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August 28, 2015

US salaries by states : which states pays the most

Salary Differential  aross United States : U.S. Median Salary by State | StartClass


August 27, 2015

which US states pay the highest average salary to MBA graduates

How starting salaries at America’s Business Schools differ by regions .The Chart shows the geographical difference in average starting salaries for MBA passout from Business Schools in US by state

the most popular online lead generation automation tool for IT enterprises

 Most Popular eMarketing lead generation  Automation Software Solutions"


© 2011 Capterra, Inc.

The  list above show the most popular automation and leadfollowing emarketing lead generation marketing automation software’s are among the most popular among IT Enterprises. Marketing automation lead generation software’s provides a single dashboard tool where  marketers can plan and track campaigns, set up their target consumer and audience profile and filter their end result lead generation activity depending on their objectivity in an integrated way without having to use multiple  softwares or exporting third party data  to find the ROI or efficacy of their online marketing campaigns 

In terms of most popular marketing and lead gen automation tool based on the number of users are INFUSIONSOFT, HUBSPOT and TERADATA apimo. In terms of social media folliwung HUBSPOT, MARKETO and SIMPLYCAST  lead the number 1 to 3 rank 

August 26, 2015

Comparing cloud music services: spotify vs soundcloud

""soundcloud vs spotify music services comparison"


Spotify is a clear leader in the pay for  music streaming market,while Soundcloud is a overwhelming favourite across he world .What adds to  the popularity of Soundcloud  is the fact that it is available worldwide as opposed to Spotify which is present only across a few countries 

Traffic and Popularity : In terms of  traffic Spotify ranks 336 in Alexa globally, while in US it ranks 163 whileSoundCloud ranks  166 in Alexa globally, while in US it ranks 121. This means Soundcloud is the number one choice for free ” music streaming” or music sharing services .Soundcloud is extremely popular in the United States too 

SoundCloud is available to global users as compared to Spotify which is available only to 
USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland.

top 10 most popular online buyer persona research software

The infographic shows a list of research software most popular Project management campaign tools that allows users to create online buyer personas ,allows companies and organizations to track and manage tasks, goals, and teams for projects. The below infographic shows the list of top 10 research and online buyer persona capturing trends.
"Project Management User Research   Infographic"  

August 25, 2015

new home and real estate purchases in Unites states to rise 4.5% in next one year

"annualised new  real estate purchases  in Unites states"

  • Home values in the United States are projected to rise by 4.5% over the next 12 months. 
  • Home values in the United States are expected to rise 4.51% in the next year ( source)
  •  Market growth may be slowing, as this forecasted growth is less than the 6.5% increase seen over the past 12 month median sale price for homes in the United States is $199,000, up 10.56% over the past 12 months.

August 24, 2015

Which is a better investment : luxury resorts vs real estate

Luxury Defined: Average number of days a luxury property spent on the market (as of December 31, 2014) (via Christie’s International Real Estate).

The most expensive luxury Investments:Real Estates vs Resort Estates 

Which would be a better Investment ?Investing in  a real estate property  in New York, London, Berlin or any other financial capital of the world , versus investing  in a real estate property in the  metropolitan or a suburb. 

Does  investing in an upmarket resort hotels for a weekend getaway close to the  city be better than a heritage resort  with a high proximity to a  historical and  tourist destination ?The below infographic compares the price points for knowing which would be a better investment

"The cost of luxury   across primary markets and resorts markets"
The cost of luxury   across primary markets and resorts markets
Luxury Defined: The entry price for luxury homes varies greatly by market, from $750,000 in Durban, South Africa, to $8 million in Beverley Hills. (via Christie’s International Real Estate).