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November 22, 2015

UK car sales hits a new high since 2004,with Ford Fiesta among top seller

New car sales in UK reached a new high with registrations rising by 7% to 1.38m in the first six months of the year, marking the 40th month in a row of rising sales. Data from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed that this figure was 324 higher than the previous record in the first half of 2004. In June, sales rose 12.9% to 257,817 vehicles.
The Ford Fiesta remained the top-selling car last month, as it has all year, selling 12,543 units in June and 71,990 in the year to date. Behind the Fiesta, the Vauxhall Corsa was the second best-selling car, with 9,561 unit sales in June and 50,125 in the year to date.

Best selling cars of 2015  in UK (so far): 1. Ford Fiesta: 71,990
2. Vauxhall Corsa: 50,125
3. Ford Focus: 45,078
 4. Volkswagen Golf: 38,261
5. Nissan Qashqai: 34,501
6. Vauxhall Astra: 29,966
7. Volkswagen Polo: 28,980
8. Audi A3: 25,765
9. Mercedes Benz C-Class: 24,676
10. Mini: 23,455

International car sales in 2015 set to grow to 73million

" global car sales since 2000 onwards"
Global car sales data : Between 2012 to 2015 international car sales grew by 13%  since 2012 . In 2015 global car sales is set to reach  73million. Earlier Global car sales  totaled  52 million in 2011, 65 million in 2012, 69 million in 2013. In 2014 this increased  to 71 million.

November 12, 2015

auto industry face off :Ford vs General Motors

Auto Industry Face off :Ford and General Motors 
 Ford’s sales volume is estimated to be around $144billion as compared to General Motors sales volume of  $156 billion revenue
Ford’s employees number 187,000 as compared to General Motors 216,000 Fords net income and market cap is to the tune of : $4.77 Billion and $59.1 Billion respectively as compared to GM’s Net Income of $5.36 Billion Market Cap of $55.4billion

toyota and volkswagen among worlds bigger car makers by marketshare

The chart shows the worlds biggest top 10 car manufacturer by marketshare .

Toyota and Volkswagen with 11.6% and 11.1% respectively are the biggest OEM’s followed by among worlds bigger car markers by marketshare, followed by  General Motors, with  8.2%.
The number 4th ranked is Ford with 7.6% led by the 5th ranked Honda Motors with 5.9%

United Kingdom New Car vs Old Car market size

United Kingdom New car vs used car market value since 2005 onwards

Statistic: Market value of new and used cars sold in the United Kingdom (UK) between 2003 and 2014 (in billion GBP) | Statista

United Kingdom 10 year data between New car usage vs used car market value since 2005 onwards

  • In 2013 total  new car salesand  used car volumes pushed combined UK car sales up to the pre-recession level of 9.7 million 
  • The new car market in UK climbed to a record high of £36.7 billion in 2013 as selling prices increased and new car volumes reached a six-year high of 2.26 million. 
  • While Dealers’ and private sector used car sales both rose in 2013 – the former by 5.1% to 4.28 million and the latter’s by 3.1% to 2.81 million units.

June 16, 2015

Nissan Car Sales in Europe compared 2013 -2015

" Nissan car sales in europe gathering steam"
Top five European Markets May 2015
Unit Sales

Auto major Nissan European  may sales reached 59,368 units (Nissan and Datsun) compared to 55,974 units sales in 2014  (a gain of 6%),

Nissan sales in UK totalled 12,339 the highest-ever May sales, beating last year’s record by 1,429 units. Leaf sales in the UK were the highest ever in May at 362 units, beating last year by almost 100 units.

This us how Nissan  performed in  Europe
  1. In Spain  Nissan increased  its sales by 41%  ( YoY same time)  with 5,191 units sold. 
  2. In Germany  Nissan totaled 5,487 units with 2.1% market share ,which  is its best performance  for the month of May in  the last17 years. 
  3. Nissan’s Italy  sales grew by over  20%  as it sold 5,482 units.
  4. In France  Nissan sales reached 5,443, with a  3.8%. marketshare
  5. In Russia Datsun sales totaled 3,367 units.
  6. Nissan’s UK sales  of 12,339 is the  the highest-ever May sales, beating last year’s record by 1,429 units.

September 5, 2014

The Voice of the Car Consumers : How the web has changed user perceptions in auto buying

Consumer perceptions are being more shaped by the web and mobile, rather than what a ” Car Salesmen would like you to believe. The web both play a disruptive and a constructive  role in auto purchase, depending on which side of the glass prism you are sitting on.

