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February 3, 2016

for yahoo the end seems near , sacks 15% workforce and close down 6 global offices

Yahoo continues to be battered by the stock markets and  employees alike as the company decided to do what it does the best.. more firings and more offices to be closed
With its decision to sack  15% global workforce as well as close its  regional offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan, Yahoo has also decided to end  products such as Games and Smart TV.

However if the  company actually belives that these cuts can prevent ” the collapse of yahoo” it must be day dreaming.. Unless yahoo starts focusing on the core products it has ( search/ content and video) these cuts and bruises will only  be cosmetic in nature

The cuts will reduce Yahoo!’s ranks to 9,000 employees and fewer than 1,000 contractors, and save an estimated $400m in operating costs. Additionally, Yahoo! plans to sell off around $1bn worth of its holdings, including real estate and patents.

Yahoo Inc. – Earnings Surprise | FindTheCompany

 Meanwhile the latest financial results published yesterday shows Yahoo is loosing its ground further in online search and display advertising, facing increasingly tough competition from rivals Facebook (FB) and Alphabet’s Google (GOOG).

For yahoo this sacking will save the company of of 4 billion USD.The cuts will include closing offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan, and the end of products such as Games and Smart TV. The cuts will reduce Yahoo!’s ranks to 9,000 employees and fewer than 1,000 contractors, and save an estimated $400m in operating costs. Additionally, Yahoo! plans to sell off around $1bn worth of its holdings, including real estate and patents.

Meanwhile  Inside Yahoo ,employee motivation is at its lowest, Some employees at Yahoo are so fed up of Marissa Mayer that they have given her a snarky little nickname called “Evita,” in reference to Eva Peron, the former wife of Argentinian dictator Juan Peron, known for her rise to power and desire for fame. However things were not always this way for Marissa .

Marissa Mayer took over as the Google blue eyed lady .. and many were relieved to have someone as Marissa as the CEO. as unlike her predecessors who were more from the entertainment industry working with movie studios or mainstream media industry. Mayer represented  a quintessential ” new media  with just the right background and skills
Mayer bought with her  at Yahoo an enormous understanding of consumer web , technology and deep insights on product development, strategy and operational Innovativeness.  However despite a good start at Yahoo  , she lost her steam and along with that the support of some of her key investors and people .

Last year the number of departures at Yahoo, exceeded one third of its workforce. Citing a Glassdoor survey, the report said that only 34% of Yahoo employees are keen to stay .. while a whopping 52% employees are keen to get out .. while rest 12% as not yet decided

January 10, 2016

worldwide motorcycle revenue for harley davidson

"revenues  from harley davidson motorcycle growth"

The timeline shows Harley-Davidson’s worldwide motorcycle revenue from the fiscal year of 2001 to the fiscal year of 2014.

 Harley-Davidson’s global motorcycle revenue amounted to around 5.9 billion US dollars in  2013 compared to 6.2 billion in 2014 .The company   dealers managed to sell 267,999 new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, a 2.7% over 2013, led by a 5.4% 
 increase in international sales.
Net income increased 15 percent as consolidated revenue topped $6 billion for the first time since 2006.Retail unit sales for 2014 were up 1.3 percent in the U.S., 11.8 percent in the Asia Pacific region, 6.4 percent in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region, 2.1 percent in the Latin America region. 

December 25, 2015

the biggest US apparel brands by sales per stores

The  highest sold apparel brand by sales per store in US

the chart shows the most sold apparel brands by retail store sales .The top 3brands as published by NRF  is L Brands Aschena retail group and Chicos FAS.

December 4, 2015

global ecommerce to exceed $400billion by 2017, web to account 9.5% retail sales

eMarketer projects e-commerce sales will eclipse $3.5 trillion within the next five years. The web will account for 7.3% of global retail sales this year, growing to 12.4% by 2019, eMarketer says. The fast-growing Asia-Pacific market is expected to fuel a 25% year-over-year increase in global e-commerce in 2015. 

 E-commerce sales are expected to grow to more than $400 billion in the next several years, with Forrester Research estimating $414.0 sales in 2018 and eMarketer estimating $491.5 in 2018.

