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February 16, 2016

January 5, 2016

December 12, 2015

global gadget growth trends : 2015 to 2020

the below chart shows and forecasts the growth in conputing gadgets from 2015 to 2020.Tablets will grow the fastest followed by mobile phones and touch enabled ebooks  

"global gadget growth trends : 2015 to 2020"
global gadget growth trends : 2015 to 2020
Small, lightweight tablets will drive most of the growth in the computing hardware market this year, analysts forecast, as sales of PCs continue to fall and smartphone upgrades slow

August 30, 2015

5c smartwatches having the best battery lives

May 28, 2015

Product review : Logitech K760 wireless solar keyboard

 Logitech K760  wireless solar keyboard 

For those who lives on the Mac and iOS side of the technology, here is  something which you  could consider buying with your eyes closed. Besides getting one for yourself ,This  should be  a gift which you should consider for your friends and family who shares with you the apple ecosystem. You will fall in love with this keyboard so much that this  that you would not even thinking of replacing  and perhaps this  could  be the last  keyboard you would have ever purchased  

Powered with solar and indoor lights, forget charging this device unless you are left in a dark room for over 3 months. The Logitech k670 wireless solar keyboard works perfectly with MAC and iOS powered iPhone, iPod and ipad’s . It pairs without hitch up to 3 devices seamlessly and simultaneously.

April 29, 2015

Apple’s revenue by geography:with 70% growth,China set to emerge as no 2 apple market

" apple's revenue from global regions "



 China is on the verge of replacing Europe as apple’s  no 2  biggest revenue making region after growing an at impressive a 70% growth in Q1,2015.
For Apple the growth in Chinese market has surpassed  all  expectations. Europe’s loss is china’s gain as Apple  is set  to  make China its second home after America, the original bastion of  Apple. So far  Apple’s revenue was centered around America which in Q12015  has seen its revenue growing by 23% compared to the  20% growth from  European market. In comparison it has seen  70% growth  from the 
Chinese market during the same duration .Apple’s Asia Pacific revenue  too showed an impressive 33% growth.

Chart of the day : ipad loosing its way in the tablet market

Find more statistics at Statista

 Apple’s  seem to be loosing its leadership position in the tablet market . Apple was the first to enter this market back in  2010  and seems to   have lost their way since its heydays in 2013 when it was in its height of popularity. Tim Cook had termed the dip in sales a speed bump last year. However it seems that this bump is beginning to  slowly look like the  entire road  is bumpy

So how did this happen ? : Blurring of lines between the ipad mini and iphone and original ipad: The ipad mini killed the market for apple. The ipad was the kind of Tablet users liked. Stylishly designed..just the right size.The mini killed this market as ” it only served to  giveusers the message that  even an standard smartphone can be a tablet .Plus the pricing played a big role with the iPhone 6 Plus costing  about the same as an iPad mini up front.

This was a typical positioning disaster you cant  be everything to everyone. The ipad mini started 
cannibalizing its own  flagship brand . You can see  cannibalization of the iPad is shown in a chart from Credit Suiss

Phablets vs Tablets : has the 4 inches Screen Smartphones killed the Tablet star ?

the phablets   have cannibalised the tablet market

The chart shows how Phablets has  sounded the death knell for Tablets

Below the cannibalization of the iPad is shown in a chart from Credit Suisse. Characterizing phablets as “4+ inches” seems a little out of date, but the point is clear, phablets like the iPhone 6 are eating into tablet share across the board.

Apple reveals its ipod sales in US

Statistic: Apple iPod Touch sales in the United States from 3rd quarter 2007 to 2nd quarter 2012 (in 1,000 units) | Statista

 This chart from statista shows Apple iPod touch sales in the United States from the third quarter of 2007 to the second quarter of 2012 .The Apple  iPod was released first in 2001 and since  the initial release, the iPod has developed and evolved and at present there are 4 different versions available on the market: the iPad Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod touch and iPod classic. While the market for MP3 players has been declining Apple has and continues to dominate sales and market share in this area  . During the above time Apple has sold 46.5 million iPod touch units in the US between the device’s introduction in 2007 and the second quarter of 2012

April 26, 2015

media consumption led by devices and gadgets in south korea now bigger the TV viewing

In south korea, out of 5.7 hours of  media usage daily,TV and Smartphones usage now are almost equal .TV usage stands at 88 minutes ,followed by  83mins  spend online from a desktop or a laptop .This is closely followed by mobile  usage which stood at 81mins and tablets with 38mins
Interestingly the highest number of mobile ads seen  by south korean users  was via an app,39% as compared to 36% via search engine

October 5, 2014

Internet speeds Comparison : South Korea, Hong Kong and Switzerland in the top 3

A recent report by Akamai called “The State  of the Internet Report,” South Korea boasts the highest average internet connection speed in the world. Korea’s internet users surfed at an average speed of 24.6 Mbps in the second quarter of 2014 according to Akamai’s measurements (click here for details on their methodology). Korea is trailed by Hong Kong, Switzerland and Japan who each saw average speeds around 15 Mbps. The United States ranked 14th with an average connection speed of 11.4 Mbps, which is still way above the global average of 4.6 Mbps. To add a little perspective on what these speeds mean: At 10 Mbps it takes around 50 minutes to download a 2-hour movie in HD quality

February 4, 2014

US Makes Up 57% of the World’s 90 Billionaires

US global billionaires vs rest of the world
While  Technology Firms are most often seen as the Golden goose when it comes o generate wealth  with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison leading the list . However there have been many billionaires from other industries as diverse as Financial Investments,Media,Food and Beverages Sports, Retail and so on . The chart above shows the list of  the industries that makes up the highest Billionaires and most of them has been self made  .

