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September 2, 2015

Twitter 3.0 makeover to target glocal market and the bottom of the pyramid


" Twitter annual report statement :Faring of global markets"

Twitter  has finally gone global with its self serve advertising model as it expanded its platform so as to facilitate  millions of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in more than 200 countries and territories  to advertise  and  reach their target audience on the “ Twitter Self Serve  Platform” ( TSSP)

For Twitter this transition reflects  the road map the company has set itself  as it realigns and re calibrates its value proposition of being seen as a glocal ad aggregator ( glocal : with a very strong focus of global local markets)

For millions of small business, local classifieds business and  Twitter is the best bet  for these under served ” business ‘ to take their business national and global   as it brings power of real time advertising to ” millions of small and big business, mom and pop stores. The Company is bringing its self-service ads platform to more people around the world. . Widely Seen , this is twitters most profound and  redefining product positioning identity,for a brand that is yet to get its ” eureka moment”. The self serve ad platform might be just that moment in its quest for :”finding the perfect monetization model, “It self serve platform  promises to be  be the most ” cost effective” real time marketing channel for small and medium, mom and pop stores that which burgeoning by hundreds in developing countries 

Of late Twitter has been under increasing pressure among other things to select a new, permanent CEO executive ,show substantially higher user growth , as shareholders increasingly seek steps from the company  to evolve and bring order to its advertising monetization business, Twitter’s tryst with lower that expected growth rates and falling advertising pie continues as stocks reached an all time low last month

August 27, 2015

global insurance stands at 6%, S. Africa, S. Korea most insured with 15% penetration


"global insurance stands at 6%, S. Africa, S. Korea most insured with 15% penetration

Global insurance Penetration

Globally Insurance penetration is  measured as the ratio of premium to Gross Domestic Product.Globally, insurance penetration stands at 6.2 per cent, while density is at $662 (Rs 42,103) for 2014

Among BRIC nations South Africa leads in insurance penetration with 15.4 %.Brazil ranks no 2 in terms of insurance penetration with 4%,followed by  India at 3.4%,China 3% and Russia with 1.3% insurance rates.

Across Developed countries  UK and Japan  tops  insurance penetration followed by UK with 11.5% and Japan 11%.Meanwhile France, Italy and US follows with 9%,7.6%and 7.5%
respectively. Canada  and Germany   stands at 6.5% , along with  Australia’s insurance  penetration of  with 5.2%

South Africa and South Korea have the biggest insurance rates in  the world with 15.4% and 11.9%

Insurance penetration  across  Top 20 Nations

  1. Australia:5.2%
  2. Argentina:3.6 %
  3. Brazil :4%
  4. Canada:6.5%
  5. Germany: 6.5%
  6. India: 3.6%
  7. Italy:7.6%
  8. China:3.0%
  9. Mexico 2.1 
  10. Indonesia 2.1
  11. South Africa:15.4%
  12. South Korea: 11.9%
  13. United Kingdom:11.5%
  14. United States:9%
  15. Turkey 1.5
  16. Russia 1.3 
  17. Argentina 3.6 
  18. Mexico 2.1 
  19. Indonesia 2.1
  20. Turkey 1.5
  21. Russia 1.3 

The biggest 10 corporations which has been financially bailed out by US Government

" the top 25 corporations bailed out by US"
Which  American corporations are largest recipient of US Financial Bailout package

Top 10 corporations  which has benefitted from the U.S Government. Financial Bailout Package  ;

The above chart represents the list of 10 corporations who have been among the receipients of American government sponsored bailouts program. 
Heading the list  as the biggest recipient of US government bailout is Fannie Mae  with a $116 billion bailout package. However government aided bailouts or not, the company has a debt of $22 billion outstanding.The number 2 in the list is Freddie mac with a government bailout package of $71.3billion,,while  AIG is no 3 with a total bailout package of 
Till date the US Government has bailed out 951 corporations with a total disbursed bailout package amounting to $615B. Out o this $390B were returned back to the Government. The total Total revenues from dividends, interest, and other fees amounted to $283B Total disbursement


March 8, 2015

July 24, 2012

Apple’s 2012,Q2 Numbers Vs Competitors

One day before Apple Q2,  2012 Earnings , Businesssinsider projects its own take on Apple ‘s Earning Call 

The Above chart  shows how charts to run in advance of earnings. It’s a look at how Apple always beats its earnings guidance, quarter after quarter. On average, revenue is 19% above its guidance. EPS is 43% above guidance. 

Therefore, we anticipate Apple will report revenue of $40.37 billion and EPS of $12.41. Wall Street analysts are expecting $37.23 billion in revenue and EPS of $10.35. 

In Q1,2012,  a chart showing the  breakdown of Apple’s sales by product category shows that its an iPhone company now, with 53% of sales coming from the smartphone.