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August 30, 2015

Bailout of Top 5 Banking Companies by UK Government

The UK government plans to sell its 80% stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland.
This chart takes a look at how the UK government has  paid in terms of government bailout and how much it has got backk
But how much has been paid in bank bailouts and how much has the government got back?

July 18, 2015

home loans tenure by interest rate terms

Which Home loan has the most payout with higher interest
Home Equity Loans: Average Interest Rates by Term | Credio

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credit cards compared by low interest ,credit ratings without annual fee

Credit Card Comparison by how interest, credit ratings without annual fee powered  y
Credit Cards | Credio How many people in US actually cary credit cards ? what do they but with credit cards and how much do they spent ? Here are some credit card statistics you dint know about’

  1.  $1,098 per card that doesn’t carry a balance2 $1,648 per account, 
  2. U.S. adults with a credit report and Social Security number3 $3,600 per person,
  3.  U.S. resident adults4 $5,234 per person, excluding unused cards and store cards
  4. 12 $5,596 per U.S. adult with a credit card
  5. $5,700 per household with credit card debt
  6. 6 $7,743 per card that usually carries a balance

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May 31, 2015

May 8, 2015

the worlds top 10 mortgage banks :infographic

"mortgage bank comparison chart"
The statistic shows the leading mortgage banks worldwide measured in terms of brand value.The Dutch bank Radobank topped the list of mortgage banks in terms of brand value  which  was 795 million USD). Nationstar Mortgage with a brand value of 782m USD was ranked 2nd, while DZ Bank with a brand value of 760m USD ranked no 3.Meanwhile other banks like HDFC Eurohypo BB&T,Virgin Money,Wesbank,PNC and Fannie Mae completes the top 10 mortgage banks  

April 22, 2015

Why does 40% of world’s wealth is owned by 30 million people

Infographic: 32 Million People Control 41% of the World’s Wealth | Statista


If this chart gets you thinking.. consider  some more facts.If you look at the bottom of the pyramid with  total base of  3.2 billion consumers,this is where the biggest  piece of cake lies, this is where brands and marketers are investing their money on  with $7.3 trillion riding on these numbers

The latest gadgets, the latest ultra book,  the same iPhone .. but  hey its on the wrists ..and that curved LED TVs’  which dazzled you.. the same way you got  dazzled  by that ad which showed how “women would swoon on your after applying that deodorant, which you dint like anyway.. but then again  you went into  another dazzle-land and now again got  dazzled by that pretty looking sales girl and could not  just tell her no..!!!

This is where the market likes and its no secret  why the at the top, 32 million people control $98.7 trillion – that’s 41 percent of the world’s wealth.. While  3.2 billion people control a mere $7.3 trillion. This means that 3% of the total wealth  is managed by  68.7 percent of the world’s adult population 

which US cities have the highest number of HNI’s ( super richest): the story in charts

Statistic: Ultra-High-Net-Worth population in the U.S. in 2013, by city | Statista


New York is  truly home to the best and the brightest . The biggest movers and shakers across technology companies, manufacturing and services. No other states powers the US economy better than New York. Its not surprising at all to see NY having the highest super rich ( High Net Worth Individuals ) exceeding  8000..

The no 2 US state  having the highest (HNI ) is  shared by  Los Angeles and San Francisco   which are the cradle of the tech industry  with 4945 and 4840 HNI’s respectively .LA  has 105 more HNI’s compared to SF
The number 3 is  Washington with 2675 HNI’s followed by Chicago with 2665 super rich 
 Houston and Dallas with 2490 and 2240  rounds off the 4th and 5th position respectively

Atlanta, Seattle and Boston takes the  6th, 7th and 8th position  who has the highest number of  HNI’s in US 

, the cradle of the tech  industry wit 4,945 superich .

March 24, 2015

Post Campaign Action by mobile users: Finance advertisers vs Others

mobile ad campaign across  Finance vertical
The chart compares the post-click campaign actions used by advertisers in the finance vertical,Among the top 3  user behavior  includes  1)site Search, 2)email subscription driving to mobile web or landing pages, was the most frequently used on the millennial media mobile ad platform 

June 14, 2012

Facebook Loses $33 billion post IPO, records 18million new users last month

Facebook by the numbers infographic

Created by:
Facebook by the numbers [Infographic] | memeburn: ” An average of 526-million people logged in to Facebook daily in March 2012. It had 488-million monthly active users of its mobile products in that month — that number increased by more than 18 million by the end of April. Yes, 18-million in less than a month. 

 Facebook users generated 3.2-billion likes and comments in the first three months of the year. The social network has almost a billion users who log in at least once a month.
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February 24, 2012

The State of Global Economies in 2012 : Infographic

IN 2008 banks were saved by governments. The question that dominated 2011 was how to save governments. The euro-area sovereign-debt crisis metastasised from a problem affecting small, peripheral states to one that threatens the single currency itself. The rise in Italian bond yields in particular marked a dangerous new stage in the saga (chart 1). European banks, stuffed full of government bonds, have suffered a severe funding squeeze since the summer (chart 2). The euro was oddly resilient against the dollar, but Switzerland and Japan intervened to hold down their currencies as investors sought shelter (chart 3).
Faced with skittish creditors, countries in Europe tried to instil confidence by cutting spending (chart 4). Austerity and growth do not mix, however. Euro-area GDP remains below its pre-crisis level. American output did at least regain that mark in 2011 (chart 5) but US unemployment remained very high.
source : Eeconomist

April 10, 2011

Taxes Across The World : Most Complicated Vs least Complicated

If you thought that the Tax  rates in your country sucks, Think again. The above infographic from Price water house shows the  most complicated tax structure across the world and also the least complicated tax structure across the world,

Revenues from personal and corporate income taxes in OECD countries rose to 13.2% of GDP in 2007, from 13.0% in 2006 and 12.8% in 2005, exceeding the previous historical peak of 13.1% in 2000. Within this total, revenues from corporate income taxes accounted for an average of 3.9% of GDP in both 2006 and 2007, compared with 3.7% in 2005 and 3.6% in 2000.  In 1975, these revenues comprised only 2.2% of GDP.

Denmark is the most taxed country in the world with a tax-to-GDP ratio of 48.9%.