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December 13, 2015

coming soon :instagram with 3D touch features

Instagram is planning to bring the 3D Touch feature of ‘Peek and Pop’, currently exclusive to Apple iPhone 6s series, to Android as well. A report on The Verge had noted that the feature had gone live with a new update on Android, but it was later pulled back by Instagram. – 

 However there are some limitations on using Instagram , as users can access 3D Touch features only inside the app and not from the homescreen. Also Android users need to long press to access the feature. The lack of pressure-sensitive screens on Android makes the whole experience less exciting compared to latest iPhones. –

October 18, 2015

decreasing bounce rates by using instagram photos in your email marketing campaigns

how social buttons increase email marketing effectiveness”.Lessons from Nike

" how instagram is driving email engagement"

how Instagram can be used to decrease bounce rates and increase engagement

According to a recent conducted study by Curalate and the Internet Marketing Association, only 8% are using social media images and posts to drive email marketing tweet

Instagram’s popularity as a social media photo sharing site is a great opportunity for marketers to use them as a social email marketing strategy. the study also revealed that For example, while 76% of emails include social media buttons, just 14% of emails are being optimized with social images. and , Instagram images are used within emails less than 3% of the time

A recent fitness retail brand delivered a 7X lift in engagement with product photos on their website just 24 hours after sending their first Instagram integrated email..

July 26, 2015

Know the brand : 10 Facts about Instagram you did not know

" 10 facts about instagram you did not know"

Instagram Company Statistics Data

  1.  Number of users it had after 2 months since its launch : 1 million
  2. Total number of Instagram users                                   :182,500,000
  3. Total number of photos shared on Instagram                :18,700,000,000
  4.  Average photos uploaded daily at Instagram                :58,000,000
  5. Average number of likes per day                                   :1,650,000,000
  6. Percent of Instagram users located outside the US        : 60 %
  7. videos uploaded to Instagram every  first 24 hrs           : 5,000,000
  8. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010
  9. Users on the internet who use Instagram in percentage : 13%
  10. On February 26th, 2013 it celebrated  a 100 million users

 Among Genders who uses  Instagram more :
 Men 10 %
Women 16 %

Instagram usage by race and ethnicity
  1. Race / Ethnicity
  2. White, Non-Hispanic 11 % 
  3. Black, Non-Hispanic 23 %
  4. Hispanic 18 %
  5. Instagram users Age : 
  6. 18-29:   2 8%( in percentage)
  7. 30-49:   14%
  8. 50-64    3%
  9. 65+       2%
Source: Track Maven, Pew Research, Instagram
Research Date: June 11th, 2015

July 9, 2015

compete and alexa ranks top 15 social networking sites this year

"top 10 most visited social websites"

" social networking sites with highest visitors  ranking"

" top 15 social networking sites in 2015"
data/source :ebizmba

Alexa and Compete published their list of most trafficked  social web sites  this year . Social networking sites led by Facebook and Twitter rules the  social box office with  compete ranking it 3 and Alexa ranking in 2. Alexa ranks websites in terms of web traffic, as a result the lower the alexa rank, the higher the traffic and vice versa.  Compete is a similar tool which ranks web sites  as per unique visitors.
Twitter and Linkedin make the number 2 and 3  most frequented social networks with a compete ranking it  21 and Alexa ranking it 7. Linkedin ranks  25 in compete and 9 in Alexa

July 8, 2015

comparison of online user engagement across twitter and Instagram

"comparison of online user engagement  across twitter and instagram'
" instagram engagement rate higher that Twitter"

Out of Instagram’s  estimated 300m monthly active users around  70% of these people are outside the US.Instagram users  post 70m photos and hit the ‘like’ button 2.5billion times. (according to Instagram’s own blog)

However in terms of engagement and bounce rate Instagram score way ahead of  any other social network. And it actually beats twitter hands down..Brands using Instagram are seeing higher levels of engagement than on Twitter, according to data from Socialbakers.
Focusing purely on the top 25 most engaging brands, the average post engagement rate is 3.31% on Instagram compared to 0.07% on Twitter.