November 22, 2015

November 13, 2015

November 12, 2015

toyota and volkswagen among worlds bigger car makers by marketshare

The chart shows the worlds biggest top 10 car manufacturer by marketshare .

Toyota and Volkswagen with 11.6% and 11.1% respectively are the biggest OEM’s followed by among worlds bigger car markers by marketshare, followed by  General Motors, with  8.2%.
The number 4th ranked is Ford with 7.6% led by the 5th ranked Honda Motors with 5.9%

November 8, 2015

fastest growing US Metropolitan areas by number of new companies

Which are the top 10 Fastest growing Metropolitan areas in United states ?. The chart below shows how the individual states ranks in terms of new companies  who are setting up shops there .Our Reading is Atlanta might overtake NY and LA ( ranked currentlt no 1 and no 2) as a lot of companies are set to Georgia. Georgia is one of the most business-friendly states in the country, largely due to their cost savings—state job-tax credits, exemptions, development funds and lower corporate-tax rates, for starters—and Atlanta’s strategic location, namely access to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world.

" US fastest growing metropolitan areas witnessing  job boom "

The metro areas of  New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles  remains the top 3 fastest growing Met cities, by virtue of some of  the biggest number of companies being located in those areas. They  generate a boost to the local economy, leading to  increased economic activity. These 3 METS have been able to  keep up their  top 3 positions  since 2007. Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco  make up the  4th, 5th and 6th positions respectively .They have shuffled positions over the last seven years, but each has consistently placed among the top 10.

However Atlanta  is gearing up to  give the top 3 Metros a lot to worry about with  the news of Mercedes-Benz USA relocating their headquarters to Atlanta from New Jersey in 2017  (come 2017, their $100 million headquarters will call The Big Peach home)

The automaker will be joining the ranks of 20 Fortune 500 companies currently headquartered in Georgia (and 33 Fortune 1000 companies). Philadelphia and Miami  Metros have been seeing increasing business deveopment since the last few years

November 7, 2015

Number of Tablets released since the last 5 years

The number of tablets released every year has been started to growing   by  insane numbers . From only 10 tablets  released during the whole of  2010, it zoomed up to 50  tablets next year in 2011
 In 2012 around 200 tablets were launched., This number went up to 250 in 2013, Finally as the market and consumer preferences starts  settling down , the last  2 years 2013  and 2014  has seen a reasonable launch of  about 100 to 150 tablets annually

November 5, 2015

UK Counties mobile web download speeds :Glasgow vs Edinburgh vs Manchester vs Liverpool

Mobile web download speeds compared : Glasgow vs Edinburgh v Manchester vs Liverpool vs Bristol vs Leicester vs Birmingham vs London vs Nottingham


Marketing automation Software Reviewed : Ranking Grid

G2 Crowd Grid for Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation tools are your gateway to managing and building your digital marketing Campaign checklists.This marketshare mindmap shows which marketing automation products ranks the highest in terms of user ratings and ranking and which are yet to reach the scale and size of the leaders

the above marketing performance ranking grid published by  G2 crowd shows the  best Marketing Automation Software products that are  determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid:1)Leaders 2)High Performers 3)Contenders and 4)Niche

Among the top 5 marketing automation  products which are leaders include: HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Act-On, and Infusionsoft 

High Performers provide products that are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category.High Performers products include: OutMarket, LeadSquared, GreenRope, Autopilot, Salesfusion, Net-Results, ThriveHive, Hatchbuck, ActiveDEMAND, Right On Interactive, eTrigue, and SharpSpring

November 3, 2015

comparing the 3 best android smartphones with LED Flash and 3D Capture

Smartphones Powered by Android with the best 3D capture  and LED Flash. Among the top 3 rated by specout  based on online user reviews and ratings include 1) Sony Xperia Ion 2) HTC Evo 3D and 3)Sony Xperia Arc S

October 31, 2015

Marco Rubio campaign contributions and donations

marco Rubio cumulative donations received for Republican party nominee"

"donations received from Republican party to Marco Rubio"

Marco Rubio first rose to elective office in 2000 and holds an elected position to this day. Rubio has served as an elected official for a total of 15 years and counting, which is exactly the average for 2016 presidential candidates. Of of  1st November he has raised $47,713,472

