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December 22, 2015

the internet digital divide vs gender divide

"digital divide in 2015"
GLOBAL DIGITAL DIVIDE Broadly speaking, the difference is not necessarily determined by the access to the Internet, but by access to ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and to Media that the different segments of society can use. With regards to the Internet, the access is only one aspect, other factors such as the quality of connection and related services should be considered. Today the most discussed issue is the availability of the access at an affordable cost and quality
"the  internet digital divide vs gender divide"
DIGITAL GENDER DIVIDE around the world is another major issue  In the least developed countries, only 8% of females will have used the internet in 2015 compared with 11.3% of males. Those statistics echo a September UN report that found that women in low- and middle-income countries are 21% less likely to own a mobile phone, helping perpetuate inequality between men and women. The ITU has set a goal to achieve gender equality among internet users by 2020.

November 13, 2015

November 3, 2015

Regional distribution of web usage in United Kingdom;

"UK internet demographics by geographic region"

UK Internet usage and Penetration by Region

In terms of web usage  across United Kingdom , The west Midlands, east Midlands, East of England,London, Scotland ,South East were regions across UK which had the higher internet and web usage

"regional distribution of internet usage across United Kingdom"
:Source: Office for National Statistics

Regional Distribution  of internet usage in UK

  1. The South East had the highest proportion of recent internet users (90%) and Northern Ireland was the area with the lowest proportion (80%) 
  2. In quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2015, 86% of adults (44.7 million) in the UK had used the internet in the last 3 months (recent users)
  3.  Across UK it is estimated that  of 85% The South East had the highest proportion of recent internet users (90%) and Northern Ireland was the area with the lowest proportion (80%).

growth of web usage among seniors : 58% seniors are online today

" use of internet among Americans"

" growth of seniors in web usage"

In 2000, 70% of young adults used the internet and that figure has steadily grown to 96% today. At the other end of the spectrum, 14% of seniors used the internet in 2000, while 58% do so today. Not until 2012 did more than half of all adults ages 65 and older report using the internet.

November 2, 2015

10 best free photo editing software for windows and Mac

Photo and Image Editing Tools

Pixlr – Fully functional alternative to Adobe Photoshop. (Web, Windows, Mac)
GIMP – Another Photoshop alternative. (Linux, Mac) – GIMP for Windows (Windows)
Seashore – Basic image editing with layers, textures, gradients and more. (Mac)

Phixr :Lots of filters and effects, easy to use, connects to Facebook, Twitter,
InkScape – Professional vector graphics editor, replaces Adobe Illustrator (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Pinta – Another great Illustrator alternative. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Canva –makes design easy templates for infographics, banners, newsletters.
Fotor : free online designer and editing tool for amateur and pros
Pixlr-o-Matic –Photo  app with filters and lots of effects   (Android, iOS Mac, Chrome)
Photoscape – Fun and easy photo editing software. (Windows, Mac)

October 30, 2015

top 10 european consumer internet start ups valued above a billion USD by VC firms

' start ups above a billion dollars in valuation in Europe"

13 European  consumer Internet start ups  are valued between 1billion to 10billion USD

  1. The number one consumer Internet brand  is SPOTIFY  with a valuation of $8.5billion  
  2. GLOBAL FASHION GROUP  ranks 2nd and is valued at $3.4 billion 
  3. DELIVERY HERO  ranks 3rd and is valued at $3.1 billion

 "start ups above a billion dollars in valuation in Europe"

What are the worlds biggest internet companies across each nation

Google is USA, and the worlds biggest  internet company valued at $410billion

Tencent  is China’s biggest  internet company valued at $154billion

 Mxit  is South Africa’s biggest  internet company valued at $48billion

Naver is South Korea’s biggest Internet Company with a valuation of $27billion

 Yandex is Russia’s biggest  internet company valued at $14billion

The Biggest Internet Company in Britain  is Asos valued at 13billion USD

The Biggest Internet Company in Israel  Checkpoint, valued at 13billion USD

The Biggest Internet Company in Germany  is Rocket Internet ,valued at 6.8billion USD

The Biggest Internet Company in Argentina is Mercadolibre which is valued at $6.3billion

The above chart  published by economist magazine shows the top  consumer Internet companies across each nations .The data  depicts the  valuations of internet companies across the top 10 nations reflect the valuation  across the top 10 nations. 

