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January 26, 2016

January 7, 2016

December 13, 2015

10 Nations that are most active on Twitter

The growth for Twitter is heavily  led by emerging nations including India and Indonesia , which will see the most consistent growth patterns  till 2018, and is slated to increase by well above 50% in 205-2016 
he US will remain the single largest country in terms of the number of individual Twitter users throughout our forecast, but currently, it still represents just over 20% of all Twitter users worldwide. – See more at:

"10 Nations that are most active on Twitter"
According to emarketer projectons, after indonesia and India, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil will see much higher growrh rates as compared to developed nations However if you consider the top 10 Twitter countries, per capita use – Kuwait, Netherlands, Brunei, UK, USA, Chile, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Puerto Rico ranks among the top 10 list

December 7, 2015

10 most powerful Australian Brands :

November 13, 2015

10 biggest markets for netflix with the highest monthly revenue

"nations providing the the biggest average monthly revenue to netflix

These are the top 10 nations having the highest Netflix average monthly revenue per users, across all the countries where the video streaming company is present Netflix top 3 markets with biggest monthly average revenue includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden

June 18, 2015

These 10 countries will spend the highest on digital media

" digital ad spends by country: traditional ,print vs digital web media

Digital ad spend percentage share of total advertising spend, by country, 2015. 1. UK 50% 2. Norway 45% 3. China 43.6% 4. Australia 43.3% 5. Denmark 43.1% 6. Netherlands 35.4% 7. Canada 34.3% 8. US 31.3% 9. Sweden 30.5% 10. South Korea 28.4%

UK  becomes the first nation to have digital ad spends equaling traditional spends ,this year in 2015
 where half of all advertising spend goes on digital media. Just over £16.2bn will be spent on all forms of advertising in the UK this year, including TV, newspapers, billboards, radio, online and on mobiles and tablets, according to eMarketer.

Hot in pursuit would be Scandinavian nations including Norway, Sweden and Denmark, followed by China  from  close  behind, with digital grabbing a 45.0% and 43.6% share, respectively, of ad spending in each country.

 However, until China takes over  the UK  can literally sit on its lead  till 2018. Meanwhile UK media spends is estimated to grow by 6.0% in 2015 to top £16.26 billion ($26.78 billion), with this being split equally between digital and all other traditional formats combined—TV, print, outdoor and radio. 

June 16, 2015

Australia to witness exponential hyperconnective web traffic growth by 2019

" Australian web traffic growth"
cisco networking index tool for australia
" the rise of australian web hyperconnectivity growth: Cisco forecasts"

Australia is set  for a massive hyper connectivity  Internet  explosion  increase according to    CISCO forecast of  australian IP traffic will reach a massive 1.4 Exabytes (1018) per month in 2019, up from 499 Petabytes (1015) per month in 2014. This equates to 45 Petabytes per day in 2019 (up from 16 Petabytes per day in 2014)

A summary from CISCO visual networking index is outlined below. You can read the entire report here
  1. In Australia, IP traffic will grow 3-fold from 2014 to 2019, a  CAGR  of 22%
  2. IP traffic will reach 1.4 Exabytesper month in 2019, up from 499 Petabytes per month in 2014 
  3. Australia’s IP networks will carry 45 Petabytes /day in 2019, from 16 Petabytes per day in 2014
  4. IP traffic  run rate in 2019 to be  16.5 Exabytes in 2019, from  6.0 Exabytes in 2014.
  5. IP traffic will reach 55 Gigabytes per capita in 2019, up from 21 GB per capita in 2014.
  6. Average IP traffic will reach 4 Tbps in 2019, and busy hour traffic will reach 15 Tbps
  7. Australia  will have  219.6 million networked devices by 2019,  from 115.7 million in 2014.
  8. Wi-Fi and mobile connected devices will generate 72 percent of IP traffic by 2019.

June 10, 2015

media advertising spends per capita : Aussies and the English reigns

"media advertising  spends per capita : Aussies and English tops"


 Australia is the number one when it comes to  Advertising Spends globally. Australia spends 582 USD  worth of advertising per capita. This includes  spends across  the digital web plus  magazines,newspapers radio and TV including outdoor.
 With USD 540  United Kingdom comes 2nd in terms of ad spends per capita Norway spends upto USD 535 per capita and ranks 3rd. United states ranks 4  with their  ad spends per capita at USD 404.Germany and Japan ranks  at 9th and 10th with per capita as spends of USD 320 and 319 respectively.

