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February 20, 2016

Salesforce ups its arsenal with with the acquisition of machine learning start up PredictionIO

" how machine learning is changing the world of big data"

Machine Learning and its application across Industries

Salesforce with its acquisition of Machine Learning start up, salesforce looks to stock ups its cloud based data science business by strengthening its arsenal further. Salesforce has recently acquired similar machine learning start ups RelateIQ and Tempo AI, among other companies.Machine learning is a predictive and powerful recommendation engine which uses algorithms to crunches tons and petabytes of unstructured data into meaningful insights..Its application in Big data is immense. Click below to see applications of machine learning in real life

The simplest examples of machine learning in action are aggregator sites like like reditt or quora, or google news where consumer generated questions are automatically grouped by algorithm and arranged by topics and are automatically classified into meaningful categories. News aggregators are examples of real time machine learning .
Amazon is one of the pioneers in use machine learning.. with the concept of ” using social proof” to encite users to buy related products

February 2, 2016

what are the biggest 3 emerging jobs in big data

The most in-demand skills are in Big Data vertical are  VMWare expertise, application development, open source technology,data warehousing and Python programming skills. , 

"what are the 3  emerging hottest jobs in big data"
The  infographic from analytics vidya reflects the 3 most hottest big data jobs  which are
 1) data scientist,
2)data engineer and
According to job sites and based on interviews with big IT majors The advertised salary for technical professionals with Big Data expertise is $104,850 net of bonuses and additional compensation.

January 2, 2016

July 14, 2015

top 10 Big Data Start ups with highest VC funding

" top 10 big data start ups with highest VC funding
infographic showing the 10 Big data start ups  with active funding

These are the top 10 Big data startup  with active VC Funding 

  1. Company :Cloudera  Funding Received :$1040 million  Core Service :Hadoop services & training
  2. Palantir  ; Funding Received :$650 million   Core area : Analytics application
  3. Domo Funding Received :$250 million Core Area :Business intelligence
  4. Mongo : Funding :DB $231 million Core Area :Document-oriented DB
  5. MuSigma : Funding :$208 million  Core Area :Data Science-as a Service
  6. Hortonworks: Funding : $198 million Core area:Hadoop services & training
  7. Opera Solutions :Funding  :$114 million Core Area :Data Science-as -a Service
  8. Talend : Funding :$102 million  Core Area :Application & process integration platform
  9. Guavus : Funding :$89 million Core Area :Big Data analytics platform
  10. DataMinr: Funding : 130million  Core area :Data mining start up

May 25, 2014

The The Rise of the Big Big Data :What the Numbers Foretell

The Rise of the Big data

The Rise Of Big Data

The above inage shows Moonshadow Moonshadow Mobile’s data mapping and visualization in Real time .  These solutions are web-based, live “in the cloud” and have no specialized hardware requirements. 

The Rise of the Big data

  1. 12 Tearrabyte is a the size of total tweets a day
  2. Less that 0.50.5% data along the  digital highway is processed  , and only 36% of the big data can be be processed by “ existing technology”
  3. 90% digital data  beamed now  was generated in the last  past 2 years
  4. 32% growth in the Global  Bigdata Technology services market by 2016
  5. 36  Zettabytes was the quantum of  data the entire global IT technology will churn out  by 2020, according to McKinsey global projects.. In 2014 alone .. around 5 zettabytes will be added
  6. $100billion is the size of  the big data market globally by 2020. In 2025  IDC forecasts that big  data will be  a $25billion industry
  7. 92% of the  companies that was recently interviewed by Forbes agreed that lack  or presence of sufficient data  ultimately affect their “: work performance and  the presence of data almost always led to meet  their  goals