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January 30, 2016

with 51% increase in users amazon web services sales see 100% growth

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Amazon announced earnings for Q4 2015 recently At the close of the market, with Amazon’s showing  EPS of $1 and revenue of $35.7 billion both came in below analyst estimates.
Net sales from Amazon Web Services came in at $2.4 billion, up from $1.4 billion the previous year, and the company reported a 51% growth in prime users. Inc. (AMZN) Revenue Breakdown | FindTheCompany

October 29, 2015

GoPro releases its first images shot from its new quadcopter drone

Infographic: GoPro Is Growing at Breakneck Speed | Statista
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In April 2014, GoPro was listed by Adweek as one of the “Top 10 Best Brand Channels on YouTube” based on a combination of views, shares, comments and overall engagement

 while early this year there were rumors about GoPro  making a quadcopter drone, but few details have since been shared about the project. However today that was confirmed as GoPro had just uploaded the first footage from the drone to its YouTube channel .GoPro ( former  Woodman Labs, Inc), is an American manufacturer of action cameras, often used in extreme-action videography.

The quadcopter drone “video grab were remarkably smooth, and the video also claims that the footage was not stabilized in post, but this could just be a result of careful filming.

In about 13 months since GoPro’s IPO , it is  currently trading at around $60 per share (up 150 percent from its IPO price of $24) and reported another great quarter this week, with the company posting a $35 million profit on revenue of $420 million.

Apple’s shrinking Ipad business vs stunning Iphone success

The study of 2 contrasting products from Apple stable : iphone vs iPad

Apple's growth comparison: iPhone vs iPad "

" iPad vs iPhone  sales"
The Ipad continues to bleed as the IPhone continue to ride on unprecedented growth. From a peak of 25 million Ipads  in December 2014.

Ipad shipments  has slumped to 9.9 million last quarter, down 20% year-over-year. However it still managed to do about $4.3 billion this quarter , but whats disappointing, is that this was the first time  that Apple shipped fewer than 10 million iPad’s in a quarter since the June 2011 quarter.

 In contrast the story of iPhone is something remarkable.The very fact that iPhone manages to sell upgraded versions year after year, without a  radical change in its product is remarkable. This quarter iPhone made up 63% of  overall Apple revenue ,selling more than 48 million  iPhone’s a 22% YoY growth

The biggest growth for Apple came from China, as sales grew  99% year-over-year,mainly due to the early launch of the iPhone there this year.

May 12, 2015

Twitter’s Q1 loss at $162million , has already burned $1.25 billion since it went public

"Twitter q1,2015 loss estimated at  162million"
 2 years after going public Twitter continues to bleed and loose money. It  lost $162 million despite bringing in $436 million in revenue. Since its IPO in late 2013, it has lost a cumulative $1.25 billion over six quarters.

Facebook too went through the same phase  and did not make  profit it the first  few quarters .however 6  quarters into   its IPO ,Facebook generated almost $1 billion in cumulative profit. Now, some three years after going public, it has made almost $5 billion.

July 24, 2012

Apple’s 2012,Q2 Numbers Vs Competitors

One day before Apple Q2,  2012 Earnings , Businesssinsider projects its own take on Apple ‘s Earning Call 

The Above chart  shows how charts to run in advance of earnings. It’s a look at how Apple always beats its earnings guidance, quarter after quarter. On average, revenue is 19% above its guidance. EPS is 43% above guidance. 

Therefore, we anticipate Apple will report revenue of $40.37 billion and EPS of $12.41. Wall Street analysts are expecting $37.23 billion in revenue and EPS of $10.35. 

In Q1,2012,  a chart showing the  breakdown of Apple’s sales by product category shows that its an iPhone company now, with 53% of sales coming from the smartphone.