June 7, 2015

Facebook and Whatsapp active users exceed 2.5billion and counting

"As of January 2015, there are 829 million active QQ accounts, with a peak of 176.4 million simultaneous online QQ users"

Latest Social Media usage and statistics around the world

The above chart shows the latest social media users across the world. Facebook  continues to top global social media usage with 1.5 billion active users and is miles ahead of its nearest competitor QQ.Chinese  based Tencent holdings owned QQ is ranked no 2 with  829 million active users  with a peak of 176.4 million simultaneous online .

Whatsap with over 700 million users is ranked 3rd while Facebook’s messenger  service with 500million + users is ranked 5th. Linkedin and Skype  ranks 7th and 8th with  347 and 300 million users .Google plus and Instagram takes the 9th  rank with  both standing at 300million users. Twitter ranks 12th with 288million active users

Facebook  with its messenger service along with whatsapp together exceed 2.5billion active users 

May 7, 2015

gender differences in social media usage in US teens

" teens and social media usage in US"
"gender differences in US teens"

Facebook remains the most used social media site among American teens ages 13 to 17 with 71% of all teens using the site, even as half of teens use Instagram and  2 out of 5  use Snapchat. Asked which platforms they used most often, the overall population of teens in this sample (ages 13 to 17) reported that Facebook was the site they used most frequently (41% said that), followed by Instagram (20%) and Snapchat (11%).

 Research  data from Pew Internet  suggests Boys are more likely than girls to report that they visit Facebook most often (45% of boys vs. 36% of girls). Girls are more likely than boys to say they use Instagram (23% of girls vs. 17% of boys)

May 4, 2015

Instagram now reach 32% US smartphone users

Instagram in May reached 32% of US smartphone mobile media users aged 18 and older who use iOS and Android platforms, per comScore, up from 29.3% reach the prior month, and ranking as the 8th largest app by reach. Facebook remained the top app, with 76.4% reach.

March 29, 2015

Twitter’s Most Popular Brand by Followers: Youtube and Instagram among most followed

The  chart from statista graph shows most popular brands on Twitter worldwide as of October 2014. With 45.5 million followers, YouTube was the most popular brand on Twitter.Instagram and Twitter ranks 2nd and 3rd with 35million and 32million respectively.

March 24, 2015

March 20, 2015

Instagram and Pinterest seeing huge adoption by SMB’s,as social media spends rise 17%

"Social Media Spends "

 SMBs that spend more than $25,000 yearly on ad budgets to allocate 17.4% of their to social media in the next 12 month

Small and Medium Business seems to be very upbeat on Social Media, and plans to increase their budgets this year. Spenders are using multiple social media, with impressive showings by Twitter’s promoted Tweets, along with Pinterest and Instagram gaining a huge popularity among the SMB’s According to BIA/Kelsey these are the most used social media platforms gaining big traction among marketers and where they plan to spend the most are

Google (social or local) – used by 26.4% of Plus Spenders
Twitter (regular Tweets) – used by 26 percent of Plus Spenders
Twitter (promoted Tweets) – used by 20.3%of Plus Spenders
Instagram – used by 16.3 percent of Plus Spenders 
Pinterest – used by 13 percent of Plus Spenders Yahoo (social or local) – used by 12.6% of spenders

February 27, 2015

US Most Visited Top 10 Multi Platform Social networks : Google + inches ahead of Twitter

chart of the day
The above chart  shows data on the top 10 most visited social networks in US  across cross platform devices including browser-based visits across personal computers, tablets and mobile phones
Facebook forms 55.2% of all visits to social media websites in US,followed by Youtube with 20.7% Americans logging in via their smartphones, Tablets or PC/Desktops 

Suprisingly Twitter  is loosing out to Google Plus in terms of online visits as  Google + 4% share  to twitters 2.52% visits. QA Community site Yahoo Answers is visited more than Linkedin( 1.45% vs 1.38%), followed by Pinterest 1.12%


April 8, 2014

Social Media Reach Across Multi-Platform Devices

Social Media Platform by Reach

 Twitter and Instagram are closely matched in total reach, a finding that makes sense given a recent report from the Pew Research Center indicating that a majority of Twitter users also use Instagram. Facebook, of course, continues to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Meanwhile, only LinkedIn and Vine are accessed by primarily by desktop-only visitors.

