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January 21, 2016

cost per mobile app installs across south american nations

Brazil Costa Rica and Chile are among the nations with highest mobile app downloads, with 81%,9% and 3% receptively .Online gaming and sports  have seen the highest mobile app downloads across Latin America. The highest cost per installs aross iOS devices in Chile is highest  ( 10X) followed by Argentina,(5x) Costa rica and Brazil.. Brazil is the cheapest market in terms of getting mobile app downloads across mobile devices as compared to Argentina ( data : inmobi)

December 13, 2015

Nigeria and India leads mobile web traffic while ,UK& US ranks 17th and 19th

NIGERIA INDIA AND SOUTH AFRICA leads as nations with highest internet traffic from Mobile .Indonesia,Poland and Turkey makes up 3th to 6th rank. China ranks  9th in terms of mobile web traffic with 33% internet traffic coming from mobile. UK and US ranks 17th and 19th respectively

"global mobile internet traffic ranking of top 20 nations"Global mobile internet traffic is led by Nigeria , whose mobile internet consists of 76%followed by India with 65% internet traffic coming from mobile web. Number 3 was South Africa with 57% of their web traffic coming from online mobile internet

May 23, 2015

5 nations where mobile commerce exceeded ecommerce

"5 nations where mobile commerce  exceeded   eCommerce"
mobile shopping exceeds ecommerce in these nations"

Globally MCommerce is now 34% of all eCommerce 

Latest data  from criteo  shows that mobile shopping has gone mainstream. For the first time shoppers are moving away from their desktops to mobile..Asian Nations are leading this mobile  shopping transformation , while in US   mobile shopping  share is slightly lower  than the global average, with 29% of eCommerce transactions coming from mobile devices. 

For the first time ever more than 50% of  Japan and South Korea users had shopped via mobile devices and had  exceeded the volume of  eCommerce transactions  in Q1 2015. 
 In UK   Mobile shoppers constituted 45% compared to Spain’s 28%  

May 22, 2015

financial transactions done by mobile : argentina vs brazil

brazil vs argentina compared across mobile commerce"

"mobile payment index : brazil and argentina'


The chart compares the mobile commerce readiness  between the 2 countries and ranks them in terms of acceptability and preparedness  towards moving to ” the mobile economy” ecosystem..Amongst a range of metrics  some of them has been outlined  in the above chart .. These 6  benchmark metrics were .1)consumer readiness 2)mobile clusters 3)environment 4)financial services 5)mobile infrastructure and  6)Regulatory issues

Overall Argentina is ranked 34th (last ) compared to Brazil’s 16th rank

The 34 countries in the current Index achieved an average score of 33.2. No market reached a score of  50, which shows that the mobile commerce ecosystem has a lot of catchingup to do across the world

April 24, 2015

ratio of web vs mobile spending in argentina , brazil and mexico

brazil argentina and mexico digital spending

Mobile internet spends vs web advertising spends 

Mobile Internet Spending across Latin american nations of Brazil ,Argentina and Mexico is led by Brazil which spends $249million on mobile internet followed by  Mexico with $214million and Argentina with $23.6million
Meanwhile web ad spends was dominated by Brazil  which spent $2.64billion  followed by Mexico’s $1billion. Argentina ranked 3rd with a mere $460million spends on digital

April 8, 2015

BRIC nations Media spending by category: China spends 3 times its nearest competitor

BRIC Countries Overall media spends vs digital spends

 Chinese total media spends surpass any other BRIC nations  media spends by more than 3 times , that its nearest competitor Brazil according to emarketer
  1. Chinese total media spends  in 2014 was $63billion  vs  $24billion in digital ad spends which forms 38% of total media spends
  2. Next Brazil ranks 2nd with $18.8billion total media spends vs $2.6billion on digital ( 14% ) 
  3. Russia comes 3rd with $8.3billion total media spends compared to $1.96billion in digital(23% ) 
  4. India comes last with $6.11 billion  total media spends in comparison to spending just $740million on digital( 12%)

April 5, 2015

March 24, 2015

Brazil vs Mexico vs Argentina : Digital spending as a percentage of total media spends

online media spends vs total media spends

Comparison of  percentage of digital spends out of total media spends in Brazil Argentina, Mexico and India 

Brazil  spends 14% on  digital spending as compared to total media spends of $18.8bilion. Mexico spends 20% on digital spends with$1billion spent on digital compared to $4.94 total media spends. This makes Mexico the  number 1 country compared to Brazil Argentina and India with the highest ratio of digital spends vs total media spends 

India  and  Argentina’s digital spends is $740 and $460 million respectively , though India is ranked 2nd in media spending  just after  Brazil with $6.11 billion.

March 16, 2015

Brazil sees 19% increase is “social media usage” via mobile, as desktop usage drops 2.5%

internet consumption in Brazil

social media usage by mobile vs desktop :

 Brazil tops Latin American nations in having the highest internet usage witwith 84 million Unique Visitors per month, 

  • Social  web is big in Brazil  and ranks first in terms of engagement , with 35 mins . Most Brazilians go online via the mobile , ,( increased 19% ) as compared to decrease of  2.5% via the desktop
  • The internet usage is still concentrated between South and Southeast in Brazil making up 69.9% of  users 
  • Google properties tops in terms of having the highest users , and 16% of the refferals to the search engine comes from Facebook
  •  The reach of social networks websites in Brazil decreased 2.6% on desktop usage while it increased 19% on Mobile.

