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May 25, 2016

5 best practices in creating and marketing your video

5  Best Practices to create and market your video online 

These are the best practices in creating a video

Placement : Embedd the video in a page which the content related  rather than just any page

 Descriptive text : Describe what your video is about. Keep your description  to about 250 to 350 words and ensure you use the keywords liberally in the text

 Saving the video : Save the video file inside the curent silo directory , rather than a central video directory

Play :Use the html player to ensure that your video is compatible to different browsers  and devices . Dont set up the auto video play automatically. Not all users appreciate a video to open without the user clicking on it .Let users start the video themselves

Size ; Ensure  your video can adjust the size automatically  if the user screen size shrinks

Quality:render your video in file size that fits the user.Tech savvy or metro cities have faster connections and can handle large files. However ideally the size must be smaller  for smoth mobile viewing . Find a balance between good quaility and faster viewing  and download speed

Length : small videos are easier to download and convinient to watch. Your video ideally should not exceed 3-5 minutes in length . Remeber user attention decreased with every minute  on the web. Create videos that conveys the actual marketing message or crucial information   right at the start

Posting:In addition to posting your video on your site. You can upload it across other online video sharing site as well. Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo  and link it back to your site . Alternately you can upload the actualy video on youtube abd link the embedd code to your site or blog

Sceme Mark Up ; Wherever the video is embedded in your site, adding a schema markup in your htnl code can make it easier for search engines to find your video

XML site map:Inform the search engine spiders where they can find your video with an xml site map

February 6, 2016

January 24, 2016

with over 30% growth, social and mobile to drive local ad spends in 2016,

local media spends since 2010 to 2016

The  chart shows mobile  ad spends by format


 Local  US advertising media spends in 2016,will see a big rise chiefly powered by the digital media. Here are the  4 biggest marketing channels that will create the biggest impact in terms of revenues

Location-targeted mobile ad spending will grow from $8.4 billion in 2015 to $11.3 billion in 2016

Mobile video revenues will grow from $0.4 billion in 2015 to $0.7 billion in 2016

Social local media revenues will grow from $2.4 billion in 2015 to $3.3 billion in 2016

Local search revenues will grow from $7.8 billion in 2015 to $8.2 billion in 2016

Total local display revenues will grow from $4.4 billion in 2015 to $4.6 billion in 2016

US Local spending my medium.

"local ad spending set to witness dramatic rise.."

Break of of Local ad revenues by media format

January 16, 2016

list of mergers and acquisitions likely to face antitrust scrunity

"list of biggest 10 mergers to face antitrust proceedings"
The infographic shows the  list of corporations  with their  recent acquisitions.These are among the biggest mergers  that are likely to face  antitrust scrutiny this year. Among one of the biggest  deals last year  was  ABInbev and Sabmiller’s 108 billion deal which will   combine worlds 2 largest brewer . Among the other biggest mergers include

  • Dow Chemicals and Dupont
  • Anthem Cigna and Aetna Humana
  • Halliburton and Baker Hughes
  • Walgreens and Rite Aid : the number 1 and no 3  pharmacy  chains set to create the biggest pharma chains
  • Staples and Office Depot 

January 12, 2016

advertising media with highest inflation rates

"advertising media platform by inflation "

Spot TV, Cable TV and nation broadcast TV are among the media advertising platform  with highest inflation .Latest reports from Flurry’s show that in  2016, the cost of advertising on Television will see  the highest rate of inflation depending on whether its cable, spot TV or broadcast TV.Spot TV will be the costliest with 13% inflation in 2016

Internet  display advertising will see the lowest inflation in 2016 out of which  online video and mobile will be the most cost effective platforms with inflation of a mere 1%

January 10, 2016

the fastest growing digital media in germany :5 key indicators

"state of internet economy in germany"
"In Germany the revenues in the "Digital Media" market  is expected to reach USD 3,915.2million in 2016 "


