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June 2, 2016

optimizing your site for 5 things that search engine cannot see

How do you identify problems with your site which search engines fail to see and leads to search spiders missing indexing your site.
Problem 1 For example here is a simple scenario “ your webmaster is working on a site on a staging server”as  you don’t want the search engine to see this page which as they are duplicate versions of your page  which you normally keep on a staging server which is keept as “NoIndex” This is something that search engines cannot see
Normally when you move the site from the staging server to the live server you should remove the NoIndex tags. However in case you forget removing the Noindex , you will see phenomenal drop in traffic .

Problem 2 : Some webmasters implement robot.txt that prohibits crawling of your site in the staging server. If this site gets copied over when the site is switched to live server , the consequences will be just as bad as the NoIndex example

Problem3 : A key difference between a person using a browser and a search engine spider is that the person can manually type a URL into the browser window and retrieve the page the URL points to. Search engine crawlers lack this capability.Instead, they’re forced to rely on links they find on Web pages to find other pages. This is one of the reason why inbound links are so very crucial 

Problem:4 Another technical problems which happens is when ” search crawlers ” encounters an object or file type that’s not a simple text document.” Search engines are designed to index text and are highly optimized to perform search and retrieval operations on text. But they don’t do very well with nontextual data

Problem :5 The best way of understanding this and detecting this and taking appropriate action is to use an analytics software to find pages in your site that gets page views but no referring site traffic. Though this itself is not conclusive enough but it does provide a clue on what is going wrong in your site. The reverse of this situation is also true. If you see content on your site that is getting search referrals even though you don’t want it or expect it, you may want to hide that content
Auditing what you have missed in search optimisation:Another data point which you can use to find if search engines are not able to see you content is check if your content is being picked up by search engines. For example if you have a site with 1000 pages with good inbound links and after 3 months you see only 20 pages are indexed thats enough clue that there is a problem

January 12, 2016

advertising media with highest inflation rates

"advertising media platform by inflation "

Spot TV, Cable TV and nation broadcast TV are among the media advertising platform  with highest inflation .Latest reports from Flurry’s show that in  2016, the cost of advertising on Television will see  the highest rate of inflation depending on whether its cable, spot TV or broadcast TV.Spot TV will be the costliest with 13% inflation in 2016

Internet  display advertising will see the lowest inflation in 2016 out of which  online video and mobile will be the most cost effective platforms with inflation of a mere 1%

radio spends increase by 12 % while digital spends grow 4%

media spends by platforms


Radio spends by US corporations  increased by 5%  last year, led by 12% increase by location radio spots
Magazine  ads decreased by  7% while  newspapers as a media platform declined by 11.8% . Out of Home media grew by just 1% led by Outdoor platforms
data : kantar media

December 28, 2015

radio exceeds TV in terms of reach

In the first quarter of 2015 an average of 223 million Americans aged 18+ tuned in to the Radio at least once a week, amounting to a reach of almost 93% of the adult population. 

reach of radio vs TV
However television came in a close second with a weekly reach of 87%, while digital platforms lagged behind considerably. While Radio does win in terms of sheer reach, TV remains unparalleled with respect to average weekly usage. According to Nielsen’s measurements, U.S. adults spent an average of 36 hours a week watching TV in Q1 2015,

December 7, 2015

Indonesia’s most valuable and powerful top 10 brands

The most powerful  and valuable brands in Indonesia : top 10

July 25, 2015

Media wise breakup of advertising spends

" advertising spends buy media type"
This chart shows how much of ad dollars are being spent online   vs print vs Television since 2014 onwards and also predicts 2016 media spends  How much  is being spent on online advertising ? what is being spent on magazine advertising ? It clearly shows online media spends has overtaken both TV and  Print advertising

Source: eMarketer Report Research Date: March 17th, 2015

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July 23, 2015

financial sector brand spends on Google advertising network

brands across the financial sectors with heaviest spends on on  google 

These are top 5 brands that spends heaviest on ” Google advertising ( adwords)

1)State Farm spends spends on Google awords : $43.7 million

2)Progressive  spends on Google adverting :      :$43.1 million

3) Geico  ad spends across google networks        :$23.7 million

4)Quicken Loans adwords  spends ;                     $22.1 million
5) eHealth Insurance :$20.6 million:                   $ 20.6 million

