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May 28, 2014

eBook Trends and revenue : UK vs US

data via Statista

In August 2012, British Newspapers reported that for every 100 books bought in Great Britain from book stores there were 114 kindle ebooks purchased from online retailer Amazon . So will the paperback hardbound books meet the same fate as “ UK and US Newspapers 5 years ago ? does it seem to be the end of “ a generation of users feed on a diet of “ paperback pulp fictions that entertained book readers for the last 3 decades ”?.. There no definite answers as yet as “ book sales figures in UK is hard to come buy ..but whatever we can make from existing data .. here are some facts Using trends

In UK  from about 250 publishers, the association hs pegged the value of “ virtual books”bought by consumers in UK at pounds 92million in 2011.Meanwhile in the US While Book sales Sales at Physical stores made up 65% of their revenue, and digital formats made up 29%. Bookstats survey data suggests that in US “ physical stores still makes up the biggest part of the pie