In Germany the revenues in the “Digital Media” market  is expected to reach USD 3,915.2million in 2016 and is projected to  grow to USD 5043 million in  in 2018
In Germany the digital media revenues is projected to grow from ” digital gaming and epublishing.The market’s largest segment is the segment “Digital Games” with a market volume of USD 1,765 million  in 2016

December 14, 2015

country comparison : eCommerce revenues compared as a percentage of overall retail sales

The below chart shows ” worldwide and global online retail sales revenues  as a percentage of total retail sales across geographies and countries . Globally online retail sales  across the world is expected to grow by 15% CAGR ( from 2014-2019 ) time period. In terms of  total retail revenues, Worldwide  online retail will constitute 9% of overall retail revenues  in 2019 as compared to 5.8% in 2014  

country  comparison : eCommerce revenues compared as a percentage of overall retail sales

  • Online retail sales in US  is likely to constitute 12% of the overall retail sales by 2019.
  • Online retail sales in North America  is predicted  to account  for 11% of overall retail sales.
  • Asian online retail sales will constitute 10% of total retail revenues ,by 2019
  • In Western Europe online retail sales is expected to contribute 10%of total retail sales, while Eastern Europe it will be 5.6%
  • Russia  online retail is foretasted to form 5.2%of overall retail sales
  • While eCommerce in Latin American nations is predicted to account  for a mere 3,2% of total retail sales 
  • In Australasia online retail is expected to contribute 8.4% of overal retail sales revenues by 2019
  • Mid east and African nations eCommerce sales as a percentage of total retail sales will account or the lowest ever with 1.6% 

December 13, 2015

Nigeria and India leads mobile web traffic while ,UK& US ranks 17th and 19th

NIGERIA INDIA AND SOUTH AFRICA leads as nations with highest internet traffic from Mobile .Indonesia,Poland and Turkey makes up 3th to 6th rank. China ranks  9th in terms of mobile web traffic with 33% internet traffic coming from mobile. UK and US ranks 17th and 19th respectively

"global mobile internet traffic ranking of top 20 nations"Global mobile internet traffic is led by Nigeria , whose mobile internet consists of 76%followed by India with 65% internet traffic coming from mobile web. Number 3 was South Africa with 57% of their web traffic coming from online mobile internet

December 7, 2015

digital indicators in canada; smartphone penetration is at 48%, while internet at 90%

The below chart shows ” digital indicators for canada  from 2014-2017

"digital indicators for canada web penetration vs smartphone penetration"
source : statista

With a population of 35.6 million, with 13.7 million households , Canada’s GDP  is US 54,056.  Internet penetration in Canada is 89.4% in 2015, which is expected to rise to 92.7% by 2017
While smartphone penetration in Canada is 48.4% in 2015, which is expected to grow to 55% by 2017

July 21, 2015

search spends tanks 5%, as mobile now forms 25% of digital spends

marketing spends on search  down by 5% while , Mobile spends grow  8% .

 Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau Research Date: May 30th, 2015

Search spends slows down by 5% while , Mobile spends grew by  8% .

1)Meanwhile banners  ads  ranks no  3 in terms of digital spending share but it declined by 3% ( 16% in 2014 vs 19% in 2013 )

2)Last year saw  unprecedented spends on mobile as spends grew by   8%  in 2014  and formed  25% of digital ad spends in contrast to  17% in 2013.Mobile ranks number 2 in overall brands spends across the online media

3)Search  spends  has been impacted  last year  as ad dollars started shifting  to mobile  as search spends declined 5%. Although search marketing ranks no 1 in digital spending  for both 2013 and 2014 , its share has come down to  38% in 2014 as compared to 43% in 2013

4)Online video ranks number 4 in terms of spends with a share of 7% allocated to it ( no change

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July 16, 2015

has online streaming killed he DVD star ?

