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October 12, 2013

5 Apps to Turn your Android Smartphone into iOS

The 6 Best Launchers to Turn Your Android Into an iPhone via Mashable

1.Espier Launcher
Espier Launcher is one of the most frequently recommended apps that can give your Android’s interface the look and feel of an iPhone. The icons are remarkably similar to the iPhone’s, and their sizes, layout and text are customizable.”

2. Hi Launcher iOS 7 Theme
Hi Dev Studio has released a new iOS 7 theme to accompany its well-received iPhone 5 launcher, a

3. jbOS7
Released in a post on, jbOS7 will make your homescreen and lock screen look like the iOS 7, but includes two uniquely designed pages for the Weather and Calendar apps (shown above). It’s available as a Dropbox download and is optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

 4.iOS 7 Live Wallpaper
iOS 7 features a number of dynamic wallpapers that resemble floating particles. Some Android devices already come with animated wallpaper options, but if you prefer Apple’s choices, iOS 7 Live Wallpaper allows you to download four backgrounds similar to those offered in iOS 7