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January 19, 2016

January 12, 2016

top 10 tech industry’s biggest philanthropists

"tech industry's biggest philanthropists"


Among the biggest names of tech industry’s CEOS who have embraced philanthropy has been Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates.
Some other names which has not been heard too often have been mostly  from the tech industry .Among them   are WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, Sean Parker of Napster fame and Nicholas Woodmann, the man behind GoPro. Google founders Larry page and Sergei brin has been into philanthropy for some time now 
Meanwhile recently Mark Zuckerberg  the Facebook Poster boy has joined the illustrious  league of extraordinary CEO’s who have decided  to give back to the world by philanthropy 

January 9, 2016

5 companies across industry with highest RD spends

The companies that spends highest on research and development across industries

For the third year in a row, the German car maker  Volkswagen tops the Strategy& list of research and development spenders.Volkswagen R&D spending in 2013 was  $13.5 billion
As a percentage of total revenue, the company spends 5.3% on Research and Development

 Samsung  R&D spending in 2013: $13.4 billion
As a percentage of revenue: 6.4%

 Intel’s R&D spending in 2013 was  $10.6 billion
 As a percentage of revenue: 20.1%

 Microsoft R&D spending in 2013 was $10.4 billion
 As a percentage of revenue: 13.4%

 Pharma brand Roche  R&D spending in 2013 was  $10 billion
 As a percentage of revenue the company spends 19%

 Pharma company Novartis R&D spending in 2013: $9.9 billion
 As a percentage of revenue: 16.8%

 Toyota  R&D spending in 2013: $9.1 billion
 As a percentage of revenue: 3.5%

 Johnson and Johnson R&D spending in 2013: $8.2 billion
As a percentage of revenue: 11.5%

January 8, 2016

US yearly job growth numbers : chart of the day


"US Job generation numbers"

"statistics on US job growth numbers"


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 292,000 new jobs were created during the month, much better than the 210,000 new jobs that economists guessed. The unemployment rate stood  at 5%, as the labor force grew. Here are some charts published recently  showing the yearly US job growth data and top 3 US employment trends

January 7, 2016

Top 10 places in britain having the highest extra marital affairs

"the ten most adulterous places in britain"

Beeston in Nottinghamshire, along with Livingston , Maidenhead and Taunton has been named as Britain’s most adulterous top 3  town.  The chart shows the list of  10 towns in Britain that is most likely to have an extra maritial affair ( Statista data from Independent ). In Beeston around 2.5% of its population is estimated to be having an affair, ahead of second placed Livingston’s 2.05 percent.

nations with highest number of sexual partners : top 10 list

source : Statista

Global ranking of nations  with highest sexual partners

The art of making love might have originated in the  the land of Kama Sutra, however when it comes to the number of average sexual partners, Turkey is the country to make love with its population making love with more than 14 partners, as compared to 9 sexual partners as the  global lovemaking average.
The number 2 country with highest number of annual mating  happens to be our Aussie mate with an average  of 13 sex partners. As always if Aussies are their already ..can the kiwis be left behind ?

New Zealand ranks the 3rd place after Australia with almost the same number o sexual partners.
Americans meanwhile  have sex with 10.7 different people on average during their lifetime and ranks no  12. Canada ranks 11th and Switzerland ranks 10th
The UK ranks 18th havin an average of 9  partners in their lifetime

December 12, 2015

with 1.43 billion smartphone shipments in 2015 IDC predicts slowdown across global markets

Global smartphone market is set to slow down,with china smartphone sales cooling off . However growth will come from the Middle East and Africa, with gains of nearly 50 percent, overtaking other emerging economies such as India and Indonesia

IDC: Smartphone Vendor Market Share 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Chart Global smartphone sales growth will cool to single digits for the first time ever amid a slowdown in China, a new market forecast said Thursday. According to  IDCworldwide smartphone shipments to grow 9.8 percent in 2015 to a total of 1.43 billion units. The forecast  expects slower growth in many Asian markets, Latin America and western Europe

IDC  also predicts that  Android is likely to remain dominant this year with a market share of 81.2%  while Apple captures 15.8 percent of the market. It expects Windows Phone to hold just 2.2 percent of the market and other operating systems 0.8 percent. The cooling is expected to continue through 2019, IDC said.

December 7, 2015

UK banner advertising set to decline for the next two years

UK banner advertising will see a decline in the next 2 years. 2015 will see UK online banner ad revenues decline to 1112 million USD from 2014’s $1118billion. Further 2016-2017 will see digital banner ad revenue fall, further, before it recovers to grow in 2018-2020 $3,649m, moving it up to 5th place

July 17, 2015

No of Pages indexed by google : 2008 to 2015

"No of Pages indexed by google : 2008 to 2015: chart of the day"

The chart shows the number of webpages that has been indexed by google from 2008 to 2014. Google has 90,000 servers to cache and index all these monumental data . This is almost double the pages as compared to yahoo+ Bing. ( data: statisticsbrain)

May 28, 2015

Top 10 global regions with highest social media accounts

social media users by countries"


East Asia with the highest population has the highest number of social media users too  with 690 million active accounts, followed by North America with 58% users having active social media account which amounts to 206 million social media accounts.South East Asia with 199 million  active accounts ranks the 3rd biggest region with 32% penetration .

