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May 2, 2015

microsoft windows 10 improvements set to be gamechanger

" how microsoft that destroy competition after windows 10 release

Infographic via Perception System

Windows 10 would be all about  touch, speech, mouse and keyboard rolled into one

Microsoft  is set to  make the  Desktop OS market  by storm with its impending  windows 10   upgrade Windows 10  made everyone stand up and notice  when it made public of how engaging and all-encompassing Windows 10  will be. Giving everyone a taste of the power this latest Microsoft OS
 via build 10074. This time, this Windows iteration may likely succeed where Windows 8 and 8.1 failed miserably -by integrating  every device from PC’s to tablets to handheld devices into one dependable OS.

In a break from the past when Windows platform  is no longer built in a walled garden  but set to  blow the windows  environment  open .Windows 10 will allow apps written specifically for the iOS and Android platforms to  be ported directly into Windows 10 environment

And the best part is that once released officially, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for everyone – available for older versions and even for pirated ones. With this development, of windows 10,Microsoft could  be a  serious challenge  and in a one clean  sweep come very close to its biggest rivals, Apple and Google, cortana OS  is expected to be l be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages

June 26, 2014

Microsoft CEO ” Nadella ” Launched ‘ Skype Translator

As Microsofts CEO   ends his honeymoon Nadella is slowly coming out  of the shadown of  steve ballmer .. .Microsft has just unveiled some new products, as he  unveils what he refers to as ” the new microsofts ” web3.0 initiatives..This infographic provides an insights in the ” new product launches by Microft under Nadella

Nadella took over Microsoft ‘ that is incresingly been sen by its competitors and industry analysts as a sleeping giant that  is seem as a technoloy 1.0 company who is still struggling to create its own relevance   in a world dominated by the new giants of Silicon Valley. Howeve it seems  the sleeping giant has awoken, first with Office on the iPad, then with new versions of Windows, then with CortanaSurface 3, and on and on, five months of announcement after announcement.

One of the recent ‘ initiatives launched   by Nadella  is with Microsoft’s new real-time translator for Skype conversations.. With Skype  user base of more  than 300 million users clocking in around one trillion conversation minutes every month is  huge “

Skype Translator, as it is currently called, allows speakers in different languages to hear the other’s words spoken in their own language, according to a demo introduced by chief executive officer Satya Nadella at the Code Conference technology gathering

Among  one persistent problem that has always prevented people from all over the world from truly connecting with one another is the language barrier. With Skype Translator, Microsoft is traversing into previously uncharted territories and could be bridging the gap other companies have tried to close but failed .Whether Microsoft will be able to ” plug the gap in the market. only time will tell