Of the 50 countries they examined, 30 have at least one internet company worth more than $1 billion. The internet firms  outside America and China are still relatively small: Google’s market capitalization, for instance, is bigger than the value of the top internet firms in all other 48 countries combined. And worryingly for Europe, of the top five countries with firms with the highest valuations, none is European—but three are Asian.

October 29, 2015

:mobile broadband subscriptions vs fastest mobile broadband speeds

mobile broadband subscribers vs speeds"

comparison of nations :Mobile broadband penetration vs mobile broadband speeds

In terms of mobile broadband penetration Europe and America tops mobile broadband subscriptions, followed by CIS nations, Asia pacific and  Middle east. The Europeans amd Americas have an average of 75-77% mobile broadband penetration

In terms of mobile broadband speeds, Akamai’s latest report  confirms that  UK now has an average mobile connection speed of 20.4Mbps, a huge 28 percent increase on the previous quarter. The average UK speed is twice that of second-placed Denmark, which has a 10Mbps average, while other leading nations such as Germany (5.7Mbps), the US (4Mbps) and even South Korea (8.8Mbps) lag some way behind.
The UK can also boast that more than 95 percent of all mobile connections are over 4Mbps, which is twice as fast as the 2Mbps stipulated by the last government as the basic speed needed for fixed broadband services.

August 28, 2015

comparing the market cap of internet companies: 1995 vs 2015


  1. Year in which it was  Founded :1973, 

July 28, 2015

10 Internet start up founders in 20’s with net worth above $50million

These  Toy boys have  founded their companies when they were just 20. During which they already made giant size companies multi million companies. Find out these movers and shakers

1.Mark Zuckerberg  : 28 
founder of Facebook :
Net worth :$13.3 Billion

2.Andrew Gower: 29
founder of Runescape  :
Net worth :$650 Million

3.Chad Hurley  31
founder of Youtube
Net worth : $300 Million

4.Blake Ross & David Hyatt: 23
founder :Mozilla
Net worth :$120 Million

5.Andrew Michael: 30
founder of Fast Hosts
Net worth : $120 Million

6.Angelo Sotira :27
founder : Deviant Art
 Net worth :$75 Million

7. John Vechey
founder :PopCap Games
Net worth :29 $60 Million

8. Alexander Levin: 24
founder Image Shack
Net worth: $56 Million

9.Jake Nickell: 29
founder :Threadless
Net worth :$50 Million 10.

10.Greg Tseng &Johann Schleier-Smith: 28
founders:Tagged 28
Net worth :$45 Million 

July 22, 2015

industries spending the highest on google advertising program “adwords”

"industries spending  the highest on google advertising program "adwords"

The above charts shows the industries that spends the highest on google’s advertising program.

Google ‘s 2014  revenue from its advertising  program” adwords”   was  almost $56 billion, which was a 12% growth as compared to 2013 in which search giant raked up  $billion from its adwords and display ads program including local search

The break up of  industry verticals which topped spends on Google ads

  1. Financial products  :$2  billion
  2. Insurance products $2 billion
  3. Online Retail :      $2;8 billion
  4. Travel and Tourism: $2.4billion
  5. jobs and education: $2.2 billion
  6. Home and Gardening products: $2.1billion
  7. Consumer electronics   $2 billion
  8. automotive and Vehicle  :$2 billion
  9. Internet and Telecom: $1.7 billion
  10. Business and Industrial :$1.6 billion 

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July 16, 2015

has online streaming killed he DVD star ?

"online streaming killed the DVD star":

Has the Streaming service killed the DVD Star ? Well  there’s a compelling case that streaming video is killing its predecessors. This year, it is estimated, there will be 3.4 billion movie views online, compared with 2.4 billion disc views. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have racked up tens of millions of subscribers. It’s easy to see why — viewing a movie on a streaming service costs a fraction of the price of viewing a movie on disc. .