May 25, 2015

nations with highest number of twitter app installed in their iPhones

"nations with highest number of twitter  app installed  in their  iPhones"

“90% of active Twitters users use official Twitter apps on a monthly basis.” Twitter defines “official” as applications it owns and operates for the Mac, iPad, Android and Windows Phone
Among the most popular apps are Echofon Tweetcaster, Hootsuite,covertchirp,Tweetbot and Twitterrific 5

May 5, 2015

Top 5 gobal cites with highest media spends :

Infographic: New York Is The World's Media Capital | Statista

The U.S. E&M market will remain the largest in the world for the foreseeable future with total spending reaching $724 billion in 2018.

US, Tokyo and London leads global top 3 for media and entertainment Accoding to a recent PwC report titled “Cities of Opportunities” which compares the size of the entertainment & media sector across 30 metropolises around the world. The report takes into account consumer spending on internet access, media and entertainment as well as on- and offline advertising spending. Based on the ranking of these parameters New York, Tokyo and London tops as global media capital followed by Seol ,Hong Kong and Los Angeles.Further PwC predicts New York’s Entertainment & media sector to grow at an average annual rate of 4.5% between 2013 and 2018 among the highest across the world

May 2, 2015

Australian media consumption by media: TV tops with 109 mins mobile no 2

"mobile usage and consumption in australia"
TV and Mobile leads Australian media Consumption with 109 and 100 mins followed by online with 93 mins

Mobile activities  in Australia : social media and mobile gaming leads mobile activities followed by entertainment, emails and shopping

April 27, 2015

electronics and apparels 3rd most shopped on mobile in australia

Online and Mobile media represents 50% media time

what does australians do after seeing an ad on mobile :

 Top 5 Product categories  in australia  which are increasingly being purchased by mobile. The no 2  chart tries to find the impact on mobile ads  on purchase  decesions

The average Australian mobile media consumption stands at 7.5 hours daily, out of which almost 230 minutes are spent on  online ,tablet and  mobile.TV usage is at 109 minutes while radio  usage stands at 83 minutes..

How do Australian users use their mobile to shop and transact online . Here are  some data released by Inmobi

1)digital goods  formed the highest part ( 48%)  mobile shopping  among all product categories . These goods were  a)paid apps b) subscription services,ebooks, audio books, c)streaming  music,, audio and video ,music on demand, d) other subscription based services like online  news ,

2)Meanwhile 44% aussies pay theirs utility payments(bills./invoices ) on  the mobile 

30% of physical goods, including, gadgets, devices, consumer electronics along with clothes and apparel  have been purchased via mobile 

April 8, 2015

Australian e-retail sales to reach $10.76 billion, overall sales to touch $238b

total offline and online sales in australia

Retail ecommerce sales in Australia will rise 14.4% this year to pass $10 billion, in 2015 according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of retail sales, online and offline, around the globe. In 2014, ecommerce sales in the country increased 17.3% to account for over 4% of total retail sales, 

Meanwhile total retail  in Australia reached  $231billion, in 2014  which is expected to  reach  $238.59 billion  this year,a 3% increase in 2015

April 6, 2015

growth in media spends in asia pacific including digital and mobile

"total media spending   by mobile and digital by asia pacific nations "

South Korea  digital spending  is set to be the biggest  in the Asia Pacific nations with almost 40% of total media being allocated to digital in 2016,Out of the total digital spends, mobile is expected to form  23% .Australia’s digital spending  will grow  7% to reach 40%  of overall digital spending  by 2016 Meanwhile  China’s share of digital ad spending in  expected to rise to 27%  by 2016. Japan’s media spends on Digital and mobile is almost identical, with 24% on digital and  21.3% on mobile .