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July 22, 2015

Retail, Automotive and Manufacturing ranks as the biggest advertisers

"Retail, Automotive and Manufacturing among the biggest  industry ad spenders"

Which Industry Tops in terms of most advertising spends

 Retal, Auto and Manufacturing ranks among the top 3 industry which  has the highest  ad spending. Local business, Telecom and Financial services ranks  4th to 6th rank in ad spends
Somewhat surprising  is insurance companies rank at the bottom among the 10 industry which has the highest spending n ads. Personal Car products ranks 7th

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July 21, 2015

marketing and ad budgets for top 10 US companies

"companies that spends most on marketing and ad spends"

Source: Kantar Media Research Date: May 20th, 2015 

These are the marketing  and advertising budgets for top 10  US brands.

 Leading the list is the FMCG giant Procter and Gamble who according to adweek has reportedly increased their marketing budgets  by 5% this year. Comcast and General Motors are ranked 2nd and 3rd in terms of ad spends on marketing and promotion. While AT and T and L’oreal makes up the number 4 and 5 respectively (These spends are overall marketing spends which include online and mobile)

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July 10, 2015

Facebook video postings outperforming photo sharing in terms of engagement

Facebook Campaigns by Video Post: Engagement with video posts are up by 25% this yearQ3

" content sharing at Facbook moves to video marketing"
img source: CMO

Marketers are looking to drive more people to their sites as posts with links have increased substantially along with online video links  at Facebook.With Facebook being a source of  more than one third most referral traffic , regular  relevant posting can bring you  targeted and quality traffic 

Video forms quite a substantial form of content  engagement strategy at  Facebook, as the medium provides both dynamism and real time information which users can validate in real time  .Engagement with video posts is up 25% year-over-year and 58% quarter-over-quarter on Facebook 

 In fact text posts have declined quickly in share and engagement. • Posts with video  links are up 77% year-over-year   and 167 every quartner . According to research , Friday is the best day for posting video content on #Facebook.

July 7, 2015

revolt at reddit, nikes sponsorship, faking birthdays, create a rare week of intriguing online statics

" this weeks top 5 digital marketing headlines: reddit, nike, Sports, US women football"

The most shared selfie across the world wide web

 5 Interesting and intriguing digital marketing statistics that made headline this week

Reddit  Controversy,US Womens Football team, Nike and Birthdays

1)As American woke up to firecrackers on July 4th..Reddit was down  handling both fire and firings as Reddit users  rebeled against the website  miffed with ” firing of one Victoria taylor “one of the best moderators of reddit.  As a result 100’s  of subreddits have been taken off .Around 203,000 people have signed a petition to bring back “the fired ” director of talent  who ran its Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature.She had been highly credited for bringing in an eclectic mix of  personalities ranging from Madonna to  President Barack Obama

2)Nike’s association with the US women footballs team  bore fruit as Nike showed a 121% higher user association with the brand and victorious US women football team  than tournament sponsor, Adidas, in content across 600,000 Web, mobile and social-media sites.

3)Youtube viewership  during the women football world cup broke the 19 million record  it generated a year ago during the FIFA 2014  as it exploded  and set an all time record  for any football event during the women’s tournament with 28 million views

4)IBM got  its ales and marketing staffers to promote its products and services  across social media sites and created a hashtag #NewWayToWork, which  resulted in  120 million digital impressions which drove 141,000 clicks to campaign

5)Approximately 26% Americans fake birthdays to get a better deal online . This was based on the results of a research conducted by Mindshare North America’s retail arm, Shop+, who analyzed more than 1,000 responses to understand how 18- to 34-year-olds really use the web and how they shop .

6)US independence day celebration seems to be going on .Till now over 26million Americans have changed their FB profile picture to include a rainbow as a show of solidarity shown by US supreme court and LGBT community

The top 10 Tennis Stars and their social media endorsement rankings

This infographic from Adweek shows
 Wimbledon's biggest and hottest  social endorsement stars "

The top 10 Tennis  Stars and their social media endorsement rankings 

After NBA and soccer, its  the grass courts and centre courts which beckons, as tennis ranks third in terms of social media  average followers per player, according to exclusive research from PMK BNCAs we come to the mid season of  Wimbledon ,with the U.S. Open set for later this summer, tennis’ social media season is in full swing and so are the endorsements by these tennis superstars.This infographic from Adweek  goes behind  the scenes of eight of the top tennis stars, their social media  rankings and and major recent endorsement deals—as well as an analysis by the firm of their use of branded posts. 

