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July 12, 2014

Are your Customers Buying Insurance Online ? : 3 Things which can increase your leads by 35%

online insurance Guide : What you did not know about e-insurance

The insurance markets covered in this data release were health, auto and homeowners insurance 

 How long does the product Life Cycle of buying insurance online last ? Which media time is used more during researching the insurance provider , and at what point does the ” Lead  convert into a customer

A recent Nielsen research study provides some interesting insights on how ” Users buy Insurance in comfort in their home and these included only the health, auto and homeowners sector.Among the highlights were 
  1. Online Insurance buying cycle is between a month to 40 days, and most conversions post research process happens over the phone ( 40%) and the rest at the insurance agents office 

  2. Most of the insurance researches happened online, including the Desktop, Tablet and smartphones. Mobile Devices (which included Smartphone + Tablets) consisted of 40 % of insurance research time with 25% exclusively used only mobile devices during their research process

  3. Tablets were very heavily used in the insurance research process,mostly used as PC substitute at homes . As PC usage showed decline , the Tablet picked up adoption faster mostly due 1) larger display and screen size 2)higher resolution due to the higher usage of mathematical numbers 3)Ease of usage