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May 27, 2016

the biggest wearable players who control 65% market share

"the biggest wearable players who control 65% market share"

The wearable market has seen a big spike las year as the market starts to mature. IDC recently announced the Big Three in wearables: Collectively the big 3 Fitbit, Apple, and Xiaomi,  controls 65% of wearable market : Fitbit with 22.2%, Apple with 18.6%, and Xiaomi with 17.4% leads the market


February 9, 2016

bmw and volkwagen rule supreme among german brands

"top 10 biggest brands in Germany"

most common metrics used to measure metrics in the SaaS markets

The   5 most common metrics   used to measure metrics in the SaaS  markets

With the exception of British Airways, the European brands in the table have seen minimal growth or a decline in their brand values. Iberia has been the worst affected, its brand value has fallen 23% to $951m. Southwest Airlines achieved a 52% growth in brand value Airlines 50 Sector Analysis - Airlines after a strong financial year and American Airlines’ brand value soared 39% to $3,649m, moving it up to 5th place

February 5, 2016

February 3, 2016

for yahoo the end seems near , sacks 15% workforce and close down 6 global offices

Yahoo continues to be battered by the stock markets and  employees alike as the company decided to do what it does the best.. more firings and more offices to be closed
With its decision to sack  15% global workforce as well as close its  regional offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan, Yahoo has also decided to end  products such as Games and Smart TV.

However if the  company actually belives that these cuts can prevent " the collapse of yahoo" it must be day dreaming.. Unless yahoo starts focusing on the core products it has ( search/ content and video) these cuts and bruises will only  be cosmetic in nature

The cuts will reduce Yahoo!'s ranks to 9,000 employees and fewer than 1,000 contractors, and save an estimated $400m in operating costs. Additionally, Yahoo! plans to sell off around $1bn worth of its holdings, including real estate and patents.

Yahoo Inc. - Earnings Surprise | FindTheCompany

 Meanwhile the latest financial results published yesterday shows Yahoo is loosing its ground further in online search and display advertising, facing increasingly tough competition from rivals Facebook (FB) and Alphabet's Google (GOOG).

For yahoo this sacking will save the company of of 4 billion USD.The cuts will include closing offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan, and the end of products such as Games and Smart TV. The cuts will reduce Yahoo!'s ranks to 9,000 employees and fewer than 1,000 contractors, and save an estimated $400m in operating costs. Additionally, Yahoo! plans to sell off around $1bn worth of its holdings, including real estate and patents.

Meanwhile  Inside Yahoo ,employee motivation is at its lowest, Some employees at Yahoo are so fed up of Marissa Mayer that they have given her a snarky little nickname called "Evita," in reference to Eva Peron, the former wife of Argentinian dictator Juan Peron, known for her rise to power and desire for fame. However things were not always this way for Marissa .

Marissa Mayer took over as the Google blue eyed lady .. and many were relieved to have someone as Marissa as the CEO. as unlike her predecessors who were more from the entertainment industry working with movie studios or mainstream media industry. Mayer represented  a quintessential " new media  with just the right background and skills
Mayer bought with her  at Yahoo an enormous understanding of consumer web , technology and deep insights on product development, strategy and operational Innovativeness.  However despite a good start at Yahoo  , she lost her steam and along with that the support of some of her key investors and people .

Last year the number of departures at Yahoo, exceeded one third of its workforce. Citing a Glassdoor survey, the report said that only 34% of Yahoo employees are keen to stay .. while a whopping 52% employees are keen to get out .. while rest 12% as not yet decided

January 28, 2016

wall street selects its top 5 retail stocks

"amazon the number one brand for wall street"

Generally wall street is  not known  to pick their winners.Wall street does not reason  a spectacular quarter, or even an excellent 3 quarters.. The stock markets hates "suprises " and for that reason not many  brands  that might have once upon a time, media's poster boy.failed to  to satisfy wall street

However !It  now seems  that wall street has decided  and finally given it a thumbs up to the online retail industry and specially  Amazon. The company dominated Black Friday sales in the United States and is all but certain to be the number 1 source for last minute presents for many million people around the world. Amazon’s stock price more than doubled this year, bringing the company’s market cap to more than $300 billion. 

