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October 18, 2015

decreasing bounce rates by using instagram photos in your email marketing campaigns

how social buttons increase email marketing effectiveness”.Lessons from Nike

" how instagram is driving email engagement"

how Instagram can be used to decrease bounce rates and increase engagement

According to a recent conducted study by Curalate and the Internet Marketing Association, only 8% are using social media images and posts to drive email marketing tweet

Instagram’s popularity as a social media photo sharing site is a great opportunity for marketers to use them as a social email marketing strategy. the study also revealed that For example, while 76% of emails include social media buttons, just 14% of emails are being optimized with social images. and , Instagram images are used within emails less than 3% of the time

A recent fitness retail brand delivered a 7X lift in engagement with product photos on their website just 24 hours after sending their first Instagram integrated email..

October 4, 2015

top 10 facts you did not know about Fedex”

  • FedEx Revenue 2015 $47.45 billion 
  •  Number of packages shipped annually by FedEx 1.25 billion
  • Total miles traveled each day by FedEx couriers (equivalent to 100 trips around earth) 2.5 million
  • Number of countries and territories FedEx delivers to 220 
  • Number of full time FedEx employees 300,000 
  • Percent of shipped packages lost by FedEx 0.55 % 
  • Historic high Fedex stock price at wall street was on  Feb 17, 2007 when it reached :$120.97 
  • Lowest Historic Stock Price May 6, 1980 when it reached  $2.50 
  • Number of delivery vans in the FedEx fleet 43,000 
  • Number of airplanes in the FedEx fleet: 654 
  • Number of  air fleet  Fedex lifts daily :30 million pound
  •  Total daily miles traveled by the FedEx air fleet 500,000 
  • Amount FedEx paid to aquire Kinko’s $2.4 billion in cash 
  • Highest FedEx employee salary – IT Manager $123,000
  •  Lowest FedEx employee – Customer Service Representative $10.42 / hour 

  • September 18, 2015

    Facebook Social Signal Tool could signal the death knell for print media

    In what could be a " death knell to a already fledging newspaper  and print industry, Facebook introduced a social signal platform that allows journalists to discover,find and  embed news content    as it tries to  entice news reports and journalists " to  use Facebook as a content syndication tool as a vital part of their news gathering process

    The tool, which pulls from both Facebook and Instagram, allows journalists the opportunity “to make Facebook a cornerstone  more vital part of their news gathering with access to relevant trends, photos, videos, and posts on Facebook and Instagram for use in their storytelling and reporting”
    Announcing this in a  blog post Andy Mitchell, Director of Media Partnerships
    Last week Facebook introduced its Mentions app to all of its verified profiles, allowing journalists and celebrities the opportunity to broadcast live video streams and create posts that only go out to their followers.
    This annoucement follows Facebook launching its Mention App


    Follow the brand : 20 facts and statistics about Uber

    " The rise of the number of start up in history :amazing facts on Uber


    There are over 13,400 taxis in NYC, of which anywhere from 67 to 85 percent of those on the road are driven by Uber one time.

    Over a 24-hour period on July 19th there was an average of 3,198 drivers in New York City on Uber’s platform

    The month of June saw 3,492,389 Uber pickups in NYC. While this pales in comparison to the 14,000,000+ trips provided a month by NYC yellow cabs,

    1.  Uber annual revenue $1,750,000,000 
    2. Number of Uber users 8,100,000 
    3. Number of Uber drivers 160,000
    4. Uber is present in 91 US cities
    5.  Median U.S. Uber driver annual income including tips $17,793 
    6. Median UberX driver income in New York who drives 40 hours per week $90,000
    7. Median UberX driver income in Dallas who drives 40 hours per week $60,000 
    8. Number of countries Uber services 50 countries
    9. Total number of cities Uber services 250 cities
    10. Average number of daily Uber trips 1,000,000 
    11. Average number of new drivers added to Uber monthly 50,000
    12.  Percent of the US population that has access to Uber 55% 
    13. Uber’s most profitable day : December 31st $11,000,000 
    14. Number of cities Uber operates in India 11 cities 
    15. Uber has completed 91,200 rides which has ended at the People’s Square in Shanghai, 
    16. If you combine all Uber trips in the past 5 years, the total distance is  a round trip to saturn
    17. Largest Uber Cities by Monthly Revenue Monthly Revenue 