September 4, 2014

Buying a car online : 5 Nations that are most likely to book a car over the web

Nations that are most prone to buying a car online
The chart shows the percentage of users that are most likley to book a car online . This data was based as per  Capgemini’s 12th annual global automotive study surveyed over 8,000 consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, the UK and US, and provides a detailed analysis of consumer vehicle buying behavior around the world including shopping patterns, social media usage and customer interaction

This study throws up some interesting data 

  1.  For example,  car users today use the web for researching their car, comparing against their competitors. The consumer today has become discerning , as the web has given them  all relevant information. which the sales guy used to .
  2. The car showroom today has become a platform to ” initiate the consumer to the touch and feel factor.And even in an online buying environment, consumers expect dealers to play a role by  providing test drives and service packages.
  3. Brazil and China top in the list of nations that are comfortable purchasing a car online ( 67% vs 57% ) India ranks 3 with 53% respondents positively inclined to buy a car online
  4.  For the past several years, about 40% of consumers have made it clear they want to have the ability to buy vehicles over the Internet (the complete end-to-end process). This is particularly pronounced in the developing markets of Brazil, India and China. The primary reason consumers cited was the expectation of a price discount, named by 36%  of respondents.

The very fact that ” the cost of showroom visits,time spent on  explaining and prospecting ” has come down drastically and car brands do not mind giving a discount.. if the purchase has been made online 

May 3, 2012

Canada Auto Brand Marketshare in April,2012

Chrysler Canada sold 24,540 new vehicles in April 2012, a gain of 3% compared with April 2011. The group’s leading brand, Dodge, was down 20%, though the old Dodge/Ram tandem combined for 15,281 sales, nearly enough to topple the Toyota brand.

Canada’s top-ranked brand in April was Ford, though sales slid 5%. Blue Oval sales are down 2% so far this year. GM also took a plunge, down 7% on the whole, with only one of its four brands reporting anything other than a decrease. GMC’s 2% increase, mixed with Nissan’s 6% loss, was enough to knock Nissan out of the top ten. Nissan ranked sixth just last month.

Canada’s new vehicle market grew 5.2% over the course of the first four months of 2012, however. Passenger cars accounted for 48.4% of all sales. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler brought in 44.2% of all sales.

source :via GCBC

January 31, 2012

Europe Passenger Cars Sales Drop for the 4th Year

Total new registrations of passenger cars in the European Union fell by nearly 2 percent in 2011, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association reported this week. It was the fourth consecutive year of declines.
 New-car registrations set records in Belgium and Austria, while German registrations were up nearly 9 percent, although they remain below their levels Total new registrations of passenger cars in the European Union fell by nearly 2 percent in 2011, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association reported this week. It was the fourth consecutive year of declines.
According to a chart published by Nytimes, in troubled Greece, fewer than 100,000 new passenger cars were registered. That had not happened since at least 1990. In 2007, nearly 280,000 new cars were registered.
In Belgium, more than 50 new cars were registered for every 1,000 people. In Greece, the number was under nine. In Hungary, where new car registrations are less than half their level of four years ago, the figure is about half the Greek level.

September 17, 2011

Most Sold Small Car in The US: Top 20 Brands

Top 25 Smar Compact Car in the Unites States

Among 10 major U.S. markets, shopping for compact cars this summer has increased by between 25%, seen in San Francisco, and 48%, reported for Houston, compared with last year, said. Subcompact car shopping rose between 35%, seen in Atlanta, and 70%, reported for Dallas-Fort Worth.

Along with the increasing demand, however, comes a decline in incentives. During August, average incentives dropped 63% from a year earlier for compact cars and declined 57% for subcompacts, according to

In terms of the ” Most sold Small Car” in the US Chevrolet sold four Cobalts in the United States in August 2011. That, however, isn’t much of a story. Chevrolet Cruze sales reached 21,807, far exceeding the totals put up by any other compact car competing for sales in America last month. That’s a story, just as it was last month and the month before and as far back as May.

Honda Civic sales tumbled 47% in August. The Toyota Corolla (with Matrix) was down 19%. U.S. Focus sales slid 9% as Ford struggles to keep up with demand for the handsome hatch and sedan. Even sales of the Hyundai Elantra fell slightly, from 15,181 in August 2010 to 15,054 in August 2011.

Over and above the Cobalt’s August 2010 performance Cruze sales jumped 287%. The also-popular Volkswagen Jetta was up 36%.

According to industry sources,Smaller small cars don’t sell in volumes so large, although the Mazda 2 was up 196%, Ford Fiesta sales improved at a 76% rate, Hyundai Accent sales jumped 38%, Nissan Versa sales were up 15%. 280 of GM’s subcompact sales came from the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. Honda Fit sales fell hard, down 38%. The Toyota Yaris was off 62%. A new Yaris is coming soon and might help.

US Car Sales Data : Aug,2011 Vs Aug,2010

US Car Sales in August,2011

July 20, 2011