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How to advertise at online marketing trends

You can advertise at  online marketing trends at less than $10  a day, there are 2 ways how to do this

1a)You can promote your brand as a featured post or a banner ad which will be available to all 3500 Unique visitors and more than 7000 Page views a day.( 380×250)

b)A daily featured post  would cost  $10 a day ( limit 500 words with a “Follow” link 

c)Slots  booked for a week for  7 days at 1 post a day  the price is $45
d)for a month / 30 days  the price is   $ 200

2)additionally for sponsored ads for a  advertisers, booking for a week or month all posts will be promoted as a permanent link at the sidebars /top bottom for 7 and 30 days respectively

please email  Sumit underscore roy at rate hotmail ( [email protected]) with the heading as  Ad inquiry for online trends