June 11, 2015

Top 10 biggest spending brands in US: infographic

The list of top 10  brands in US with highest ad sends

 Samsung, Amazon lead the charts  as the biggest spender when it comes to brand advertisin . Honda, Kia Motors, Lionsgate, T Mobile, Dish and IAC are the other  brands who has put all their effort into advertising blitzkrieg .

June 10, 2015

media advertising spends per capita : Aussies and the English reigns

"media advertising  spends per capita : Aussies and English tops"


 Australia is the number one when it comes to  Advertising Spends globally. Australia spends 582 USD  worth of advertising per capita. This includes  spends across  the digital web plus  magazines,newspapers radio and TV including outdoor.
 With USD 540  United Kingdom comes 2nd in terms of ad spends per capita Norway spends upto USD 535 per capita and ranks 3rd. United states ranks 4  with their  ad spends per capita at USD 404.Germany and Japan ranks  at 9th and 10th with per capita as spends of USD 320 and 319 respectively.

how does ad budget spends differ by industry

"  which industry does most ad spend go to "
  global advertising spending in the first quarter of 2013 and the first quarter 2014, by industry sector.( statista )
Where does the  highest ad budgets go to ? which industry  takes up the highest ad budgets ? FMCG and media and entertainment  tops global ad spends. The light  and the dark blue compares  the  last two years.

May 21, 2015

6 percent of UK global traffic comes through paid search

"most visible brands in UK paid search"

" UK search engine market share"
Paid search only accounts for 6% of total clicks from search engines versus natural search at 94% of clicks, according to research from GroupM UK carried out with Nielsen.Also the report suggest that  in terms of gender divide ,women are more prone to click on ” paid search as compared to men

twitter rolls out new advertising model based on 6 performance metrics

"Twitter Rolls out New marketing Model  based on 6 performance metrics"
While Twitter last years started rolling out   objective based advertising  by giving some advertisers the ability to promote specific action like increasing their Twitter followers via a promoted tweet, app installs or increasing traffic for  which advertisers could pay only for the engagement they wanted.

However Today, Twitter today took  the the program out of beta, giving access to objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing to all advertisers globally and  added a few more performance metrics

The new model gives advertiser more options to pin point specific deliverable and pay for exactly what they wished to do.. “There are six objectives available: tweet engagements, website clicks or conversions, app installs or engagement, followers, leads and video views
Irrespective of what  what KPI’s you measure for your success ,you  only pay for results

May 9, 2015

Americans mothers day spends on a 12 year high, set to splurge $173 on their moms

"mothers day spending"

Americans are expected  splurge big time on mothers day , spending  by an average of $173 on Mother’s Day this year, up almost $10 (6%) from last year’s total and the highest  ever mothers day spends  in the survey’s 12-year history, according to the latest survey from the NRF conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. Total spending is projected to reach $21.2 billion on mothers day representing a 6.6% rise from last year’s $19.9 billion.

This years mother day gifts includes greeting cards with 80% planning a purchase), followed by flowers (67.2%) and special outings (54.2%). (33.4%) top the list of shopping destinations, ahead of specialty stores (28.2%), online (25%) and discount stores (24.8%).

May 5, 2015

2015 highest paid female ceo’s and their salaries

Infographic: America's Highest-Paid Female Chief Executives | Statista


By how much do you think compensation levels between male CEO’s and female CEO’s vary? or does it at all ? According to the S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group research data published by USA Today  show  that female CEOs in the S&P 500 earned $18.8 million, more then the $12.7 million paid to the male CEOs .Marissa Mayer  of Yahoo and  Safra Cadz of Oracle  ranks 1st and 2nd  among the  top 10 ” highest paid  female  chief executives in 2015″

Ex Google hand  Marissa Mayer ranks 7th in overall CEO pay, with her total annual compensation at $42.1 million.Safra Ada Catz of Oracle earns $42,1 million while Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson  pay package tops $33.7 million. Ranking 4th is  Carol M Meyrowitz of TJX with $28.7million . Meanwhile  Indra Nooyi from Pepsi and Ursula burns from Xerox  complete t the 5th and 6th  rank with both their annual pay reaching $22.5million.

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