin American with  26 million shipments


However the  Wearables segment the biggest demand is expected tocome from smartwatches and fitness bands  The biggest market pull  in Wearables will come from Asia pacific regions with China, Singapore and Hong Kong leading the growth for smartwatch and fitness bands adoption which will have the hihest penetration the highest wearble penetration . Smartwatches and smart eyewear and ear tracking devices are likely to see huge growth in Japan and South Korea


32% decline in smartwatches for the first time sends OEM’s into panic

" the state of smartwatches sends apple watch into panic"

Smartwatches Shipments this year showsa blip in the wearable devices as it sales decrease by 16% .or the first time, the worldwide smartwatch market saw a year-over-year decline of 32%, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker


However this will remain just a blip on the overall wearables radar as long term shipments of smartwatches are likely to soar to double digits. Also coupled with the fact is that wearble’s are sitting on a huge cash pile.  ready to witness a massive adoption. Recent Businessinsider estimates smartwatch shipments will rise by a compound annual rate of 41% over the next five years. Smartwatches will account for 59% of total wearable device shipments this year, and that share will expand to just over 70% of  the $126million shipments by 2019.


July 21, 2016

funding clean technology start ups : 5 VC’s that funds upto $10million

These are Among the biggest early stage investors in United States across medical and healthcare Categorry

Rockfort Capital :based out of Boston and invests across advanced hydrocarbons, renewable energy,sustainability and smart grid technologies. Investments in cryptocurrencies are also increasing as they are being accepted by many industries. Crypto traders may take the help of automated bots like to improve their trading. It generally funds  start ups from 5$milion to $25million : contact  them
Hercules Capital :based out of  ElmHurst ,illinois provide seed, start up  as well as late stage funding. It has more than 20 start ups in its porfolio.Blurb, Tapjoy and Transmedics are among them.You can directly connect them here
CIT Gap Fund : based out of Virginia mainly invests across seed and early stage.It invests across Biotech, healthcare and life sciences  Among its portfolio. Funding size : $0.1million to $5million. Connect with them
Epic  Ventures :based out of Idaho, rexburg provides  seed and  early stage funding in the range of $1- $5milion.With a fund size of more than. $170million, its highest funding has been upto $5million. Connect with them
Redpoint Ventures based out of Menlo park, California: It provides early stage investments from $1million to $5million.With a huge $2.5billion fund size, it invests across consumer products, media, internet,technology. Connect with them
Healthcare VC Firms | FindTheCompany

July 14, 2016

deciding the optimum url length for search engine benefits

Selecting the most appropriate url formats for search engines:

How doe a search engine decide the ”  length of  the optimum size of url which is considered to be search friendly ?

While its true that search engines does give a fair amount of importance for the url specification, SE also are quite adept to  understand  and  interpret regular long urls with numerous hypens   and the extent to which webmasters  can use them for ” spamming it ” ( for example some seo webmasters at the sound of getting too excited and may use words like an actual url .) This only sends out the signal and tells the search robots and give them the sound of trumpets” telling them to discount the entire post/ url as a spam .. as its the result of an over excited adolescent seo webmaster

deciding the optimum url length for search engine benefits "
" the art of creating search engine friendly url's for optimization"
So how do you show the search engines about the content and its url parameters by ensuring you do this just the right way ?  
1) Describe your  content :  if a user can  make an accurate guess about your content  by looking at the address bar, you have done your job
2) Use static URLs: dynamic url’s are harder to index for both search and users
3) Descriptors not numbers:  never use  a random 1234 numbers or a set of numbers..when you can use brand/name etc
4)use lowercase: Although urls can accept both upper and lower always desist from using Uppercase 


July 2, 2016

new infusion of capital to venture funds falls off the cliff

While  Start up funding shows signs of decline, Investment infusion across several VC firms showed signs of  revival.
According to Venture Pulse, the first quarter of 2016 saw US$25.5 billion invested across 1,829 deals, marking the second-straight quarter in which investors dialed back VC funding and activity.
" list of VC firms with new infusion of capital"

VC  Capital Infusion since the last one year

VC  which received fresh fund infusion  by regions

The scramble to find the next Unicorn saw investors open their checkbooks for mega-rounds throughout most of 2015. However, these $100M+ equity financings remain depressed after falling off a cliff in Q4’15, with all major markets trending flat at best. Q1’16 saw $8.7B invested across 37 such deals, compared to $11.5B over 40 deals last quarter.
Crypto investments are increasing rapidly. The use of a cryptocurrency robot may help crypto traders to find the best trading opportunities in the market. It can help them to simplify their trading procedures.