March 6, 2015

Mobile Connections vs Internet Connections in Brazil

Comparison chart

Internet penetration  and usage in Brazil   

Brazil  ranks number 4  in terms of global mobile usage and the country has  327 million mobile connections  which reaches  150% of its citizens, with some users having  multiple mobile handsets  Brazil joins its  BRIC neighbours India and China  as among the most explosive mobile markets 

Mobile penetration in Brazil  has been  spectacular  and it has seen double digit growth rate in the last 5 years .In 2010 -2011 mobile sales  grew by of  20% 

February 17, 2015

October 14, 2014

Whats Driving The emergence of Brazil as the next Technology Hot Spot

Brazil is all set to be the  next ” Internet hot spot . Among key drivers which  are playing a big role in the emergence of the Digital Brazil are

1)23.3% of Brazilians use their phones to access the internet. As of mid-2013, Brazil was home to the largest mobile phone market in Latin America.
2) According to Reuters Brazil will become the fifth largest smartphone market in the world by the end of 2014.-
3)23.3% of Brazilians use their phones to access the internet.Recent industry data projects the current online penetration rate of 49.3 percent to grow to 59.5 percent in 2017,
4)Page views from Non-PC devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) have reached an all-time high at nearly 6 percent.
5)According to official data from Brazilian association of Startups, there are 2835 startups in Brazil. Sao Paulo, leads with 605 startups, followed by Minas Gerais with 181 and Rio de Janeiro with 125 companies.?

consumers interaction with the web site

Brazil is ranked  no 5 in terms of unique internet visitors and features among the top 5 internet users in the world in terms of  consumer engagement among Latin American Countries, it ranks as number one with,its users
 Fixed broadband technology, such as DSL and cable, accounts for 68 percent of household internet connections in Brazil. Source: Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (,  - In Brazil, 36% of online time is spent on social media, according to 2013 comScore stats.  - Seventy-nine percent of Brazilian Internet users (some 78 million people) are
Among the top 5 Brazilian States where the internet  penetration is highest are
Sao Paulo 2)Rio De Janeiro 3) Minas Gerias, 4)Parana and 5(Santa Caaata


States with the Highest Online Usage in  Brazil
The North East region in Brazil has the highest internet growth rates , with   users  spending 26.2 hours online in  a month, which is 17%growth rate .The South  region and , south west region  shows a 10% year to year growth rates

September 21, 2014

Most Popular web categories in Brazil

Find more statistics at Statista
According to the latest Transparency Market Research published new “Mobile Content Market – Global And U.S. Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends And Forecasts 2011 – 2017″ market research report show the overall value of the mobile content market as well as the value of the mobile games market in 2011

September 25, 2012

The End of Orkut : Why Google will never succeed in Social Media

India now accounts for about 20% of Orkut’s users. Over the past three years, Orkut has seen its position as the top social media website in India slip. It is now third-Facebook has over 52 million unique visitors every month, LinkedIn eight million and Orkut about four million. Microblogging site Twitter comes next with slightly lower 3.8 million users, according to internet data research firm Comscore.

Once a media darling Orkut has been steadily  going downfall and following the MySpace way  has  seen the numbers of its daily visitors dwindle nearly 86% over the last year, suggesting that it  the Google powered Social Network is all ready to be bought over or sold to the largest bidder. Either way this once confirms what “ most of us “  already know ..Google ‘s experiments in social media has been more than a disaster. After shutting down more than 10 social products over the last   4 years

If you have  some memories of Orkut  left with you.. which you had  during those times in 2006 and 2007 , its time to bid goodbye to the once popular social network sites
 Orkut was  Google’s first foray into social media  and during its early hears ( 2005-2007) brazil and Indian users formed a bulk of its users and it had  its second-largest user base in India after Brazil. But the number of daily visitors from India has fallen from about 14 lakh a year ago to just about two lakh now, according to Google Trends.

August 22, 2012

2012 Global Retail Development Index

US based management consulting firm A.T. Kearney published the 2012 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) and India has been ousted from 4th position by China. The index ranked 30 of the world’s top developing countries for investment in retail. Brazil was ranked first, followed by Chile, China, Uruguay and India.

The top spot was clinched by Brazil, a country which has been a lucrative host for retail investments from all over the world. The report credits Brazil’s top spot for 2nd year in a row due to the high levels of consumption from a large urban population.

China moved 3 places up to take 3rd rank in the index and the A.T. Kearney report expected a ‘double-digit’ increase in annual retail sales.

India’s drop from 4th to 5th seems to have been triggered by a lack of organized retail penetration and FDI restrictions. On the brighter side, the report expects strong and ‘accelerated’ retail growth in India. It notes a potential percentage increase of up to 20% in retail markets, boosted by a growing GDP, strong macroeconomic conditions, urbanization and an overall higher demand. 

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India among the Fastest Growing Online Markets,with 41% growth

Research Data by Comscore on the State of Global Online Markets

1.)India is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 months, as   India’s explosive online growth continue to explode  as most online categories show below average penetration compared to global averages

2.) Russia and China have added over 10 million users in the last 12 months and
continue to grow
3.)Worldwide online audience has grown by 7% in the last 12 months

4.)Asia Pac markets have added over 40 million users and continues to grow

5.)Latin America and MEA have grown faster with over 11% Y-o-Y growth