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February 14, 2016

the 5 biggest server and hosting issues that affect search results

Thankfull  only a handful of search and server issues impact search optimization . However when overlooked they spiral into big problems  and hence its worthwhile to  understand hosting issues along with server problems that can negate the effect of a well optimized site

Here are among the biggest web hosting and server issues which impact search visibility

1)Server timeouts :if a search engine makes a request that isn’t served within the bots limited  time, your pages might not be included even in the google index  and will without doubt rank poorly for your given keyword.( As no indexable content is found)

2)Slow response time : response time are extremely vital for your search visibilty as the  search crawlers will have tough time indexing your page.If the response time is low,, its less likely the spider will continue to wait for your site to open as  the crawlers come yo visit your site for minimum and limited time, and non failure to serve your pages during that time will negatively impact your site’s seo

3)Shared IP address . Basic concerns are speed, potential of being linked to sites that originate from the same IP also implies that you are a part of link spam or a spammy neighborhood .

"the 5 biggest server and hosting issues  that affect search results"
How hosting and server issues affect search
4)Bot redirection and handling Some system admins and webmasters  goes overboard with protection and restricted action to files  if a single visitor makes more than certain  number of request in a given time frame.. This will only serve to constantly limit the spider’s ability  to crawl and will effect your search ranking

5)Server geography : Though this is not a major issue with search, but search engine does consider the location of the sever in determining if the site’s  content  is relevant  from  the local search perspective . According to Google around 40% of searches have a local search criteria in terms of search results

February 9, 2016

superbowl advertising timeline down the years

Taking a look at some of the numbers in Superbowl. The numbers are truly mind-boggling. Average american viewer will spend $82.19 on superbowl.
In 2016 ,the cost of 30 second commercial was $5 million, the highest ever. 189 million viewers watched  the Superbowl in 2016
50 million cases of beer are sold  during the super bowl week. 23% viewers were  more interested in watching the commercials  rather than the game. While 45% the game was of primary importance

February 4, 2016

performance feedback and appraisal software : comparison review

This chart from capterra shows the top 10  employee performance  appraisal and feedback software solution The bechmark metrix is based on  the following criteria’s
1)the number of software’s installed across the market/ size of the vendor
2)The number of satisfied  users and enterprise customers
3)Social rating and approvals based on the number of  social media subscribers .

IBM, Oracle ,SuccessFactors, EchoSpan, and Talentia’s products  are ranked from no 1 to 5 in terms of Customers, while the software from   Saba, IBM, Oracle, SuccessFactors  and Ultimate Software are among the top 5 rated by the number of users 

February 2, 2016

Pfizer-Allergan $700 billion acquisition beats Emc-Dell $66 billion to no 2 spot

EMIRATES, DELTA AND  UNITED  are among the worlds most valuable Airlines brand with a combined brand value of over$17.5 billion .The number one airlines brand with a highest brand value is EMIRATES.Emirates  continues to lead the sector with a 21% rise in brand value to US$6.6 billion. Formula 1, the French Open and most importantly football teams from PSG to Real Madrid and Arsenal to AC Milan all display the Emirates logo.

healthcare and technology among top 2 biggest deal makers"

the biggest deals across Industry

  1. The biggest deal  last year was the  Pfizer-Allergan acquisition of $600 billion which was one of the biggest across healthcare in recent times
  2. The Technology industry’s biggest deal of Dell-Emc was number 2  with  $66 billion.
  3. Across real estate vertical the acquisition of  Deutsche Wohnen  by  Vonovia  was just $10billion
  4. Oil and Gas saw the deal in which the BG group was acquired by Royal Dutch Shell for $69.8 billion

what are the biggest 3 emerging jobs in big data

The most in-demand skills are in Big Data vertical are  VMWare expertise, application development, open source technology,data warehousing and Python programming skills. , 

"what are the 3  emerging hottest jobs in big data"
The  infographic from analytics vidya reflects the 3 most hottest big data jobs  which are
 1) data scientist,
2)data engineer and
According to job sites and based on interviews with big IT majors The advertised salary for technical professionals with Big Data expertise is $104,850 net of bonuses and additional compensation.

February 1, 2016

which US city leads in having the highest number of founders and ceo’s

"new york leads city with highest number of females"

In  terms of  sheer numbers, New York city leads in having  women run business across diverse industries. 

"women backed founders"

When it comes to . Founders who are women, as well as  women CEO”s . New York is number one by a large margin. Neither San Francisco nor Chicago even comes close to New York, in companies with at least one female co-founder. In fact, none of the other cities even break 100.

 According to Techcrunch which takes into account ” Crunchbase data on women led start ups reveal the following numbers.
From 2009 to 2014, CrunchBase records 14,341 U.S.-based startups that received funding. Of those, 15.5%, or 2,226, have at least one female founder.start up

January 26, 2016

obamacare at crossroads as insurance co-ops set to be abandoned


A new breed of health insurers created under the Obama Affordable Care Act — was intended to create non-profit insurers is  on its last legs now ,with several of the ventures forced to close down around the  country. President Obama’s much vaunted Obamacare — is on shaky financial ground in many of the 23 states where the plans began.