1. Investments: 100 billionaires
2. Technology: 51 billionaires
3. Media: 37
4. Energy: 35
5. Food and Beverage*: 31
5. Service*: 31
7. Fashion and Retail: 28
8. Real Estate: 27
9. Manufacturing: 18
10. Sports: 15

 Of the 90 tech billionaires in the world, 57% are Americans. Looked at another way: While 12% of U.S. billionaires made their fortunes in tech, just 5% of non-American billionaires did.

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January 25, 2014

5 Disruptive Technology Gadgets that will go mainstream this year

This years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) showed off some breathtaking Technology Devices , and taken off the wraps on upcoming technology and innovations that are expected to go mainstream this year. Among a few of them are ” wearable devices   and internet-connected car

January 23, 2014

When Steve Jobs Finally Made Peace with Microsoft

This is the Video of the 1997 Macworld Expo (August 5-8) in Boston where  Apple and Microsoft  long standing dispute was finally settled.This was a  Huge Turnaround on the part of Apple, and more with Steve Jobs, as he did not have kind words for Bill Gates, and had made no secret of the fact that “Microsoft created legacy systems which put the brakes on Innovation and development

Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be entering into partnership with Microsoft. Included in this was a five-year commitment from Microsoft to release Microsoft Office for Macintosh as well a US$150 million investment in Apple.

As part of the deal Apple and Microsoft agreed to settle a long-standing dispute over whether Microsoft’s Windows operating system infringed on any of Apple’s patents. It was also announced that Internet Explorer would be shipped as the default browser on the Macintosh, with the user being able to have a preference

Apple, Steve Jobs, Personal Computing,Microsoft,IBM

January 19, 2014

Google creates smart contact lens for diabetics

Bloomberg, Business Insider
Google creates smart contact lens for diabetics – Silicon Valley Business Journal: “Google’s latest moonshot project appears to be a smart contact lens aimed at enabling diabetes patients to measure glucose levels.

The company’s secretive X Lab on Thursday said in a blog post that it is developing a lens that uses a wireless chip and a tiny glucose sensor planted between two layers of material designed for soft contact lenses to measure glucose levels in tears.”

The contact lens measures glucose in tears using a wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor. While at a very early stage, Google hopes the technology could help people mana

Google  is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the prototypes consumer ready,
Google isn’t the first company to delve into such a device. Microsoft Corp., among others, has developed similar lens technology.

December 22, 2013

Women in UK to Outnumber Men in Tablet Usage

The UK tablet audience will grow significantly through 2017, according to an eMarketer report, ‘UK Tablet Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates’. As newer, lower-priced tablet models become available and the market matures, the UK will see demographic shifts in uptake.

Marketer expects that 19.7 million people in UK  will use tablets regularly this year, totaling nearly one-third of the population. Adults ages 25 to 54 will be the core of the UK tablet population in 2013 and beyond.

 The largest single group of users between now and 2017 will be 25- to 34-year-olds, with 4 million members this year and 6.6 million by the end of the forecast period

eMarketer expects that more children under the age of 12 will use tablets than teens between 2013 and 2017. And this year, for the first time, women will outnumber men on tablets. 

If estimates are to be believed there will be 9.95 million female and 9.75 million male tablet users in the UK in 2013, equivalent to 50.5% and 49.5% of tablet users, respectively. Penetration rates among the respective genders will differ by just 1.4 percentage points this year, with males being slightly more likely to use tablets than females.

December 4, 2013

Samsung Tops as No 1 in Consumer Electronics Share of Online Choice: The Samsung

the making of samsung2.0

samsung ranked first in " Online Share of Voice"

Samsung Drives Market Share by Dominating Share of Choice : Visible Measures: Samsung has been one of the companies that  has ” seen its Smartphone grow exponentially in the last 3 years ..and for a brand that  has been a also ran till 2009 .. to an overnight star in  the highly competitive Consumer Electronics no mean achievement

Consider this, :Last year Samsung launched nearly 40 campaigns and garnered a True Reach of more than 280 million views. The consumer electronics brand that came closest to equaling that view count in 2012 was Google with 250 million views and then Apple with 92 million views.The brand started to show its viral prowess in 2011. That year, Samsung launched more than 20 different branded video campaigns and generated a True Reach® of more than 50.5 million viewers.

To date, in 2013, Samsung has already generated more than 288 million views, as of September. In 2012, when the brand’s Share of Choice peaked, its brand value also increased by 40% to reach $33 billion

Samsung’s Share of Choice trajectory over 2011 to 2013 – it grew and peaked at north of 70% through most of 2012. And even though it has come down since then, Samsung is still the Share of Choice leader among consumer electronics brands.”