In contrast Wall street has given the brick and mortar retailers  like  Best Buy and Walmart  a pass,  and almost all of them has seen their stocks massacred and  crumble in 2015 as they struggle to break Amazon’s dominance in the online world.

January 27, 2016

2016 presidential candidate creating the highest buzz on facebook

"which US 2016 presidential election candidate has highest facebook buzz"


Among all the US 2016 presidential candidates in US, across both Republicans and Democrats  who is creating the  highest buzz on Facebook. ? This chart by  Wall Street Journal Shows its Mrs Rodham Hillary Clinton, who  is having the final word when it comes to interactions on Facebook .With 8 million interactions in just under a month she is right there on the top followed by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul,Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie  and Ben Carson .. all of them have had  between 2 to 4 million interactions. With the exception of  Ted Cruz  who is ranked no 2 after Hillary  having reached the highest with 4.84 millon interactions on Facebook

January 23, 2016

ecommerce, consumer internet ,mobile apps emerging as fastest start ups growth story in India

"top 10 sectors in india seeing highest investment funding"

Data from NASSCOM predicts by 2020, India will be home to 11500 startup which would employ 2,50,000 jobs. Currently, India’s has 3,100 startup 

"indian cities with highest start ups"

"biggest top 5 VC investments in indian start ups"


Bangalore accounted for more than 55% of total start up business in India.India's capital and financial centreDelhi and Mumbai were no 2 and 3 . But Bangalore was ahead by miles , when it came to start up ecosystem and VC interest and ease of doing business in the city along withe other  intangibles of emerging start up business

Bangalore attracted $2.43 billion (Rs15,189 crore) worth of funding in 2014, of which as much as $1.7 billion was invested in e-commerce. Meanwhile Consumer Internet,mobile apps and ecommerce have emerged as fastest growing  start up sectors going by VC interest and  the number of deals that has been gone through 

The 3rd chart shows the list of prominent venture capital investors who have invested across Indian start ups.Among them are Helion ventures ,Sequoia Capital, Blume ventures,Kalaari Capital , Accel Partners, Matrix Partners,Tiger Global, IDG ventures, and Softbank who have invested in   Indian  start ups  across  diverse sectors such as eCommerce, Online services, Mobility, Enterprise Software and Outsourcing.

January 16, 2016

January 13, 2016

whats behind the 400% growth in the fintech investment across asia pacific market

"asia pacific fintech investment chart"

What are the reasons for the spectacular growth of financial technologyg investment across Asia pacific region

Fintech investment in Asia-Pacific has skyrocketed in 2015 — from about US$880 million in all of 2014 to nearly US$3.5 billion in just the first nine months of 2015.

The largest share of fintech investment deals were in payments that made up 40 percent of total investments, followed by lending at 25 percent.his

The  rise in financial technology investment across the region was driven by investment deals made in and from China, including the  Alibaba Group Holding and its Ant Financial Services Group subsidiary, along with  Paytm, an Indian-based mobile payment and commerce platform; and fundraising efforts by Ping An Insurance Group venture Lufax.

total fintech investment activity by regions

"financial technology investment activity"

global financial technology investment : US vs UK

US remains the biggest market for world financial technology investment . However across the European market In 2013, UK and Ireland together accounted for more than half of Europe’s fintech deals (53 percent) and more than two-thirds of its total financing (69 percent, or $265 million).

why global stock markets are in the panic mode on chinese financial meltdown fears

"chinese financial meltdown fears"

"chinese debt levels is 282% of its GDP"

At 28billion USD ,China's debt levels have surged 

As a proportion of GDP chinese debt accelerated moderately from the turn of the century. In 2007, it was 121% of GDP. Today it's more than twice that — 282%

After an indifferent 2015, Global markets started off terribly, with china sending shock waves across the world  and setting global stock markets into a panic mode .And many believe that china  could get even worse and lead the world into another financial crisis. George Soros has already "predicted that china will set up a repeat of 2008. And if that was not enough this recent chart from  HSBC warns that   China could be about to go into full-blown "crisis" mode.