October 29, 2015

Lists of 36 US software start ups ,with a valuation of $1 billion and above

US Start ups based on cloud that are among the are the top 10 biggest software start ups with highest valuation

the complete list  of US based software start ups with equity and VC funding that are worth more a billion USD .Among the top 3 are PALANTIR and DROPBOX

As of October 2015:PALANTIR
Latest valuation:$20.0b (October 2015)
Total equity funding:$1.6b
Valuation-to-funding: 12.8 to 1


As of October 2015: DROPBOX
Latest valuation:$10.0b (January 2014)
Total equity funding:$607m
Valuation-to-funding: 16.5 to 1

Apple’s shrinking Ipad business vs stunning Iphone success

The study of 2 contrasting products from Apple stable : iphone vs iPad

Apple's growth comparison: iPhone vs iPad "

" iPad vs iPhone  sales"
The Ipad continues to bleed as the IPhone continue to ride on unprecedented growth. From a peak of 25 million Ipads  in December 2014.

Ipad shipments  has slumped to 9.9 million last quarter, down 20% year-over-year. However it still managed to do about $4.3 billion this quarter , but whats disappointing, is that this was the first time  that Apple shipped fewer than 10 million iPad’s in a quarter since the June 2011 quarter.

 In contrast the story of iPhone is something remarkable.The very fact that iPhone manages to sell upgraded versions year after year, without a  radical change in its product is remarkable. This quarter iPhone made up 63% of  overall Apple revenue ,selling more than 48 million  iPhone’s a 22% YoY growth

The biggest growth for Apple came from China, as sales grew  99% year-over-year,mainly due to the early launch of the iPhone there this year.

October 27, 2015

Walmart, Yum Brands and McDonald’s are the top 3 biggest US employers

These are the top 30 biggest employers


 Company                                                                                                                      Employees      

October 26, 2015

CEO compensation face off : Microsoft vs Oracle

Compensation levels compared between the 2 tech giants : Microsoft’s satya Nadella vs  Oracle’s Lawrence Elison


Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO at Oracle
Total Annual Compensation: $67,261,251
Reported Accumulated Compensation: $622,002,138


director and CEO of Micrososft
Age: 47 ETotal Annual Compensation: $84,308,755
 Reported Accumulated Compensation: $91,977,707

July 25, 2015

July 22, 2015

industries spending the highest on google advertising program “adwords”

"industries spending  the highest on google advertising program "adwords"

The above charts shows the industries that spends the highest on google’s advertising program.

Google ‘s 2014  revenue from its advertising  program” adwords”   was  almost $56 billion, which was a 12% growth as compared to 2013 in which search giant raked up  $billion from its adwords and display ads program including local search

The break up of  industry verticals which topped spends on Google ads

  1. Financial products  :$2  billion
  2. Insurance products $2 billion
  3. Online Retail :      $2;8 billion
  4. Travel and Tourism: $2.4billion
  5. jobs and education: $2.2 billion
  6. Home and Gardening products: $2.1billion
  7. Consumer electronics   $2 billion
  8. automotive and Vehicle  :$2 billion
  9. Internet and Telecom: $1.7 billion
  10. Business and Industrial :$1.6 billion 

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July 21, 2015

income level in the United States vs education : chart of the day

Source: College Board
Date Verified: 6.18.2013

What is the correlation between education and your ability to earn money. How many college dropouts across the world have managed to  ” make it big in life” with a billion dollar enterprise in their names.

The chart above shows the payoff between education and professional career, it compares the salary/wages/earnings to your education background. While the chart clearly shows they are directly propotional, with increasing education, you tend to earn more.

However not all agree. PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel, claim that college just isn’t worth it in the age of startups. He’s giving 20 bright young people $100,000 each to start a company instead. .

Hear are a few people who has bucked the trend and have achieved fame despite being college dropouts. apart from Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates 

  1. Matt Mullenweg started WordPress, which now powers 16% of the web. 
  2. Arash Ferdowsi ,co-founder of DropBox, estimated $4 billion,  dropped out of MIT. 
  3. Aron Levie started Box, which has an estimated valuation of $3 billion. 
  4. David Karp founder of Tumblr,  never even graduated high school
  5. At age 19, Pete Cashmore , launched the tech site Mashable and never attended college  

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