The nonprofit health plans were envisioned as a consumer-friendly counterweight to for-profit insurers, a way to provide more competition, greater consumer choice and better coverage in markets typically dominated by big commercial carriers. The government allocated billions of dollars in loans for them, Insurance co ops under health law received $1.17billion  in federal loans , which the government said its  working on recouping the funds

January 21, 2016

how mobile beacon is disrupting consumer retail shopping

"mobile beacon's and how it will help retailers"
Mobile Beacons  a new proximity based technology which is designed to drive customer loyalty and in-store sales, is  set to  distrupt online retail in a big way.
Beacons are small, Bluetooth-enabled devices ( cabe placed to a wall or in the sales counter )  which send signals to the customers smartphone  once they are s within 50-100 feet of the device. Mobile beacon’s  automatically start triggering personalized coupons, special offers,  personal recommendations and loyalty rewards. Typically, one beacon is needed for every 5,000 square feet of store space.

"How mobile beacon is changing  retail shopping forever"


Mobile beacons are the latest disruption based marketing’s latest technology, that is promising to change the way ”  marketers  and consumers interact.

Mobile beacons could be uniqely leveraged by brands and marketers across  physical stores  just at the  right moment..  A mobile beacon can be used by retailer to run personal recommendation’s based on the ” item, product or brand the customer has just seen or purchased . Additionally it can be used to send discounted coupons, membership reward points including loyalty benefits

This layer of ” social and personal customization” including  personal recommendations, while shopping  is bound to ” provide much relevant in-store shopping experience for  the consumer

Facebook has  recently announcement that it will begin testing mobile beacons as part of its new
Place Tips” Facebook also now offers beacon technology at no cost to retailers who have Facebook pages.

January 19, 2016

These 10 Start up Unicorns are paying the best salary to retain the best

For unicorns.. getting the right people  are at times  bigger than clients. Unlike bigger and established  companies that have the continuity of legacy  infrastructure : to back them.. years of business continuity where systems and process are replicated to the T

In Start ups however its  the ability to scale up, adding value  and faster turnaround times needs more than talented people  who are willing to get out of their comfort zone at a cost.. Most of that times.. its ” compensation” along with other perks that play a key role in getting the right people
"biggest unicorns that pay the highest salaries"

This chart shows which Unicorns pay the  best salary based on the market. The data  is based on ” crunchbase lederboard and been matched with glassdoor reviews

p 20 highest paying startup unicorns. These 10 Start up Unicorns are paying the best salary to retain the best

1.CLOUDERA – provides  Apache Hadoop-based software and support to businesses,
Compnsation :One of the best paymasters across start ups with mployee median salary coming in at more than $142,000. .

2.JAWBONE  -A wearable health and fitness company  which tracks  you while you work out
Average base median annual salary $130,000

3.MEDALLIA – provides cust services as SaaS platform  to hospitality, retail, and financial sectors  Average median annual base salary $121,920 –

4.PINTEREST– median annual base salary $118,420

5.DROPBOX – cloud storage start up.
Average median annual base salary $116,840

6.AIRBNB– biggest vacation and rental marketplace
Average  median annual base salary $116,840 –

7. KABAM – develops online Gaming
Average median annual base salary $116,840 –

8. APPDYNAMICS – Performance analysis app
Average median annual base salary $114,218

9. CREDITKARMA – provides free Credit Report to consumers
Average median annual base salary $111,760

10.OKTA – helps business manage  their security and online identity
Average  median annual base salary $110,000

January 18, 2016

money transfers and point of sales start up eccostem

Featured above are the key start up players across  POS ( Point of sale and money transfer services )

Online payment services: Startups including Stripe and WePay that help businesses move their payments-processing online and make it more available, secure, and inexpensive.

Billing automation and streamlining: Zuora and Paymentus, among others which help automate financial processes and billing.

Point-of-sale payments: iZettle, Revel Systems and others offer point-of-sale products and services, including card readers, stands, and digital storefronts.

 Among the pubic companies Square has put more of an emphasis on small business lending and financial services

 Personal payment services: Start ups  like  like MobiKwik and Affirm focus on providing consumers with more convenient payment platforms. niches.

