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November 2, 2015

which tech company pay the highest salaries to H1B visa holders

H1B VISA Average Median Salary :Which Technology major pays the highest

Among the 5 major tech giants Facebook pays the highest salary to the H1B visa foreign workers.With $130,000 median annual salary, the worlds biggest social network ranks 1st, followed by Apple who pays $123,000 and ranks second as the second biggest paymaster to H1V visa holders.

Google pays  a median salary of $120,000 annually. Microsoft and Amazon takes the 4th and 5th rank the bottom among the top 5 Tech Companies with 118,000 and 109,000 respectively
Amazon ranks right at the bottom of the pile having increased their pay to H1B visa holders by mere 6% since 2013

While Google has cut its average salary by 5% from what it used to pay in 2014, Apple and Microsoft  both has increased their pay to H1B holders by 3%.
Facebook and Amazon has kept their compensation to H1B foreign workers unchanged. Microsoft meanwhile  has raised it by 3% .

October 26, 2015

CEO compensation face off : Microsoft vs Oracle

Compensation levels compared between the 2 tech giants : Microsoft’s satya Nadella vs  Oracle’s Lawrence Elison


Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO at Oracle
Total Annual Compensation: $67,261,251
Reported Accumulated Compensation: $622,002,138


director and CEO of Micrososft
Age: 47 ETotal Annual Compensation: $84,308,755
 Reported Accumulated Compensation: $91,977,707