"online streaming killed the DVD star":

Has the Streaming service killed the DVD Star ? Well  there’s a compelling case that streaming video is killing its predecessors. This year, it is estimated, there will be 3.4 billion movie views online, compared with 2.4 billion disc views. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have racked up tens of millions of subscribers. It’s easy to see why — viewing a movie on a streaming service costs a fraction of the price of viewing a movie on disc. .

Overall sales of physical discs continued to decline. Spending on Blu-ray discs rose 2.6% to $2.2 billion but that was not enough to offset declining DVD sales of $5.2 billion, down nearly 14%, IHS says. Physical rentals also dropped 9% to $4.3 billion

July 10, 2015

Facebook video postings outperforming photo sharing in terms of engagement

Facebook Campaigns by Video Post: Engagement with video posts are up by 25% this yearQ3

" content sharing at Facbook moves to video marketing"
img source: CMO

Marketers are looking to drive more people to their sites as posts with links have increased substantially along with online video links  at Facebook.With Facebook being a source of  more than one third most referral traffic , regular  relevant posting can bring you  targeted and quality traffic 

Video forms quite a substantial form of content  engagement strategy at  Facebook, as the medium provides both dynamism and real time information which users can validate in real time  .Engagement with video posts is up 25% year-over-year and 58% quarter-over-quarter on Facebook 

 In fact text posts have declined quickly in share and engagement. • Posts with video  links are up 77% year-over-year   and 167 every quartner . According to research , Friday is the best day for posting video content on #Facebook.

July 8, 2015

June 12, 2015

desktop search now smaller than mobile search

" US mobile search grows over desktop"
Mobile advertising  by types : mobile ads, mobile app,  and app instals 

mobile spends on app installs  growing ,as advertisers hope to see themselves embedded across devices

This year, US spending on search and display ads will be higher on mobile devices than on the deskto

This year, US spending on search and display ads will be higher on mobile devices than on the desktop.However these ads are not just being  splashed across mobile sites , but also across mobile apps
  •  In total, US advertisers spend more on advertising in apps than on mobile websites  
  • 72% of mobile ad dollars will be spent to advertise in apps in 2015 
  • Around 10.5%of this ad budget would be  spent on in app installs,

June 8, 2015

Nations where” internet shopping” contributes significantly to GDP

"how internet affects economy"

Irrespective of the gloom and  doom and at times recessionary tendencies on the economic front The worlds has till a lot to cheer about
The internet keeps growing  and so does the economic GDP of a few nations.In the G20 countries, the internet economy will grow at more than 10% annually for the next five years and by 2016 reach $4.2 trillion, or 5.3% of GD,up from $2.3 trillion and 4.1% according to a recent report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Britain leads the pack in terms of internet contributing hugely to its economic prosperity. According to economist UK’s ” internet economy” is now bigger than its construction and education sectors, mainly thanks to the popularity of e-commerce and the rapid adoption of mobile as a ” key shopping ande commerce device.

South Korea and China ranks 2nd and 3rd, while.Japan and US ranks 5th and 6th  while India currently going through an eCommerce revolution of sorts is ranked 8th 

June 3, 2015

reviewing the best eCommerce store mgmt solutions :infographic

Review of Top 10 eCommerce Software"

Capterra’s review of the top 20 most popular  eCommerce  store automation products   ranks the most popular lists of cloud based eCommerce  automation. These have been ranked and reviewed  based on (a) number of customer,  (b)size of their business, SMB or  Enterprise) along with the social media standing.

Based on the above factors  Magneto, Squarespace and Prestashop rank among the top 3  with Weebly,Shopify and volution  taking the 3rd, 4th and 5th rank respectively Finally the 6th to 10th rank is taken by Opencart, IBM Websphere, Bigcommerce and Sellerdeck

10 most popular email marketing software reviewed :infographic

Top Email Marketing Software reviews"

The top 20 email marketing software has been ranked  by  its installed base, the size of  their customer base  and their social following . Mailchimp, constantcontact and  vertical response has been ranked  by capterra as the top 3 based on the above parameters  while  Getresponse, Campaign monitor and  and Icontact  are among the top 10