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March 20, 2013

Feedly gets 50,000 Subscribers on a day,as Google Dumps its RSS Reader

Applications that have been retired by Google, either because of integration with other Google products, or through lack of support:The company said it needed to focus to take advantage of new opportunities, rather than spread itself “too thin and lack impact… whatever that means .is up to you .. however  one company that has made the most of Google decision to shut down its Reader is Feedly.

Another series of Google’s Demolition squad is at work again as New Google products bite the dust..While Google Labs has been shut down last year, and most of us wouldn’t have really minded , However what Google has done this time has many users squealing in disbelief as ” Google Reader” was a product that was extremely useful and efficient for users. 

 However Google’s demolition squad felt that it apparent usefulness was not bigger than ” the logic of Google product ,managers, who felt that Google Reader cannot be monetized , neither it could be used to target contextual ads and and was not worth the effort of having an useful and efficient product with a good number of Followers.

 The Spring Killing Demolition Squad of Google has also axed 7 other Google products , taking the total number of features or services shut since its “spring cleaning” began in 2011 to 70. Feedly, a free Web-based RSS service that also offers iOS and Android apps, has added half a million new users since Google announced it would pull the plug on its Reader RSS feed this summer.

“More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the Feedly community over the last 48 hours,” the company said in a blog post Friday. “We love passionate readers. Welcome on board.” Many of those users took to social media networks, including Twitter and Google’s own Google Plus, to express their anger and dismay. Others launched online petition drives. The leading petition on had collected nearly 120,000 signatures as of late Saturday