December 23, 2013

Why Pinterest and Instagram usage among Women show 50% growth

Women are gradually exceeding men in terms of social media engagement. The latest research  research from SheKnows and Harris Interactive shows tha5t after nUK where women outnumbered men US is following the same trend as ” research shows that d US female social network users formed  79% of women ages 25 to 54 used Facebook regularly, compared with a dramatically lower 35% who said they regularly visited YouTube, 30% who said the same of Pinterest, 22% for Twitter, and just 13% for Instagram Read more at

Usage of  of Pinterest  among Women users  are showing an upward trend , along with blogging platforms,  and  Instagram. However Facebok still dominates as 30% female users  spend 30%  on Facebook
Women are increasingly using social media to express themselves and have an identity of   their own as ” Men gradually move ” to Gadgets and Smartphone to view sports , Technology and Politcal news

October 28, 2013

Mobile Video App Faceoff : Vine vs Instagram

Vine Plays Catch-Up To Instagram With New Features – ReadWrite: “Vine, the Twitter-owned microvideo service, updated its iOS app and narrowed its feature gap with Instagram video. A new “sessions” feature allows users can save any six-second video post and return to it later; another, which Vine calls “time travel,” lets users remove, reorganize or replace video clips.

Instagram vs Vine Faceoff

October 25, 2013

Most used Social Media web sites ls in 2013

So how much does ” Brands and Marketers spend on social media ? The above infographic from  digital insights shows that Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin are the most popular social channels for marketers

Almost three-quarters (70 percent) of brand marketers surveyed by CMO Council and Vizu show that they planned to spend more on their social media marketing in 2013, with mobile (69 percent) and video marketing (64 percent) also high on their budgetary checklist.

According to Nielsen and NM Incite’s latest Social Media Report, consumers continue to spend more time on social networks than on any other category of sites—roughly 20 percent of their total time online via personal computer (PC), and 30 percent of total time online via mobile

October 3, 2013

Photo Sharing Acquisitions and Mergers : The 10 Most expensive List

Ranking of the most expensive photo-sharing acquisitions as of 2012
 This chart from  Statista shows “The Most expensive Acquisitions and Mergers for photo sharing websites  in the last 15 years

The No 1 on the list is of  Facebook taking over from ” Instagram” During the tenure  1999  to 2012 On April 9, 2012, Facebook announced its impending acquisition of Instagram, a free photo-sharing app, for approximately 1 billion U.S. dollars in cash and stock, making it the most expensive exit of a photo-sharing website ever. The second-most expensive photo-website sale was News Corp’s 2007 purchase of Photobucket.

March 22, 2013

McDonald’s New Mobile Advertising ” Share Your Instagram Moments”

When users tap on the mobile ad, it expands and claims that the Big Mac is “the best thing to happen to your mouth since teeth.”From there, users can take a picture of their McDonald’s Big Macs, as well as view a gallery of other photos.
McDonald’s is asking its consumers to connect with the brand on Instagram and take pictures of their favorite meals via a new mobile advertising campaign.
The company is running the campaign through a variety of mobile-optimized sites including Us Magazine, Spin and Billboard
The McDonald’s mobile banner ad reads “Share Your Biggest Instagram Moments” and “#Instafestival Big Mac. Tap to Expand.”
Earlier McDonald’s also ran its sixth iAd campaign, which not only promoted the company’s products, but took advantage of the device’s capabilities to offer a more interactive experience (see story).
Most recently, the fast food giant used a mobile application and rich media advertising to get the word out about its Fish McBites product