Bitcoin payments: Companies like Coinbase and BitPay that use digital currency to make payments faster and more secure

January 16, 2016

registered vehicles with iOT( internet of things) application

"registered IOT vehicles application by regional marketsize:

The above chart shows registered vehicles with Internet of things Application (IOT) forcasted till 2030
Meanwhile a recent Gartner estimates that IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenues exceeding $300 billion in 2020. It predicts that around  4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020

IDC forecasts that the worldwide market for IoT solutions will grow from $1.9 trillion in 2013 to $7.1 trillion in 2020

January 15, 2016

January 11, 2016

30 years of start ups that led job creation: 1985 to 2015

The above chart show the percentage of new jobs created by start up companies in US. since 1980 onwards. Apparently 1986 saw the highest percentage of jobs created by start up companies in the last 35 years ith start ups creating 3% of total US jobs . In 2013 the lowest percentage of jobs ( 2%) were created by start ups. This data is provided by US census

January 1, 2016

40% business do not use ” security encryption” for storing data in cloud

40% business do not use ” security encryption” for storing data in cloud.The below infographic shows why although big data and cloud are being increasingly adopted by enterprises despite security concerns and risk awareness  and storing big data on cloud 

"The rise of the cloud : security or productivity"
Despite the fact that cloud data storage is becoming more popular, a full 88% of businesses surveyed to get the infographic statistics aren’t using the cloud to its fullest because of security concerns. More than 40% of those businesses say that cloud security issues are more critical than they have ever been.

December 16, 2015

WPP reveals the 10 fastest growing brands this year; Alibaba &Facebook; tops

This years Millward brown brand report has some surprises and a few expected brand rankings 2015 number one global brand has been Apple.The Brand Value of the Top 10 brands almost tripled, to $1.1 trillion, one-third of the total value of the Global Top 100.Whereas the top 100 brand value now stands at $3.3 trillion, a 14% increase on 2014 and a 126% growth over 2006 .Apple, with its relentless focus on the consumer experience, and the ability to wow its consumers demonstrated this yet again with the iPhone 6, returns to the top spot with a 67 percent increase in brand value.

"WPP reveals the 10 fastest growing brands this year; "
WPP  and Millward brown’s  BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, in 2015, .
The biggest riser is Facebook with an increase in value of 99% The  fastest growing brand this yeat ( new entry) is the online retailer Alibaba which debuted in the retail ranking at $66.4 billion, helping to grow the retail category ranking by 24% and overtaking both Amazon and Walmart This years Fastest rising brand report shows that “Five of the 10 Top Riser brands come from technology or telecom providers categories. Other fastest growing brands were Domino’s Pizza which won on brand strength and communication.Amazon grew faster with its consistent and  awesome customer care. Other fastest growing brands were  Skoll ,Verizon, Google and Zara were

November 5, 2015

How easy is it to make money driving for uber : Infographic

"How easy is it to make money driver for uber : Infographic"
" how much do Uber drivers earn from each trip"

How Much  Money are Uber drivers making per trip

Uber  has completed a new round of funding that values the five-year-old ride-hailing company at close to $51 billion. So how much do you think an average driver can make “using it as an alternate career move”
    1)According to Uber, last year the median wage for an UberX driver working at least 40 hours a week in New York City averaged to about $43 an hour, which was revised by Uber in early 2015 to $30 / hour.(source)

  • Uber last year infamously claimed many of its drivers made more than $90,000 per year, but it did not account for the cost of driver expenses like gas and car maintenance
  • However the money they make depends on the areas they drive across US.In LA an average uber driver makes between $20-$25 an hour. In New York drivers make over $30 an hour. Driving full-time, the average Uber driver in the U.S. can make around $40,000 net a year (after expenses and taxes ( source )
  •  New York City, Austin, and San Francisco were the most profitable per-trip locations. Chicago, Baltimore, and Nashville were the least profitable.  New York City was  the most lucrative circuit  .The average New York city trip was on average 106.6% over the national average for the five-month period.

November 1, 2015

London’s hottest 3 start ups in 2015

" London's hottest start ups"

Which  industry verticals  are venture funds most likely to invest in

London’s investors list an average of 13 market  verticals tags each and are most interested in the large general markets like  (404), Consumer Internet (367), Enterprise Software (266) and E-Commerce (215). The most popular markets for London’s investors:

1)DELIVEROO 76-78 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QS
 Deliveroo drivers collect the food and deliver it “usually seven to eight minutes after it leaves the kitchen”.Its a QS food ordering system as well as provides logistical support to fast food giants as well as neighbourhood stores.Orders can be delivered only via tablet ( android and iOS app). Its present in ten UK cities — as well as Dublin, Paris and Berlin — Deliveroo raised £16m in January
and plans to expand into 30 cities by year end

Co Founders:Will Shu and Greg Orlowski

 2)IMPROBABLE 20 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3HE 

Improbable calls itself as an enabler of connecting gaming enthusiasts online . Its vision is to  create vast online games with thousands of players playing across virtual worlds.The company is using the ” technique of “distributed systems” used in high-frequency trading and applying them to video games.
 the company recently announced $20 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

Co-founders:  Cambridge graduates Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead

3)WORLDREMIT 66 Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UD Worldremit is your typical money exchange services, much like western union. However WorldRemit makes the process easier while charging lower commission than high-street banks. The company already has raised fund to the tune of raised $100 million in February from Technology Crossover Ventures and Accel, with plans to expand into the US and worldwide The World Bank estimates that international money transfers will hit $646 billion in 2015.

Co-founders :Having a former UN advisor as a co-founder surely helps . Its founded by  former UN adviser Ismail Ahmed.