China is about to get caught up in a death spiral of falling demand and mountains of debt  which will mean a meltdown and a disaster for the rest of the world. The Caixin Purchasing Managers Index for manufacturing, which measures economic activity, came in at 48.2. Anything below 50 signals contraction and last week's  reading marks the 10th straight month China's industry has shrunk.

These charts from Businessinsider shows  3 reasons why global markets are panicking .China's total debt is now about $28 trillion, larger than that of the United States or Germany,

apple stock decline cost investors more than $100 billion

"apple stock falls below $100 for the first time in 15 months"

The Fall of  Apple Stock Value 

China  stock market has not only spooked global stock market, but also apple and its stock value .Apple Inc. shares closed below $100 for the first time in 15 months amidst  panic reaction across global  stock markets including NASDAQ . As reported by WSJ,Apple's  sharp  falls in its stock value comes in a indication signalling   slowing growth in the two pillars of the company’s recent success: the iPhone and China.

english premier league clubs that pays the highest salaries

top EPL clubs with highest salary payoffs"
EMIRATES, CHELSEA, MANCHESTER UNITED AND MANCHESTER CITY are among the top 3 English football clubs that pays the highest salaries. The above chart shows the wage bill of the top  English clubs .
Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United round off the top 7 English clubs with the highest wage bill

December 30, 2015

December 27, 2015

December 2, 2015

top 3 pharma giants marketing budgets vs research and development budget

The global pharmaceutical market is expected to reach sales of nearly $1.1 trillion by 2015, marked by slowing growth in developed markets and strong sales in emerging markets.Latest data from the global pharma industry shows digital spends spent amounted to $2.5 billion channels including pharma company websites, social media, web banner advertising in professional online journals and mobile apps. That works out to be approximately 6% of the total audited marketing expenditure, which includes "traditional, personal promotional channels;" i.e., sales reps.

the top 3 pharma giants marketing and sales budget compared with Research and development
The chart shows the  marketing budgets and Research and development  budget  for pharma industry top 3 giants. Johnson and Johnson spends the highest on marketing and sales, with over $15billion, while RD spends for the brand accounts of over $8billion.
Both Novartis and Pfizer spends higher on sales and marketing as compared to research and development  with $14billion and $12billion respectively, while RD spends by Novartis is $10billion  and $7billion

November 29, 2015

10 companies with highest profit per employee ratio

These 25 companies have redefined " the  financial metrics of an organization "   which  has achieved the highest profit ratio per employee
Revenue per employee, or profit per employee  is a measure of how efficiently a particular company is utilizing its employees. In general,  relatively high revenue per employee is a positive sign that suggests the company  is more productive

Among the first company with highest profit ratio per employee is  a biopharma company : Gilead Sciences, a that develops and sells over a dozen popular drugs, many of which treat patients with HIV, hepatitis or influenza. With an estimated team of just 7,000, Gilead has less than 10% the workforce of giant pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer (~78,000) or Novartis (~135,000).

After Gilead Sciences comes a series of crude oil and natural gas companies, like EOG Resources, Marathon Oil and Hess Corporation. The number 5th and 6th companies with highest profit per employee  are NewField Exploration and Range  Resources Cop

Typically  Oil and gas companies have fewer personnel needs and more infrastructure needs, like transportation, factories, processing and other activities that can be automated or scaled without many additional workers.

the average cost of thanksgiving dinner down the years

"how has the cost of annual thanksgiving dinner changed in the last 5 years"

45 million turkeys are killed every year at Thanksgiving, compared to just 22 million at Christmas. This year, a Thanksgiving dinner will be more expensive than ever - $50.11. Back in 2000, it cost an average of just $36.78. Most Americans are going to drink wine around the dinner table this year, followed by liquor/spiritis/cocktails and non-craft domestic beer.