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April 1, 2016

1 billion mobile subscribers,with 10 times mobile traffic being added every 6 month

"global mobile trafic growing by 1 billion  in 6 months "
By the end of 2015 half of the world’s population had at least one mobile subscription, totaling over 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers. By 2020, around three-fifths of the global population will have a mobile subscription with 4.6 billion users with a growth of 4% CAGR with close to one billion new subscribers being added in 6 months

 At the end of 2015 half of the world’s population had at least one mobile subscription, totaling over 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers. By 2020, around three-fifths of the global population will have a mobile subscription with 4.6 billion users with a growth of 4% CAGR  with close to one billion new subscribers being added in 6 months  

Developed markets are growing more slowly as penetration rates approach levels close to saturation. For example, in Europe and North America, unique subscriber growth was below 1% in 2015. At the other end of the spectrum, Sub-Saharan Africa was still the world’s most under-penetrated region with subscriber growth at nearly 12%. 

GLOBAL MOBILE  PENETRATION:: From 50% in 2015 ,,penetration will  exceed 59% by 2020
3G/4G MOBILE CONNECTIONS : 3G and 4g connections across the world  will exceed 69% in 2020  from 39% in 2015
NUMBER OF SMARTPHONES: Number from Smartphones across the world will reach 5.9billion by 2020 compared to 2.6 billion as of 2015
MOBILE TRAFFIC” set to grow 10 fold by 2019   

GLOBAL SIM CONNECTIONS :.Global SIM Connections  is set to reach 10 billion from 7.3 billion by 2020 Mobile operator revenues will growth from $1.15 trillion to $1.40 trillion, which is a growth of 3.1% CAGR 

February 20, 2016

Salesforce ups its arsenal with with the acquisition of machine learning start up PredictionIO

" how machine learning is changing the world of big data"

Machine Learning and its application across Industries

Salesforce with its acquisition of Machine Learning start up, salesforce looks to stock ups its cloud based data science business by strengthening its arsenal further. Salesforce has recently acquired similar machine learning start ups RelateIQ and Tempo AI, among other companies.Machine learning is a predictive and powerful recommendation engine which uses algorithms to crunches tons and petabytes of unstructured data into meaningful insights..Its application in Big data is immense. Click below to see applications of machine learning in real life

The simplest examples of machine learning in action are aggregator sites like like reditt or quora, or google news where consumer generated questions are automatically grouped by algorithm and arranged by topics and are automatically classified into meaningful categories. News aggregators are examples of real time machine learning .
Amazon is one of the pioneers in use machine learning.. with the concept of ” using social proof” to encite users to buy related products

February 8, 2016

when to use a sub domain vs a domain

When to use a subdomain instead of a domain 

  • The debate between a domain and a subdomain has been there for years. What most people do not understand is that creating a subdomain has no significance unless you create a totally different product line or your company has launched a new product and has a totally new content and would like to use a catchy subdomain
  • One good reason for using a subdomain is that you would look more authoritative to users However take into account that it is much less expensive to use a subfolder and and have slightly less panache that it is to educate through branding an advertising
  •  However a subfolder will work 99% of the time.Keeping content on a single root domains and single subdomain gives the maximum seo benefits as the engine passes on all the positive metrics , including the backlinks and the PR earned by the site
  • Subdomains are definitely not worth the time and  not a popular choice if SEO is a prime concern. Subdomain may iherit the ranking benefits and benefits of the root domain they are hosted underneath, but they do not always do Subdomains may be used when keyword usage in the doman name is of critical importance For example own, you can pull in quality search traffic for the specific term used toyota trucks with a microsite

February 7, 2016

February 2, 2016

top 25 corporations with highest number of government contracts

The chart shows the manufacturing business and the number of contracts which they have won from the US Government.While General Electric’s 30,633 contracts stand apart from the pack and cost the government a combined $37.9 billion over 15 years.
The number 2 was General Dynamic Corporation with 22,550 contracts,
Bae Systems  ranks no 3 with 19016 contracts
Hewlett Packard is the only consumer IT company which figures in this top 25 list  and rank 14th position with 4268 contracts
As compared to  No 1  General Electric , Boeing’s  9,948 govt contracts have cost US Govt more than seven times as much ($267 billion).

October 27, 2015

US top 3 billion dollar start up valuation exceed $95billion

These are the top 10 highest valued start ups

" start up valuation to funding ratio"
source : Wsj

The top 3 start ups  in US is now valued at a combined $95 billion. Uber leads the list with $51billion  followed by  Airbnb which is valued at  $25.5billion while Palantir is valued at $20billion
Snapchat and SpaceX is respectively valued $16billion and $12billion .

Meanwhile in terms of available funding these 5 top start up companies  has been funded combined upto the tune of $16billion. Effectively the  start up funding to valuation ratio for these top 5 companies is 5 times.