      1. New York City $26,000,000 
      2. Los Angeles $14,250,000 c) 
      3. San Francisco $17,900,000 d)
      4. Chicago $12,550,000 e)
      5. Washington D.C. $11,700,000 

    July 27, 2015

    Follow the brand : 10 things about craiglist you would never have know

    5 Craigslist Statistics you never  would have known"

    15 Craigslist Statistics you never  would have known

    1. Number of countries that have a local Craigslist site 70
    2. Number of Craigslist daily queries worldwide 50,000,000
    3. Number of Classifieds ads posted at Craiglist : 80 million
    4. Total percentage of all Craigslist revenue that comes from adult service ads 33 %
    5. Number of new classified ads that are published on Craiglist every month 40 million
    6. Number of used car ads viewed on Craigslist 9.2 million
    7. Number of page views Craigslist gets every month 20 billion
    8. Number of Americans who use Craigslist each year 50 million
    9. Monthly user postings at Craiglist  discussion forums: 200 million
    10. Number of job listings posted to Craigslist each month 1 million
    11. Percent of Craigslist owned by Ebay 25 %
    12. Americans that visit craiglist every month :60million
    13. Number of language supported by Craiglist : 13
    14. The number of job ads out of 100million classifieds : 2million
    source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Craigslist Research Date: July 1st, 2015

    average salary in Citigroup across divisions

     Citigroup Statistics Fortune 500 Rank 14
    Total Number of Employees 267,150
    Total Number of Customer Accounts 200 million R
    ank in Megabanks 14

    Citigroup Average Salary of 10 divisions

    Vice President $117,807
    Assistant Vice President $87,435
    Senior Vice President $143,225
    Business Analyst $77,193
    Technical Specialist $96,729
    Senior Programmer Analyst$88,822
    Operations Analyst $53,972
    IT Analyst $68,371
    Financial Analyst $64,007
    Vice President Finance $117,318

    How CitiCorp was formed

    • City Bank of New York was chartered by New York State on June 16, 1812, with $2 million of capital. 
    • The company's name was changed to The National City Bank of New York in 1865 after it joined the new U.S. national banking system, and it became the largest American bank by 1895. 
    • In 1976, under the leadership of CEO Walter B. Wriston, First National City Bank (and its holding company First National City Corporation) was renamed as Citibank, N.A. (and Citicorp, respectively).
    Source: Citigroup Research Date: 9.17.2014

    July 26, 2015

    Know the brand : 10 Facts about Instagram you did not know

    " 10 facts about instagram you did not know"

    Instagram Company Statistics Data

    1.  Number of users it had after 2 months since its launch : 1 million
    2. Total number of Instagram users                                   :182,500,000
    3. Total number of photos shared on Instagram                :18,700,000,000
    4.  Average photos uploaded daily at Instagram                :58,000,000
    5. Average number of likes per day                                   :1,650,000,000
    6. Percent of Instagram users located outside the US        : 60 %
    7. videos uploaded to Instagram every  first 24 hrs           : 5,000,000
    8. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010
    9. Users on the internet who use Instagram in percentage : 13%
    10. On February 26th, 2013 it celebrated  a 100 million users

