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February 2, 2016

what are the biggest 3 emerging jobs in big data

The most in-demand skills are in Big Data vertical are  VMWare expertise, application development, open source technology,data warehousing and Python programming skills. , 

"what are the 3  emerging hottest jobs in big data"
The  infographic from analytics vidya reflects the 3 most hottest big data jobs  which are
 1) data scientist,
2)data engineer and
According to job sites and based on interviews with big IT majors The advertised salary for technical professionals with Big Data expertise is $104,850 net of bonuses and additional compensation.

January 1, 2016

40% business do not use ” security encryption” for storing data in cloud

40% business do not use ” security encryption” for storing data in cloud.The below infographic shows why although big data and cloud are being increasingly adopted by enterprises despite security concerns and risk awareness  and storing big data on cloud 

"The rise of the cloud : security or productivity"
Despite the fact that cloud data storage is becoming more popular, a full 88% of businesses surveyed to get the infographic statistics aren’t using the cloud to its fullest because of security concerns. More than 40% of those businesses say that cloud security issues are more critical than they have ever been.

2015 digital marketing trends in 10 charts

MOBILE PAYMENTS,INTERNET OF THINGS, RISE OF CHINA, AND ALIBABA’S GREAT CHINA WALL. The 10 charts show the evolution of digital marketing and online trends last year

the rise of mobile, social analytics  and cloud ( SMAC ) had been instrumental in what is known as today’s SMAC Stack—‘the fifth wave’ of IT architecture—is happening faster than anything that’s come before. By 2020, as many as 100 billion computing devices will be connected to the Web. … Retailers are strategically deploying the SMAC Stack across key business

August 10, 2014

The Chinese” Web Side Story : From 7 to 47% web penetration level in a decade

With 640 million Chinese online., with a 40% penetration level, t

According to the latest data from Internet Live stats  as on August, 2014, With 640 million Chinese online , amidst a 40% penetration level, the Chinese are well and and truly on their way to reach a billion online users by 20018

By 2010 ” There were 464 million Chinese online users with   internet penetration  of 34%
By  2012  There were 564 million Chinese online users, with a 40% penetration
By 2011 There were 524 million Chinese internet user , with a  38% online penetration

The  defining years which changed  the digital map of china was during the two years , 2007 to 2009 when the country experienced  exploding growth rates of over 50% as  it added 162 million new users
 In 2007 Internet usage grew up whopping 53%,  with  addition of 73 million  new Chinese users,while  the next year saw 42% staggering growth  with 89 million chinese going online for the first time