October 26, 2015

Top 10 US cities with highest pay vs highest number of jobs

Which US Cities has the biggest pay and highest career options

The above chart shows the changes in salaries across the last 15 years in US and how it has changed over the last few years

The charts above compares US cities whihc pays highest that any other US city vs US cities which provide the highest employment

September 8, 2015

September 2, 2015

The digital marketing triad of content distribution


  • Earned Content Distribution: This is when third-parties share or publish your content through social media, guest posts, media coverage or product reviews.
  • Owned Content Distribution: This includes publishing content to web properties that belong to you, like your blog, email newsletter, or social media profiles.
  • Paid Content Distribution: Sponsored content which  is paid by advertisers to publishers  who are paid for carrying a editorial/creative or a press release 
What you did not about Bain Capital : know these 10 trivia facts  and how  the company is incubating several start up companies

Bain Capital

August 24, 2015

Which is a better investment : luxury resorts vs real estate

Luxury Defined: Average number of days a luxury property spent on the market (as of December 31, 2014) (via Christie’s International Real Estate).

The most expensive luxury Investments:Real Estates vs Resort Estates 

Which would be a better Investment ?Investing in  a real estate property  in New York, London, Berlin or any other financial capital of the world , versus investing  in a real estate property in the  metropolitan or a suburb. 

Does  investing in an upmarket resort hotels for a weekend getaway close to the  city be better than a heritage resort  with a high proximity to a  historical and  tourist destination ?The below infographic compares the price points for knowing which would be a better investment

"The cost of luxury   across primary markets and resorts markets"
The cost of luxury   across primary markets and resorts markets
Luxury Defined: The entry price for luxury homes varies greatly by market, from $750,000 in Durban, South Africa, to $8 million in Beverley Hills. (via Christie’s International Real Estate).

June 3, 2015

Hr and Talent management Software Review: Top 10 list

"top 10 software talent management solutions"

"recruitment software for  talent management"

source : capterra/smallbusiness

Recruitment of talented manpower, and retaining them has today become the priority number one forany business that is trying to differentiate itself from competition . With increasing challenges in the workplace along with resource crunch of ” employable workforce”. It has all the more become imperative for organizations to invest in a world class ” talent acquisition and management ” Talent Management software is used by companies to recruit, manage, evaluate and compensate employees. One of the fastest growing sectors within the HR software industry, the talent management software market is currently estimated to be $4-6 billion. Below is a look at the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of clients, active users and online presence.

June 1, 2015

The 5 parameters which google uses to rank mobile friendlness

"google search ranking  parameters"

The 5 functionalities which google considers relevant for your site’s mobile friendliness

The new Google mobile friendliness  search update has been a watershed in the history of search marketing.Its an indication of how the Internet is moving towards digitally connected devices  and how “the nature of search” is moving from content driven approach towards  functional led approach

The chart shows what you need to actively invest in when it comes  to your key focus areas. Feature and functionality are the  biggest  issues when it comes to your mobile site.Assume if a person who does not know ” a mobile search” from a desktop search who is suddenly asked to  navigate your sites content on a smartphone.That is half the problem solved. Make use of sliders  including collapsible content.Ensure your call to actions is prominently displayed  via big buttons.The contact us  functionality should be based on click to call and click to sms. 

August 5, 2014

The Science of Buying an Auto Online : Insights from a mobile auto searcher

Auto buying on  the mobile web : Tracking consumer path to purchase

How do consumers search for autos ,when they are shown auto ads ? how many of them  search for information on auto brands, visit their  site or use mobile apps to engage with the brand ?

The above  infographic  tracks the path of  a  mobile consumers path to purchasing an auto . How many respondents look for ‘ a brand,  the size  or the features.? WAs a sedan  was most preferred or a hatchback. How many users intended to buy a SUV in the next 6 months ? The below graph shows how  users  are engaging with the ” display or text banners on their mobile ”   when they are targeted advertising for auto ads…. 
and more importantly where they turn to for a product research  information.?

Not surprisingly its the  Comparison sites, Car and Auto Review sites that   are among the  most visited 

The following are the percentage of users that use mobile to  search and shop for their speific cars based  on size, features or both 
  1. 38% respondents across Inmobi network are looking to buy Small car
  2. 21% were searching for SUV
  3. 17% searched for sedan
  4. 18% searched for a Luxuty car
  5. 14% searching for an electric car
  6. 15% looking for a bike or a Motorcycle

June 20, 2014

Out of 7 hours of media consumers watch in a day, Mobile accounts for 1.8hours :25% engagement happens on smartphoness

Most watched meos 
                              Mobile devices rule media consumption:

According to Inmobi Globally mobile ranks first in media  consumption with 1.8 hours of the  7 hours spent consuming media   this is more than a quarter of time  spent on mobile, outpacing TV (1.5 hours),  PCs (1.6 hours) and any other channel.  Clearly, mobile asserts its dominance
over Internet & traditional media.