     Among Genders who uses  Instagram more :
     Men 10 %
    Women 16 %

    Instagram usage by race and ethnicity
    1. Race / Ethnicity
    2. White, Non-Hispanic 11 % 
    3. Black, Non-Hispanic 23 %
    4. Hispanic 18 %
    5. Instagram users Age : 
    6. 18-29:   2 8%( in percentage)
    7. 30-49:   14%
    8. 50-64    3%
    9. 65+       2%
    Source: Track Maven, Pew Research, Instagram
    Research Date: June 11th, 2015

    Follow the brand : The lesser known 10 facts about ebay

    " 10 facts about eBay"

    The above Chart shows top 10 detailed statistics about Ebay 

     eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, Originally, the site belonged to Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar's consulting firm.When had tried to register the domain name, he found it already taken by the Echo Bay Mines, a gold mining company so he shortened it to his second choice,

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    April 24, 2015

    James Bond declines to use Sony's latest z4 experia for his upcoming 007 movie

    james bond and product placement

    james bond and product placement
    To market the  Xperia Z4 smartphone ..Sony offered James Bond star Daniel Craig a $5 million fee to  promote  the latest  James Bond movie  Spectre . However  the offer was rejected by both  daniel Craig and Director Sam Mendes , as they dint want brand james bond " brand persona to be "affected by any marketing tieups unless Sony's Z4 was indeed  the best  across its category. Earlier James Bonds movie  have had product placement tie ups with KFC,BP, Avis among several others
    However  in most of bonds movie he  is shown to be a using  a satellite phone and not a smartphone .
     Based on   hacked email transcripts  " during the last december Sony Hack,it was revealed that producer Barbara Broccoli, the daughter of James Bond movie series creator Albert Broccoli, wanted Sony to bolster its $18 million commitment to marketing Spectre with payments to the cast and crew for using its phones.


    January 22, 2013

    Maruti Suzuki ranked no 1 as India's Most Savvy Social Media Brand

    Nielsen | Maruti Suzuki Tops NM Incite India’s Social Media Brand Equity Ranking Q2 2012: Maruti Suzuki ranks number one in NM Incite India’s Q2 2012 Social Media Brand Equity Ranking (SMBER) list of brands that have been most successful in creating social media brand equity in India. NM Incite India produces the SMBER index brands based on the volume of associated buzz on social media sites and public sentiment surrounding the brand in the online world of India

    NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company, launched the Social Media Brand Equity Ranking (SMBER) Index earlier this year. The index uses a model of analysis to measure and rank brands based on the volume of associated buzz on social media sites and public sentiment surrounding the brand in the social space. It identifies broad patterns of volume, sentiment, frequency and content themes from publicly available social media sources that can include blogs, blog comments, boards, forums, groups, FacebookTwitter and other online services.

    The latest Social Media Brand Equity Ranking analyzed a total of 462 brands across 32 categories in India.
    Maruti Suzuki has taken the lead owing to its strong performance across social media channels and networks, pushing Samsung Mobile to second place. The brand enjoys strong sentiment and high volumes of conversation on auto forums that include blogs, boards, forums, and social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    June 16, 2012

    Top 10 Brand Spends on Mobile zooms 287%

    Millennial Media published its newestS.M.A.R.T. report - a monthly digital publication that delivers insights on key trends in mobile advertising based on the company’s own expansive campaign and platform data. According to the new report, five distinct spending verticals (sports, news, travel, CPG/FMCG, and health) grew by more than 100% year-over-year.

    “In Q1 2012,” the company announced, “five verticals experienced triple digit growth. ‘Sports’ has not been on the Top 10 Global Brand Advertising Vertical ranking to date, yet experienced growth of 287% year-over-year.”

    Finance was the leading global brand advertising vertical on the Millennial Media platform in 2011, and overall spend in the sector grew 300 percent year-over-year. The report breaks down spending in the Finance industry into sub-categories, and found that Insurance advertisers led the vertical in 2011, with over 40 percent of the total spend.Leading sub- According to the new report, five distinct spending verticals (sports, news, travel, CPG/FMCG, and health) grew by more than 100% year-over-year.

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