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June 5, 2015

global 50 internet giants : 5 charts you should not miss

 What is the number of billionaire internet companies  these 29 nations have ?  The top 10 list is dominated apart from Google and Alibaba whose worth is ( 400 and 200 billion USD) the other 8 has valuations from 6billion to 50billion USD.

29 countries in the above chart have at least one Internet company worth $1 billion..This is the number of members who belong to the “Unicorn” club of Internet companies. Every country on this list has at least one $1B Internet company. Led by Google ($410 billion) and Alibaba Group ($200 billion). The other online companies including , Russian based search engine Yandex ($15.8 billion); Israel’s Checkpoint, the security software maker ($13.6 billion); search portal Naver in South Korea ($28 billion); and media company Naspers in South Africa ($46 billion). )

Europe has the smallest number of  among all the geographical nations 

mapping the valuation vs maturity chart across internet industry

"mapping the  valuation vs maturity chart  across  internet industry"

 How does  the internet industry and the particular company’s  valuation  compare to industry age (or maturity)? The graph above shows  the valuation vs maturity chart  across each  industry..  like search, gaming, eCommerce  and communication   

The web Search industry  have seen sinc 1996 ( 15-200 years) and   this makes the industry mature enough to expect higher valuations.At the same time, Communication and Ecommerce companies on average been around about 10-15 year, while gaming ( online/mobile ) are comparatively newer  and hence valuations lower 

SaaS and B2b has been termed as the ” way to get rich fast”which means.. get high valuations within a short time and they probably sell it off at a premium or  go the IPO way

company holding pattern across the world’s top internet companies

"company holding  patterns across top internet companies"

Company Holding types; How many  Internet companies  in the world start up report are Public, Private and  how many have been acquired ?
As the world start up report suggests  that the most bigger and valuable companies  that  make to the top 10 lists are publicly held.This is all the more important why  all successful  start ups should take the public route  eventually
Public companies would on average be 6x bigger than Private companies and over 60 times larger than the average acquisition value (the above  stats show)
8 companies of ‘TOP 10 companies’ list are Public.Post Alibaba’s successful   IPO , just one  of company in the TOP 10 is private.

September 8, 2011

The End of Yahoo: How Long Before its Sold off

There are few surer ways for an executive to lose a good reputation than to be CEO of Yahoo Inc. Just ask Carol Bartz or Terry Semel.This infographic, titled “The Rise And Fall Of Yahoo,” gives you a play by play of the company’s history, acquisitions, highs, lows and more.

As the company searches for Bartz’s replacement, its biggest obstacle is likely the track record of past CEOs who have made this Hot Seat kind of Haunted.When Carol Bartz took the wheel at Yahoo! in January 2009 she was seen as the tough-talking, bottom-line oriented CEO who led software developer Autodesk to prodigious revenue and share price growth. One of her first acts was to tell employees that she would “drop-kick to fucking Mars” anyone who was caught leaking company secrets. Now it is Ms Bartz who has been drop-kicked out of the company.

Carol Bartz  as she left Yahoo Tuesday, she was viewed as an executive incapable of innovation and lacking vision, an executive who failed to move Yahoo’s stock price or operating performance in any meaningful way.She is also widely seen as having made a bad deal to hand Yahoo’s search engine operations to Microsoft.

“Bartz’s demise underscores that fallen angels in the Internet space are really hard to turn around,” Needham & Co. analyst Laura Martin wrote in a report Wednesday. “Her lack of success raises the risk that perhaps it simply can’t be done by anyone (unless you’re Steve Jobs).
On September 6th news leaked via AllThingsD,  that she had been ousted in a surprise coup by Yahoo!’s board. Official confirmation swiftly followed, with the news that Tim Morse, the firm’s chief financial officer, would take over as interim chief executive, supported by a leadership committee of senior managers.

Part of the reason Yahoo’s CEOs face such difficulty is because, sources say, they are just one prong of a leadership trifecta, with the board and Yang also having significant input into the decision-making process. Those influential camps are often not on the same page.

 For example, the decision to fire Bartz without naming a successor, along with the plan to initiate a “strategic review,” suggested that the company was laying the groundwork for a sale or merger. But Yang told executives during a meeting on Wednesday morning that the company was not for sale, according to a person familiar with the matter.

August 13, 2011

How Architects Use Twitter : Infographic

This infographic is courtesy Pauley Creative  which conducted a survey  on UK Architects who are on Twitter to find out how Architects use Twitter , and the result has been summed up as infographic  

Key Findings:
  • 65% of Architects surveyed had been using Twitter for over a year. Only 2 out of the 117 respondents had been on Twitter for less than a month.
  • Most Architects use Twitter to keep up with the latest industry news and network with industry peers. Only a handful of responses stated they used Twitter to promote their blog and for business development.
  • When asked ‘Who do you follow?’ most selected Other Architects, Practices and Publications. Other unprompted answers included Journalists and Consultants. Product Manufacturers, Clients and Directories coming in as least followed.
  • 95% of Architects do find Twitter useful, primarily for the reason that it’s quick and easy to share information and keep up with the latest news.
  • 99% of Architects surveyed stated that they would provide a recommendation if asked.