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December 4, 2015

online shopping conversion in google more than 200% as compared to facebook

"online shopping conversion in google more than 200% as compared to facebook"
EMIRATES, DELTA AND  UNITED The above chart shows  and charts ” ecommerce visitors that comes from Facebook vs those who  come google .
The chart clearly shows online shoppers  conversion is  from users who are coming from google is higher that those coming from Facebook.  One of the reasons ” is  context. Google users coming to   shopping sites  clearly ”  have a specific intent, while users coming from facebook are kind of shopper who might be looking to check out and compare websites before they make their final decesion. ecommerce conversion  ratio from users coming from google  is 2.44% as compared to 0.49% from those coming from Facebook.

July 21, 2015

income level in the United States vs education : chart of the day

Source: College Board
Date Verified: 6.18.2013

What is the correlation between education and your ability to earn money. How many college dropouts across the world have managed to  ” make it big in life” with a billion dollar enterprise in their names.

The chart above shows the payoff between education and professional career, it compares the salary/wages/earnings to your education background. While the chart clearly shows they are directly propotional, with increasing education, you tend to earn more.

However not all agree. PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel, claim that college just isn’t worth it in the age of startups. He’s giving 20 bright young people $100,000 each to start a company instead. .

Hear are a few people who has bucked the trend and have achieved fame despite being college dropouts. apart from Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates 

  1. Matt Mullenweg started WordPress, which now powers 16% of the web. 
  2. Arash Ferdowsi ,co-founder of DropBox, estimated $4 billion,  dropped out of MIT. 
  3. Aron Levie started Box, which has an estimated valuation of $3 billion. 
  4. David Karp founder of Tumblr,  never even graduated high school
  5. At age 19, Pete Cashmore , launched the tech site Mashable and never attended college  

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June 15, 2015

monthly usage of spotify’s facebook app usage : 2011 to 2015

" monthly usage of spotify's facebook app usage : 2011 to 2015"

This  chart from statista shows the monthly and daily users of Spotify’s Facebook app usage  since  September 2011 to 2015. 

 As of March 2015 spotify  had 37.61 million monthly active users and 11.18 million daily active users on  Facebook’s platform ( for the month of march). This is in comparison to an average of around 20million monthly  users  who frequent the  music streaming apps at facebook. Spotify has been present at Facebook since  September 2011 and in its first month had seen  more than 3 million users.