Indonesia and India’s digital spending share will touch 12% and 16.3% respectively, with mobile  spends out of the digital  share is expected to account 4.5% and 12.1% respectively

September 16, 2014

Australia’s Top 10 Biggest Brands on Facebook

Who tops Facebook biggest brands in the Aussie Market

Skittles is Australia’s biggest brand on Facebook pages. Local fans ( Australian users in that 0.09 million. ) while the Total Fan base is 26 million. 

The number 2 brand in Australia on Facebook is McDonalds Australia with 0.98million local fan base, while the total Fan base is one million 

Number 3 biggest Brand on Facebook is Pringle with0.098million Fans while global fan base is 2.7million 

This data comes from socialbakers social metrics, which uses ” effective rate of growth to find which Brand has grown highest in respect to the previous month. Not all data comes free. To get the details on the exact fan base and ore metrics, you need to become a paid subscriber

Top 5 Nations with the biggest brand following of Skittles

48% of Skittles Fan base comes from United States
The UK forms 10.6% of Fan Base
Canada,, Australia and Mexico add up to 12%
Other Nations ( which  are not a part of  SB monitoring index makes 29%

May 21, 2014

Online Brand Building Best Practices Study From Australian Brands

This report by Nielsen Australian Online Landscape Review, shares the latest insights on Australia’s Connected Consumers; including market statistics,   demographics, top performing major categories, brands and sectors and mobile device  use.This also shares the ” best practices ” lessons” which brands could ” use for entering the Australian market

Which Web Browser Leads in Australia : Web Browser Market in Australia : PC vs Mobile

The web Browser market in Australia is clearly dominated by Google Chrome,reflecting global trends,however in terms of marketshare , statscounter data shows a marginal 5–6% increase in a year, from 36% to 42% same time last year 

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share
The data compares the ” browser market in Australia across Devices. Google’s Chrome and Safari browser remains unbeatable across the PC and Smartphone respectively.

April 4, 2014

How Australia managed to grow its Smartphone penetration by 400% in 6 Years

Smartphone Explosion : Why developing Nations need to follow Australia's Example

The Massive Australian Mobile Explosion Explained | Business Insider: “Australians have adopted smartphones and tablets into everyday culturefaster than consumers in many other developed economies There are several explanations as to why. Geography is one factor. 

Among the several reasonswhy the country has been able to achieve rapid mobile growth has been the push
given to mobile hardware and wireless data services by
the Australian carriers. The carriers haveexpanded coverage areas and updated network infrastructurein densely populated, metropolitan hubs like Sydney and Melbourne. This
has created a virtuous cycle: Greater demand for data services increasesconsumer demand for smart mobile hardware.”

Smartphone penetration of the Australian mobile subscriber
base has exploded to an estimated 84% in 2013 from just 19% penetration in
2007, according to the Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index

Australia is the top major smartphone market globally:With 22 million inhabitants Australia has a smaller population than other major
mobile markets such as the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom,but it has higher rates of smart device ownership. 

Datarevenues an indicator of a developed economy  — as opposed to voice andtext revenues — already accounted for42.7% of overall wireless revenue for the top Australian carriers in 2011. Thatputs Australia in the data big leagues, a bit above the United States in terms of data’s share of revenues.

April 3, 2014

Why Australia is the next biggest Market for Online Retail


With online shopping exceeding Aus$10billion, The country is al set to become the latest ecommerce hub in the Asia pacific region after China

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian consumers spent at least AUS$6.23 billion on overseas purchases in the last financial year. The figure, which is limited to goods under the value of $AUS1,000,

During the same period the ABS estimates that Australians spent about AUS$4.55 billion on purchases domestic online retailers during the same period, implying that the total value of online shopping in Australia was more than AUS$10 billion. This is a growth of 3.4%  as compared to the corresponding period last year

The annual turnover of domestic online retailers  in Australia was around  $4,554m in 2011-12. 

With  an internet penetration of 90% and smartphone penetration of 65%, Australia’s technology infrastructure is evenly poised to ‘ see  double digit e commerce  growth.

 Consider the following facts ) source 

  • 71% of Australian consumers have made a purchase online
  • Online sales revenue in Australia is expected to reach more than $37bn during 2013
  • 53% of users buy from Australian E-Commerce Sites instead of overseas sites
  • 73% of online users in the age group of 35-44 have shopped online
  • $2,108 is the average spend of each online customer in Australia