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July 22, 2015

London record 581,000 new start ups in a year, one startup in every minute

" which are UK's biggest start up activity"

London recorded  581,000 new companies  which were founded last year; more than one start up a minute

Research from national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain,  shows that 581,173 businesses were registered with Companies House last year.The above chart shows UK’s cities hotspots where entrepreneurial spirit thrives . This  new record beats the previous all-time high of 526,446 in 2013, up from 484,224 start-ups formed in 2012.

  1.  London  topped as UK ‘s biggest entrepreneurial  and start up Hotspots  creating a record 184,671 companies
  2. Birmingham has become the leading start-up hub outside London, with 18,337 company registrations.
  3. Manchester is the next biggest start-up zone, with 13,054.  your post or banner displayed here for $10 a day .Click here to know more