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February 17, 2016

5 amazing things you can do with youtube: from making a ringtone to creating a dubsmash

5 things you never knew you can do with youtube :You can do some cool and amazing thinks with youtube. Didyou know you can create your own ringtones , become a virtual DJ ,by remixing multiple songs, even create dubsmash , get access to NSFW and flagged videos and save only a specific part of the video, and bypass regional filtering and add your special effects, change the background sketch and create charaters and even add subtitles , without even having to get off the chair, for a break.. You can do all of these amazing things with youtube in just under 15 mins

"how youtube can be used to create ringtones, remix or create a dubsmash"

"5 fantastic things you never imagined you could do at youtube:"
1) makng ringtones from Youtube The site MadRingtones enables you to make ringtones from YouTube videos or MP3 files from your computer. To do this enter the URL of the video or MP3 file and click “˜Load’. Listen through, and it lets you specify the tone’s start/end points and then download it to your computer as MP3, AMR, OGG or M4R file.

 2)Playing only the interesting part of the video : You could use the “#t” URL trick to skip to the interesting part. However you can check out TubeChop or Splicd., which allows you to input the length or the duration of the video which you wish to save. Embedd the chopped video, to your Blog or social web

 3)create a remix or a dubsmash; Looking to create a  DJ track  by  remixing your favorite songs. Dont worry. Just download the app called ” zYtDub” which is great video dubbing app which allows you to easily dub any YouTube video with audio from another video
Add the YouTube urls of the video you wish to dub, along with the audio or video to be used as a background score and hit ‘Dubbo’ this will allow you to show a video of your favorite video album by using a different audio recording

 4)Watch removed flagged or NSFW videos ; NSFWYouTube is a site that allows you  watch videos that has been flagged, removed or has been tagged as  NSFW video .Just replace the youtube( only the youtube.. not the entire url with the” nsfw” and watch it with your hearts content

 5)Turning off the related videos section :  Feeling irritated , having to watch  those related videos ?Just add ‘&rel=0′ to the end of the url part of the embed code and you just turned off the related video suggestions!

January 12, 2016

tweaking and optimizing your images on social media : cheat sheet

how to tweak your images for highest ROI across social media

tweaking and optimizing your images on social media : 

Cheat sheet for Tweaking your images for optimizing  for search and social media marketing . Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Pinterest, Youtube, Whatsapp and Google plus