Meanwhile South America  and West Europe  both  share the 4th rank, having an  identical 197  million  social accounts   ( 47% and 48% penetration  respectively) .East Europe and South Asia ranks 5th and 6th with 190 million and 157 million social media users respectively

March 23, 2015

How Facebook is beating Twitter hands down:

Infographic: Twitter's Growth Pales in Comparison to Facebook's | Statista


 In spite of its heft valuation, Twitter’s growth has stunted as Facebook continues to grow..leaving twitter far behind. How Twitters growth has declined can be seen by this chart above.Starting off with 197 million active users in Q1 2009, Facebook added 411 million users within two years. Twitter, having had 204 million users in Q1 2013, only managed to add 84 million to its user base during the same time frame.  Facebook is beating twitter by 5: 1

One of the major problems Twittereems to be facing  is that there a lot of churn — lots of people sample the service and then stop using it. And it may be that Twitter, which has its own particular set of customs and expectations — try telling someone who doesn’t use the service what “retweet” is, and how that differs from a “modified tweet” — may simply be more of a niche service than Facebook.

March 8, 2015

Apple’s BlockBusters 3Ps : iPod vs iPhone vs iPad sales from 2007 to 2014

comparison chart of iPod sales vs Ipad sales vs IPad sales

Apple Product Portfolio by  Sales  : iPhone vs iPod vs iPad

iPod Sales Since the introduction of the  new iPod touch along with iPhone in June 2007, sales of the iPod have seen  decline from 10 million units per quarter on average to less than 3 million in  3rd quarter of 2014. That was bound to happen as  the new features of iPod  is integrated across iphone  and iPad models

iPhone Sales :Meanwhile there has been no bigger product that has been sold more across the world than Apple’s iPhone.Globally  Apple has sold 150 million  iPhone’s in 2013 . As of  the FY2014 ending  March  500 million iPhone units  have been sold   worldwide 

 iPad Sales :There have been five versions of the iPad to date and as of June 2014, there have been over 200 million iPads sold worldwide since its release. I

November 10, 2014

Crossfire, League of nations among the top 2 online video games with highest revenue

Crossfire, league of nations among top 2 video games

This data compares the most revenue making online video gaming  worldwide  In 2013, the online shooter game ‘CrossFire’ by the South Korean developer SmileGate was the leading online video game worldwide with a revenue of 957 million U.S. dollars.

# online video gaming.# gaming, #crossfire

October 18, 2014

Is Micromax India’s next Huawei ?! Commands 35% market share across feature and smart handsets

Micromax rules 35% indian feature and smartphones, Nokia do well in feature phone segment

  • Indian Mobile Handset Market Share :Big gains for Indian local assemblers   Micromax and Karbon as  Feature Phones Users shifs to Smartphones 

  • Total Handset Shipments Indian local Mobile Manufacturers are doing well in trying to replicate the Chinese Mobile Handset manufacturing Story in their country. Local mobile assemblers ,lead by Micromax, at number one along with Karbonn  Lava and others have managed to capture a market share of around 35% of the total handset shipments in that nation . Total handset shipments Includes both feature as well as smartphones
Global Giants Samsung and Nokia managed to hold 25% total handset shipments with 14.4% owned by Samsung,( 10.0% by Nokia )
  1. The Feature phone segment led by Micromax and Nokia with approx 14% each, followed by Karbonn with 11%.Not Surprisingly  as Samsung does not cater to this non smartphone segment, its share was 8% 
  2. In Smartphones : Samsung outplayed everyone else in the market with 25.3% marketshare while Micromax stunned and surprised  many analysts and industry with its best ever and first ever performance garnering an  impressive 19.1% marketshare  in one of the most competitive industry. Karbonn and Motorola garnered around 5% each and Nokia’s smartphone marketshare in a country which it virtually ruled a decade ago  tumbled to an all time low with just 4% 

September 23, 2014

How much does consumers in UK spend on Mobile Shopping

Spends  by UK consumer on Mobile
According to the The above chart shows  increase in Mobile Commerce spends in UK, with a breakup of spends . In 2014 Q2, UK users who have spent approx 10  pounds via  mobile forms around 10 million of the UK population.
  • Users who have spent up to 100 Pounds on mobile shopping  is  15 million  .This means that about 25 million   users  in United Kingdom  have spent from 1 to 100 pounds
  • Around 3million users have spent  upto 1000 British pounds on mobile  transaction
  • About 2 million Mobile Shoppers have  spent over 1000 pounds 
It was forecast that there would be 19 million m-commerce users in the UK in second quarter 2016 who spend up to 100 British pounds on their transaction. market in 2011

September 1, 2014

Bruce Almighty ! How Much Have The value of News Fallen

This chart shows the growth and collapse of newspaper advertising in the United States from 1950 to 2012. 50 years  of Robust growth  took less than a decade  to come to dust

This chart shows the growth and collapse of newspaper  circulation  across the 6 Continents . Does this mean news consumption is dead . Far from it . Online News  are being  consumed rapidly and voraciously.. .Social News, RSS Feeds, User generated News, News aggregators .. all  of them continue to grow in double digits. The newspaper industry is a perfect example of how ” companies  fail to understand its consumers…in an industry which  thought  itself as ” indispensable ..and unshakable