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March 20, 2015

Instagram and Pinterest seeing huge adoption by SMB’s,as social media spends rise 17%

"Social Media Spends "

 SMBs that spend more than $25,000 yearly on ad budgets to allocate 17.4% of their to social media in the next 12 month

Small and Medium Business seems to be very upbeat on Social Media, and plans to increase their budgets this year. Spenders are using multiple social media, with impressive showings by Twitter’s promoted Tweets, along with Pinterest and Instagram gaining a huge popularity among the SMB’s According to BIA/Kelsey these are the most used social media platforms gaining big traction among marketers and where they plan to spend the most are

Google (social or local) – used by 26.4% of Plus Spenders
Twitter (regular Tweets) – used by 26 percent of Plus Spenders
Twitter (promoted Tweets) – used by 20.3%of Plus Spenders
Instagram – used by 16.3 percent of Plus Spenders 
Pinterest – used by 13 percent of Plus Spenders Yahoo (social or local) – used by 12.6% of spenders