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January 31, 2012

Brand Advertising in Twitter To Start at $25,000

The messaging service unveiled its brand pages last month, launching with a group of 21 marketers including Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike and PepsiCo. Brand pages can be customized with large header images that advertisers can use to give greater visibility to their logo or other branded elements, which are often partially obscured by the timeline of tweets in the standard format.

They can also be programmed to keep a particular tweet at the top of the timeline, which can auto-expand to reveal an embedded photo or video without the user taking action — thus giving the page more visual impact.

 by Ad Age, the roll-out of brand pages to a larger group of brands and partners will begin Feb. 1, and advertisers must have an active insertion order in Twitter’s system of $25,000 to qualify.
The company’s launch group of 21 marketers was made up of its higher-spending media partners who had committed a minimum of $2 million to ad spending on the platform, according to an industry source who was informed by two Twitter sales representatives. A source at one of the launch brands confirmed that their company had made a yearlong spending commitment on Twitter ad products of at least $2 million.