Overall sales of physical discs continued to decline. Spending on Blu-ray discs rose 2.6% to $2.2 billion but that was not enough to offset declining DVD sales of $5.2 billion, down nearly 14%, IHS says. Physical rentals also dropped 9% to $4.3 billion

July 11, 2015

July 9, 2015

15 years of the ICT ( Internet Communication and Technology) Revolution : 2000-2015

" last 15 years has seen 7 fold jump in internet connections across the world"

The last 15 years has seen  a seven times jump  in the internet penetration  across the world . Increase of mobile telephony, faster broadband access and globally cheap prices of  mobiles enabled the digital penetration across the world to rise .Quite significantly between 2000-2015, global Internet penetration grew 7 fold from 6.5% to 43%

July 2, 2015

US digital buyers across the consumer internet space

This timeline displays a forecast of the number of U.S. digital buyers up to 2018, based on factual numbers from 2010 to 2013. In 2015, 169.1 million people in the United States are projected to buy goods and services online. Mobile shopping activities via smartphones and tablets contributed to the continued rise in online shopping.

June 21, 2015

Rise of the Japanese Internet Economy : 2005 to 2015

"japanese digital economy"
Japan Internet Users – Internet Live Stats:

 The Growth of japans Digital and Internet Economy : 2005 to 2015: From 66% internet penetration in 2005 to  86% penetration  in 2014 . Currently Japan forms 3.74% global internet population

June 16, 2015

2019 to see 10.5billion connected devices amidst 2.1billion internet users

"digital devices numbers to reach 10.5billion by 2019"

 According  to CISCO’s recent paper on Virtual Networking Index prediction and Forecasts, 2019 is set to see huge technological  global ” disruption ” in making as this year the global Internet users would reach 2.1 billion and   the number of  users that are connected  digitally via devices   would cross a gigantic number  of 10.5 billion.

June 15, 2015

Have you missed the 52 million dads in your marketing plan ?

" the advent of the mobile  dad and advertising to them"

52 million dads who are technology savvy spends more than 4 hours across their connected devices with a bigger purse and  purchasing power than anyone in the family. Fathers who are more than times more likely to buy gifts, and make travel arrangement temleslves and 4 times more likely to spend for the family.. ad advertisers have you lost track of this man ?

  Mobile Moms have caught the attention of advertisers, but Dads love their devices too! Dads are growing their time spent on mobile, accessing familiar and unexpected content in new ways, and spending more than the average user on mobile purchases.

advertisers moving programmatic ad spends to private marketplaces

" programmatic ad buying moving to private marketplaces for more control and revenue"

"Impressions from programmatic ad views  by regions"
More and more advertisers and marketers are moving their display share of wallet  to  programmatic inventory buying. This kind of model is different from the ‘ Ad Networks”  kind of marketplace, which has only 3 parties.. the  1)advertiser, the  2)ad Aggregator/Syndicator  or Ad networks/ Site Reps and the 3)Publishers . However  Programmatic ad buying encompasses an array of technologies that automate the buying, placement, and optimization of online media inventory. The last two years has seen RTB/ Programmatic ads taking more and more marketshare.

IDC expects programmatic spending on display and video ads, including on mobile devices, to more than triple this year, to $675 million, growing nearly 10 times the overall display-ad market. This kind of ad display market has 4 essential steps
1 Ad Exchange .2 Real-time Bidding (RTB) .3 Private Marketplace (PMP) .4 Demand-side Platform (DSP)

Venture Funding Raised by region :US vs Europe vs Asia

global Vc funding by regions : US  vs europe vs rest of world

The chart shows the total VC investment by region specifically compares US , Europe and Asia. The data compiled from EY and Qz shows  how VC funding from the years 2007 onwards to 2015. The  first chart clearly shows US dominating the world of global  Venture Funding from 2013 onwards. Meanwhile the second chart shows the VC funding global contributers: 2007 to 2013 which inlcudes Asian nations of India and China besides, Israel.The last 2 years has seen European VC funding dry up while the numbers from other nations including asia increase. Israel, China and India has been  also shown growing up in stature