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February 2, 2016

top 25 corporations with highest number of government contracts

The chart shows the manufacturing business and the number of contracts which they have won from the US Government.While General Electric’s 30,633 contracts stand apart from the pack and cost the government a combined $37.9 billion over 15 years.
The number 2 was General Dynamic Corporation with 22,550 contracts,
Bae Systems  ranks no 3 with 19016 contracts
Hewlett Packard is the only consumer IT company which figures in this top 25 list  and rank 14th position with 4268 contracts
As compared to  No 1  General Electric , Boeing’s  9,948 govt contracts have cost US Govt more than seven times as much ($267 billion).

5 corporations whose profits depends on govt obligation

List of the 10 corporations whose profits are dependent upon Government Obligation-  InsideGov

Among the biggest industries that depends to a fair extent to government dole outs and obligations are the defence industry. In Lockheed Martin and Boeing  are among the  leaders  in this category whose profits and business revenue is related due to the  the undisputed government obligations.

Lockheed Martin builds weapon systems and the  fighter jets for the U.S. military, including the classic F-16 and newer F-35. According to latest data , F-35 jets can range from $148 million to $377 million — an average of $178 million per aircraft
Boeing builds Air Force One, the president’s personal, 4,000-square-foot aircraft. The U.S. Air Force has reportedly set aside $1.65 billion over the next four years to replace the two-plane Air Force One fleet, most of which will go straight to Boeing.