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March 31, 2015

10 Alternatives to Pinterest for your product promotion

10 pinterest alteratives


  1. Trippy: solely focused on travel,which allows you to discover,recommend ,share
    your travel destinations,online reviews including a Q and A feature
  2.  Looqiloo ; A new start up  almost like Pinterest with video reviews. Allows users to post their reviews across products
  3. Postwire: like a private version of Pinterest. There are pages with links to products and services, which you can post and share
  4. Fancy is a combination of pinterest and online store where instead to pinning you can fancy it.Primarily aimed for online retailers 
  5. Pinshoppr a kind of eCommerce engine ,it aggregates Pinterest’s most popular pins, and make it available for sale online
  6. Pinspire is almost identical to Pinterest in function,design and  purpose
  7. :a combination Pinterest and Evernote
  8. Curisma; a vertical  with focus on technology and gadgets, where users can tag, discover and share purchases
  9.  Bundlr: kind of curation site, allows you to organize your favorite links and embedd them as a bundle ( Bundlr)  
  10. Weaheartit : a combination of Pinterest and Tumblr